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Game Walkthrough: Pippa Funnell – Take The Reins (PC)

Published by • May 29th, 2007 • Category: Fun & Games

by Chloe

Pippa Funnell 2: Take The ReinsBEGINNING THE GAME
The first part of the opening sequence is not that important, but watch it if you want. Watch the second part of the opening sequence, and prepare to play! As you’ll see, the horsebox gets set on fire, and you have to get the horse out. You’ll hear some advice from Elsys, who is like your invisible helper throughout the game. Remember that to progress through conversations where the text appears in the blue bar at the bottom of the screen, you have to press the space bar.

Run forward under the stone arch and turn left along the path. Follow it around the arena and go along the row of horse boxes until you reach the end one, which is burning. Go up to the door, and when the yellow icon appears on the right hand side of the screen, press the space bar to go in. The horse is in a horse box that’s locked, so you have to get the key. When you get to the other side of the door, walk forward as far as you can. You should see a key on the ground to the left of your character. Pick it up using the space bar when you see another yellow icon. Now go down to the other end of the horse box. The furthest door away from you on the right, near the trailer, is the one you want. Go up to it and you should see a different yellow icon. This one, the one with the cogs on it, means you have to use something in your inventory. Open your inventory by pressing ‘i’. Click on the key and click ‘use’. Watch the following sequences.

After talking to Esteban and being introduced to the other pupils, you’ll go to your classroom to listen to the Director and have a look at your calendar. This is what you organise your day around. You won’t be able to organise your day until Wednesday, but once you can, you can pick four activities each day and drag them from the menu below your timetable into available slots. You can also save and quit your game, make notes in your diary, replay scenes from earlier in the game that you may have forgotten by clicking on the roll of film, check how many dressage figures you know, look at the morale and health of your horse, see how many tokens you have (tokens are Academy currency, you’ll find out about them a little later) and check on the levels of your horse, your popularity, and the standard of that week’s dressage, cross country and showjumping.

The first item on your timetable, horse care, doesn’t strictly have to be done every day, but doing so will keep the morale of your horse up to 100. This affects how well you can jump during cross country and show jumping. However, doing dressage well gives a good boost to morale, so you can get away with doing horse care on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays if you do dressage on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Anyway, as Harry says, click on each icon and follow his instructions in turn. Horse care is easy, but can get a little boring as it is fairly repetitive. On the bright side, it earns you tokens and gets you popularity points, which can prove harder to get later in the game, as you’ll need to get more each week.

This is your first opportunity to ride your horse. You’ll need to complete a basic dressage course. It’s not difficult, and it’s actually easier to get a good score in dressage than in the previous game. Notice the markers which have a green ring around them, and a yellow marker in the air above them. When you reach these, press the right control (Ctrl) key. The blue gauge at the bottom left of the screen marks your horse’s morale, and if it isn’t completely full, pressing Ctrl in the right place will boost his morale (That’s why you don’t
have to do horse care every day). Remember to look at the bar at the top of the screen. It tells you what gait you’re in, and what you should be in, so you can see if you’re correct.

Pressing the Escape key (Esc) will pause the game and allow you to quit your current activity. Don’t forget that your horse has two canter gaits, working and ordinary. So if you’re in trot, and have to go into ordinary canter, you have to press the up key twice.

After dressage, the director will explain that you have to complete two of each discipline each week. Each time you complete one, it will be divided by the number of times the discipline has been completed altogether that week to give your overall score. This is why, later in the game, if you do badly in any disciplines, completing the discipline a third time may still not give you the required score, because of how it is divided. Remember that you can complete a discipline as many times as you can fit it in, but doing so may lower your overall score.

In your bedroom, your can go online to access the boutique, to buy clothes and horse equipment. You’ll find more web addresses that can be used as the game progresses, but you’ll just receive two for now, which you’ll find in your inventory. There is a full list of them under ‘Useful Info’ at the end of this guide. You can also look at your camera to see pictures you have taken (you’ll take these when out riding, so you won’t have any yet), read postcards from your friend Julie, and change your clothes and hair. To do these things, you have to go up to whatever you want to use – your laptop for the boutique, your camera for photos, the postcard on the table to read it and your wardrobe for changing your look – and press the space bar. You can leave the room by pressing escape and clicking ‘return to timetable’ or by going to the door and pressing the space bar.

This is where you can talk to other pupils. You can find out about their lives by talking, and you earn two popularity points each time you go in there and talk to the others. You can talk to two, sometimes three people each time, then you’ll automatically go back to your timetable. It doesn’t really make any difference who you talk to though.

library.gifTHE LIBRARY
This is where you learn new figures for dressage and about your horse iN general. You can look at books by going over to the shelf, pressing the space bar when the yellow icon appears and selecting what you want to read. You only have three hours to spend in the library, and each book takes a certain amount of time to read. Once you’ve finished, click quit and go to the door to leave. You don’t need to read the articles about ordinary gaits, or the halt and salute, as you already know these. The Entertainment, Scottish and Study notebooks are not things you have to read either. Food, Care, Activity and Affection level 1 are not relevant at the moment, but you can read them. These will be quite useful later in the game, so I would advise you to read some now. When you read a Food, Care, Activity or Affection article, it is a good idea to write down what they say in a notebook, as you’ll want to remember these, and it’s better to write them down rather than having to come back to the library and waste reading time checking what they say. The stuff that you do have to read to win competitions is the books on dressage figures. The books that are relevant to the coming competition will all be there, so make sure you go to the library each week before doing dressage. Remember, if it’s a dressage figure (you can check about these on your timetable) and you haven’t already read a book on it, read it.

Cross country is one of my favourite disciplines. It isn’t too difficult once you’ve got the hang of it. Here are my tips for doing well at cross country:

  • Use ordinary canter to ride from jump to jump, then slow down into working canter a couple of strides away to make it easier to jump well.
  • Don’t over anticipate the jump and take off too early, but wait until the green area turns paler, signalling that you have entered it and can now jump the fence. Over anticipation can ruin your rounds, and can be caused by going over the fences at ordinary canter, as you’ll have less time in the green zone and will therefore find it harder. Remember; correct this by simply slowing down before each jump.
  • Give yourself a second in the green zone before jumping to avoid anticipating the jump. It’ll make jumping easier.
  • Make sure you have a good line to each fence, as this gives you more time in the green zone.
  • Time is the least of your worries during cross country. You’ll get more penalties for having a refusal, and this also wastes time, making it more likely that you’ll get time penalties anyway. Don’t be afraid to stop or walk and regain energy. A good way of gauging how long you should stop/walk for is to look at how many jumps you’ve done. If you’ve used up all your endurance, and you’ve jumped 9/13 jumps, you don’t need to wait until your endurance is right at the top before carrying on. Also, note that it doesn’t matter much whether you stop, walk or trot, as the faster you go, the slower you regain energy. However, you can jump at trot, although your endurance doesn’t go down, so the way you do it is up to you.

In this game, showjumping is slightly different than cross country. As in cross country, there is a green zone to jump in, but this is surrounded by red zones. You can try to jump the fence anywhere in this zone, but only in the green zone will the jump be successful. However, there is a slight exception to this rule. This is in the form of the confidence bar. You can’t control this bar, but the aim is to try and jump when you are in the green zone and the cursor is in the red harmony zone. If you jump while in the red zone, and the cursor is in the harmony zone, it will save a bad jump and you should get over the fence. If you jump in the red zone and the cursor is not in the harmony zone, you’ll knock down poles or get a refusal. On the other hand, the confidence bar sometimes has a blue zone. If you jump while the cursor is here, even if you’re in the green zone, it will ruin your jump and you’ll knock down poles or get a refusal. The amount of blue or red in the zones in the confidence bar depends on your horse’s morale, which you can see on your calendar. If you’ve groomed your horse that day, there will be a larger red harmony zone and no blue. If you’ve not groomed your horse for a day, but done dressage, which should boost his morale if you correctly ride the control points, there will likewise be no blue. If you’ve not groomed your horse for a day, there will be a little blue on each end. The longer you haven’t groomed your horse for, the bigger the blue zone. It is difficult to synchronize your jumping with the cursor, so don’t try. Just make sure that you’ve groomed your horse that day, or done some dressage, as too much blue will ruin your round. Also remember that the amount of confidence your horse gains from dressage will not make up for not grooming him if you’ve left it for more than one day.

Now, all that looks quite complicated, but it’s quite easy to get used to. In short, all it means is make sure you’ve either groomed your horse that day, or done some dressage. Other than that, this is basically the same as cross country, so follow the same tips and you should be fine.

Phew! After all that instruction, you’ll be pleased to find your next activity is rest room. Save your game before going there. What’s this? A party? Yay, some time to have a little fun! Or not, you’ll discover. Prepare for the first challenge of the game!

Ok, this challenge can be a little difficult. You’ve got to get past the lookouts without being seen. Elsys will explain about the stealth indicator, and then you’re ready to go! When you’re standing right outside the rest room door, Harry won’t notice you, so don’t run around in a panic when you see him and get caught straight away. Also remember that you only have three chances to do this before you’re expelled, so be careful. As Elsys hints, you should disturb the chess game of the two lookouts to slip past more easily, so you will need to nick a chess piece.

Wait for Harry to go past. Then run straight down the corridor he’s just come from. Stop when you reach the table with the chess board on it. Before stealing a chess piece, go over to the telephone. When the yellow icon appears, press space to pick up the telephone number. Jade will read it out, but don’t worry, it’s stored in your inventory so you can use it later. Now go over to the chess board. Again, when the yellow icon appears, press space, and Jade will pick up a chess piece. Wait for the following film sequence to play. Go back to the area with the chess board. Carry on down the next corridor and turn the corner. You should have reached a gallery type area above the stairs. Continue round to the top of the staircase. You should note by the way, that there are no more lookouts in this area. The door at the stop of the staircase is the library door, which you will find is locked. As Elsys said, there is someone who can help you in the library, so you’ll have to find the key. Unlike in the horsebox, the key is not nearby. You’ll have to find it. Go down the stairs. You’ll find yourself outside. Run straight ahead down the stone path, going back the way you came when you were rescuing the horse. Go back under the stone arch and to the door that you’ll see to the left of the screen. Go through the door and on the table, you’ll see the key. Pick it up and go back the way you came, into the main building and up the stairs to the door of the library.

Unlock the door of the library by going to your inventory, clicking on the key and clicking ‘use’. Go inside and watch the following sequence. Ok, so you have the attic key. Go back along the corridor, past where the chessboard is and turn down the corridor that Harry went down earlier while acting as lookout. Harry and the Director are both down here now, so walk carefully, hugging the wall. When the view changes, you should see a door near the little bookcase. Still hugging the wall, slip inside. You’ll find yourself in your room. Turn to the phone on the wall beside you, go to your inventory and use the phone number. This makes the phone in the hall ring and means you can get into the attic. Go out of your room and you’ll see Harry and the Director are gone. Go up the small flight of stairs near where they were standing. When you get to the top of the stairs, you’ll find yourself faced with three doors. The furthest door on the right is the one you want, so go over to it and use the attic key to unlock it. Go through and carry on along to the end of the room until you see a blue parcel tied with pink ribbon. Pick it up and go back out of the attic room, down the stairs and wait by the small bookcase next to your bedroom door. After a short time, Harry will come, having resumed his post as lookout. When he turns around to go back the other way, follow him at a walk, and when you get the chance, go back into the rest room (that’s where you started, remember?). Congratulations, you’ve successfully retrieved Ginger’s present.

Once you’ve completed this challenge, you’ll find yourself back to normal routine, and for the first time, you can organise some of your day. The way to do this is to put horse care in your first free slot, as you haven’t groomed your horse since Monday. Then look at the indicators under ‘Notes’. You can use these to work out what you still need to do. If popularity is still red, you should choose to do rest room, or bedroom, as buying new clothes earns you popularity points. I would advise against buying new stuff however until later in the game, when it becomes harder to get popularity. Horse care also earns you popularity points. Showjumping, dressage and cross country can all be boosted by doing another training session if their indicators are red, and your horse’s level should be increased each time you ride him. This way, you can organise your time to your best advantage, and do what you want once you’ve got all the indicators out of the red.

The last thing that is organised for you on your timetable is a walk. This is where you can take photos and explore the general surrounding area. To use the camera, press the left control key and press space to take the photo. The left and right mouse buttons act as the zoom, so you can zoom in or out on whatever you want to photograph. However, you can only take 16 pictures in the whole game, and as you go to different places, you may want to save some film space. To go back to the Academy, press the escape key and ‘return to timetable’.

The rest of you week is free to organise as you choose. As the first week is one of the easiest, you should aim to have finished all your aims by the end of Thursday. Note that another challenge is coming up on Friday, which will take place first slot, so organise the things you want to do in the three other slots.

When you get to Friday, Kiew will appear and tell you to meet her on the beach. This will take up your first slot on your timetable, and no matter what you put, you’ll still automatically find yourself on the beach, so just put anything in the first slot, then fill in the rest of the day as you like. When it comes to the race, you’ll find it’s actually quite easy as you go faster than Kiew at gallop. When Esteban says ‘on your marks, get set, go’, press space and immediately hammer the forward key to send you straight into a gallop. Then all you have to do is follow the path. Once you get ahead of Kiew, it’s fairly easy to stay ahead. You’ve just got to make sure you don’t bump into her or anything else, as this will stop your horse and you’ll find it very hard to win. On tight bends, you may want to slow down to an ordinary canter, as you’ll be able to turn tighter, but only for a few seconds, as staying at this speed to long will enable Kiew to overtake you again. However, if she does beat you, you’ll be given another go, so practice makes perfect.

The first competition that you will enter takes place at the end of the week. Before it, you’ll see an assessment sheet showing you how well you’re doing at the academy so far. Watch out though, if you still have too many red markers at the end of the week, you’ll have to do a remedial week to get the required grades. This competition is nice and easy, but you’ll notice that the courses are all slightly different to the one you did in training. Don’t worry though, if you got through training, you can get through this.

When you get back from the competition, you’ll watch a couple more film sequences, and will discover that you’re on your way to the USA. You’ll see that you’re going to be taught about communicating with your horse, and will see a new activity appearing on your timetable. Fill in the rest of the day (it’s a good idea to go to the library before doing any dressage) and start the day.

‘Talk’ is the new option for communicating with your horse, which you will be able to use for the rest of the game. It allows you to look at your horse and try and work out what he is telling you he needs. You will find out his needs in the library under Food, Activity, Care and Affection. Each of these has different levels, and there is a lot to remember. That is why I suggested earlier that you read some straight away, and when you do, to write down what they say in a notebook.

When you ‘talk’ with your horse, you will see him in the meadow. The white circles with questions marks in them show how many different things he needs (up to three). You must watch what he is doing, and you can use the numbered camera buttons to watch him from different angles. Then press the Space bar. Click on the icon for the area you think your horse needs. For example, if you think he wants food, click on the food icon. Then select the food you think he wants. If there is more than one circle, you will notice he will be doing more than one thing, e.g., he may be scratching the ground, pausing, and then stretching out his muzzle. You need to pick something for each action. To go back from the food section and to another section, right click in the centre of the circle. Once you’ve finished assessing your horse’s needs, press the space bar once more. You will find some actions easier to assess than others, but you’ll get used to working out your horses needs. Don’t forget to visit the library and make sure you’ve read everything about this, and written it down.

Remember that the aim of your week is to get the red markers under ‘notes’ to the required level. However, at certain times during the week, you’ll discover you have to complete challenges, so don’t slack at the beginning of the week. You should aim to get most of your markers full by Wednesday or Thursday, leaving time for you to either do what you want, or to complete requirements that haven’t been filled.

Sometime during this week (it seems to vary from game to game), you’ll go to your horse box to discover your horse is missing. The challenge is to guide the horse back to the academy building before the timer runs out. This can be a little tricky, even if you’ve done walks and explored the area before this happens, so you may have to redo it if you don’t get back the first time. If you follow my instructions and don’t get anywhere, then just look on your own and see if you can get back. Here are my instructions:
From where you start, turn a little to the left. You should see a small gap between two of the raised areas. Go through and turn right along the path. You should see a raised road ahead of you, with an arch underneath. Go through here, follow the path that turns left and you should see a large pair of black gates. Go up to these and you have completed the challenge.

As with the last competition, the courses will be different from the ones you tackled in training. However, if you’ve looked up all the needed dressage figures and completed your training with little difficulty, you’ll find that this is fine.

This week will, of course, be the hardest yet. You’ll have to complete a competition on Saturday as normal. Don’t forget to make sure that one of the first things you do is to go to the library. However, this week is as the others have been; get the markers out of the red to the required level. Note that the standard that you have to get to has again gone up. Another thing you should note is that, because of a challenge coming up later in the week, if you want to spend any more credits at the boutique, do so on Monday or Tuesday morning.

As you will discover, Kiew goes out on Tuesday, giving you the opportunity to sneak into her room to see what you can find. This challenge doesn’t have a time limit, but is slightly more complicated than previous ones. You start off standing near Wendy in a corridor. The first thing you should do is walk straight ahead past her (if you do want to talk to her, you’ll find that she is bored and wonders where your pet kitten is). Turn your character right and carry on walking. Then turn left, so that she’s walking towards the camera. Walk round the outside edge of the pool you come to until you reach a door. Go through and you’ll find yourself in your bedroom. Go to the sofa near the door and pick up the box of cat crunchies. Then go back to where you started. If you go a little further down here in the opposite direction to the one you just went in, you’ll see a metal food bowl. Go to your inventory and click use on the cat crunchies to put them into the bowl. Then go through the archway to the right of Wendy and up the stairs.

Once you get to the top, walk towards the left of the screen. Soon, you’ll see your kitten on the roof. Press space when the yellow icon appears. Then carry on in the same direction. Go round the corner and through the door. You’ll see Harry sitting down. Go and talk to him. As Elsys says, Spike will be able to help you get some food for Harry. First, however, you’ve got to rescue your kitten. Go back the way you came and pick up the ladder leaning against the wall. Go back to where your kitten is and use the ladder to get him down. He’ll disappear, but because you put out the cat food, that’s where he’ll turn up. Go back to where you started and you’ll see him eating and Wendy watching him. As she’s distracted, you can now go over to the table she was sitting at. Pick up the key that’s on it, you’ll need it later.

Ok, you’ve rescued the cat, now you’ve got to find some food for Harry. Walk past Wendy and the cat and go through the door that you reach. You’ll find yourself in the rest room. Go and talk to Spike. To get to the library to return his book, go back to the corridor where Harry is. When you go through the door, turn around to the other one next to it. Use the key to unlock the library door, go through and go over to the bench. When the ‘use’ icon appears, you can return the book. Go back to the rest room to get the sandwich from Spike. Once you’ve got it, go and give it to Harry. Now you can have your nose round in Kiew’s room. Success at last!

Once you’re inside, go over to the holdall on the sofa opposite the door and have a look inside. Watch the following sequence of film. After this, you’ll go back to a normal week until Friday, when something else happens. You’ll see someone leaving your horsebox, and you have to chase after them on a motorbike. This is disguised as a challenge, but is impossible to win, so don’t worry about it. Straight after is the competition, this is as before, different from training, but not much harder.

Week 4 is also spent in Morocco, and is exactly as previous weeks have been; get your markers to the required level. Don’t worry, there’s another challenge later in the week for you to complete.

On Friday, first slot, you’ll be approached by one of Deborah’s students. He’ll invite you to go and see the cave village. You agree and set off to see it. When you get there, you have a look round, and then go inside one of the huts when suddenly! Gasp! He’s locked you in so that you can’t register for the competition, and will therefore put your team out of action. You need to find a way to get out. Here’s how:

On the bed in the corner of the room, you’ll see a megaphone, and on the table on the other side of the room, a pair of scissors. Pick up both of these. Then go through into the other room. There’s a rock on the ground here. Pick this up as well. Now go over to the window. Use the rock to break the window, and then use the megaphone to call for help. Your horse will come to your aid. Go back into the first room. On the far wall, there are some rugs hanging up on a few lengths of rope. Go over to them and use the scissors to cut down a piece. Go back to the window and tie one end to your horse. Tie the other end to the door and your horse will pull it open for you!

Once you’re outside, leave the village when you see the yellow icon. Now you have to get back to the academy. Just gallop back along the path. You should realise where you are (at the end of the path you take when you go for a walk) but if you’re confused, just turn right whenever you have a choice of paths.

Last slot on Friday, you’ll find the guy who tried to trap you and demand an explanation. He’ll challenge you to a race, which of course you accept. You just need to go the same way you did when going back to the academy for registration. Get ahead of him as fast as you can, preferably before you reach the village. If you gallop along the bank instead of sticking to the path, this will be easier. To avoid time consuming stops, slow to a fast canter to take on tight bends. Check my tips for winning the race against Kiew as well. If you managed to beat Kiew in the first week, you should be able to win this race too, but it may take more than one attempt, as this is more difficult.

A competition exactly like before, different from training, maybe slightly harder than it, and the toughest you’ll have taken on yet, but don’t be fazed! Go for it! What? I didn’t mention that this was the Moroccan national event? Doesn’t matter. Treat this as you would any other competition.

This week will be the hardest yet. The requirements will be yet higher and the training and competitions will be more difficult as well. However, there is nothing here that you shouldn’t be able to handle. On with the week!

On Thursday slot 3, you’re faced with another challenge; a horse has been poisoned, and because of the storm outside, you can’t get through to the vet. You offer to ride out and fetch the vet, so off you go. Go straight ahead and turn right along the path. Follow the path until you see a gap in the fence on your right. Go through it and you should be able to see a wooden bridge ahead of you. Go towards and across this, turn left, and then immediately right across the river. Turn left onto the path and ride straight towards the village. Follow the path straight through the village and turn right at the fork. You should see a big black gate in front of you. Ride towards this, and you have completed the circuit.

Once you’ve found the vet and he’s treated the horse, he makes his report to the director and you are accused of the poisoning. Later, you decide that, as Ginger hasn’t been around as much lately, you should take a look in her room to see if she’s the one behind all this. You start in the Director’s study, where you found the key to the library in your first week. Go up the stairs and out. You’ll be able to see through the arch that Wendy is marching up and down, acting as a lookout. Run to the arch, and stop underneath it. When she passes going towards the school, run after her, go to the left of the tree ahead of you and hide in the little gap between two of the outbuildings. You’ll see that Patrick is also acting as a lookout. Wait until Wendy and Patrick have both turned around and are walking away from you hiding place, then run out and quickly into the school. Easy!

From here there are no more lookouts. Ginger’s bedroom is on the same level as the attic room where you found her present. Remember the three doors there? Her bedroom door is the one on the left. Go in, over to the bed and pick up the book on it. (That’s actually her diary you’re reading, you rude person!) At least you and Esteban have made it up.

Now that you and Ginger have been cleared of blame for now, you can go back to the week. Finish up, win your competition and hey! You’re going back to America for the World Championships!

Well, you’ve made it this far, but don’t forget this week will be the toughest yet. However, the beginning of this week is just as usual. You should work harder than normal to get all of your training out of the way as quickly as possible though. Make sure that you at least do one cross country training session before Wednesday, as on that day, there’ll be the last qualifying round, and you’ll have to complete a cross country course.

During this week, even if you groom your horse every day and spend all your free time in the rest room, you’ll find it impossible to get the required popularity without buying stuff in the boutique. As you should have a fair bit of cash by now, go there and spend, spend, spend! Try and buy some pretty cheap stuff though. Check the section at the end of the guide for all the email addresses you can visit.

When you’re in your room, take a look at the postcard on your table from Julie. Remember what she says about palindromes, chances are it’ll be useful later. Well, actually it definitely will be useful later. The said, cross country test is on Wednesday slot 3. You will probably notice that unlike other competitions, your horse is now able to gallop on the course, his endurance doesn’t deteriorate, and he’s in perfect harmony with you all the time, so jumping is suddenly easier. Sorry, but it’s not like that in the World Championships, something fishy is afoot here. Put it from your mind until you’ve completed the course though, it’s easier, but it’s still not a walk in the park. That said, it doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun. If you want to have one round galloping like a nutter over the jumps, do so. If you don’t have enough points to enter, you can just try again, and if you do, nice one! If you definitely want to get through this round in one go though, go over the jumps at a fast canter and only gallop over long distances between jumps. Have fun!

Having just been selected for the World Championships, no big surprise if you’re feeling a little disgruntled at this point. However, you are about to find out the identity of your saboteur! So you’ve now got to prove that you are innocent. First step: escape from the library.

As Elsys says, you’ve got to get into the saboteur’s room to look for clues. You should know who it is by now, but if you’re reading on ahead, you’ll probably be able to work out their identity from the following instructions, so don’t read any further. To escape from the library, go over to the big round window at the top end of the room and open it to get outside. That was easy enough! From here, run along the edge of the roof until you get to the second brown part of the roof. You can get back into the main part of the building here. Step two commences, find the safe and its code.

Start by running along the level you’re on and going through the brown door in the far corner. Talk to Ginger (I’ve no idea what the heck she’s doing in your room, but never mind that now) and she’ll give you a clue as to what the safe combination is, which you’ll find in your inventory. This clue ain’t much good on its own, so you’ll have to find the others. Go back out of your room and over to the lift. Go into it and it’ll take you down to the ground floor. There’ll be a door to the right of the screen, which you should go through. You’ll find yourself in a room with Spike. Talk to him, and he’ll give you another clue. In this room, a little further on from where Spike is standing, you’ll also find the safe. But you need another clue before you can work out the combination, so go back out of the room and down the corridor to the left of the lift. You’ll reach a corridor where you can turn left or right. Left takes you to the rest room, where you’ll find Kiew, while right is where Esteban’s room is. Go and talk to Kiew, get your clue and go back to the safe room. Walk over to the safe. You could try working out the clue yourself, but if you can’t be bothered to do that, it’s 4224. Actually, if you couldn’t be bothered to go and ask everyone, seeing as I just told you the combination you could have gone straight to the safe and opened it. But never mind. Wait a second or two before keying in each number, otherwise it doesn’t work. Each number has to beep basically. If you get it wrong, press quitter, then come back and try again. Now go to Esteban’s room and open the door. Once you’re inside, walk over to that big silver crate he has on his sofa and pick it up. Now wait for the ensuing film to play.

Now that Esteban’s in police custody, you can concentrate on finishing the last week with flying colours. Then you’ve just got to win the World Championships. Simple. Actually, if you’ve been ok in training this week, you should be able to win, and therefore win the game. Treat it like the last few days and competition of any old week and you’ll be fine. Congratulations!

Default dressage figures:

  • Extended gaits – Go into the correct gait and press the ‘l’ key
  • Collected gaits – Go into the correct gait and press the ‘r’ key
  • Passage – Walk and press the ‘p’ key
  • Half Pirouette at walk – Walk and press the ‘t’ key
  • Pirouette – Go into trot or canter and press ‘t’
  • Flying Change – Trot or canter and press ‘c’
  • Half Pass – Trot or canter and press ‘a’
  • Shoulder In – Trot or canter and press ‘e’
  • Checkpoints: Press the right ‘CTRL’ key

You can change these by going to the main menu and clicking ‘Options’.

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  1. Thanks SO much for posting this on the site for me!

    Rachie Ponie XX

  2. If anyone needs to find something in particular, don’t read through all the walkthrough, press left control and F and in the box type in a key word of what you’re looking for and it should take you straight to it!

    Rachie Ponie XX

  3. This game looks EXACTLY like the game Horsez!

  4. Hey Marisa, I think that Pippa Funnell is just like Horsez, but just with a different name!

  5. The Pippa Funnell you’re thinking about is The Golden Stirrup Challenge, this game is Pippa Funnell Take The Reins.

    Rachie Ponie XX

  6. this was really very helpful
    i only needed it for the code bit,
    i had to find were the safe box was!
    but yeah thx! :)

  7. help123 x: Glad I could help you!

    Rachie Ponie

  8. Hey, thanks loads for the tips! However, I’m still stuck on the race in Morocco, can’t seem to get ahead of him at all! Any more advice??

  9. b: When you start the race, don’t ride on the path, ride on the orange-y bit until you get ahead of him, but try not to bump into anything as this will cause you to stop. Also, when you actually get into the village-y bit, whenever you have a choice of paths, always turn right!

    Hope I could help,

    Rachie Ponie XX :D



  11. Hi!
    Would you mind if i used your walkthrough on my site (, as i wrote the Horsez walkthrough on this site. I will say that you wrote it.
    Can I do this?
    Holi xx

  12. Sure Holi!

    Rachie Ponie XX

  13. Gina B, my advice is just to try your hardest and dont think the competition is hard, think it is easy. Always think positive!

    Rachie Ponie XX

  14. Hi,
    Funny how this looks exactly the same as the walkthrough I wrote and posted on Neoseeker. Oh, wait, that’s because it is the same one. I have no problem with people using this walkthrough, but in future, please don’t plagiarise my work and give me credit.
    See ya x

  15. Chloe — we’re SO sorry. we specifically asked Rachie Ponie if she was the author and she said yes (see comments 592, 595, and 596 under this post). we saw the walkthroughs on neoseeker but trusted that Chloe and Rachie Ponie were the same person…

    would you like us to take them down? (credit has already been changed) we’re very clear about our position on plagiarism and the unauthorized use of copyrighted material, and have blogged about it in the past. this is not OK.

    again, sincere apologies.

  16. LeadMare I am really sorry, I got the walkthroughs off a piczo site, but I did edit some of it, I should of told you but I just really wanted to help people. I am REALLY REALLY REALLY sorry Chloe, I didn’t know you posted this on Neoseeker.

    Rachie Ponie XX :'(

  17. Please forgive me LeadMare and Chloe


  18. No problem. I’m fine with you keeping them up on this site and I realise that by putting things up on the internet I risk this. Thnaks for your apologies, I just want credit for my work! I hope people find my walkthroughs useful.

  19. Chloe: Thanks for being so understanding. You have every right to be credited — a lot of work goes into writing a good walkthrough. Thanks for sharing your talent at Girls Horse Club!

  20. Rachie Ponie: Thanks for apologizing to Chloe. It’s much easier to forgive someone who takes responsibility for their actions. We all make mistakes, and hopefully learn from them.

  21. Thanks for this walkthrough.It was helpful.

  22. Oh and what are some other godd horse games either for the pc or the ps2 or gamecube.Thanks. :)

  23. Hi!

    In response to Horse Lova 15, there is always thing like Horsez and stuff but thats all I know!


    Gina B xxx

  24. I just told my friend the code to the chest and she is super happy! thanks!

  25. hiya tnx so much 4 de tips dey helped me so much
    luv ya all

    chlo xx

  26. sorry, comments are closed but there’s a lot of info here if you need help. to search the comments:

    on your keyboard, hit CTRL then F. it should bring up a search box. type in a word related to your question (like “chapel”) then you can jump to all comments that have that word. use the “Find Next” button to move through all the comments with that word.

    thanks to all who have contributed tips and help!