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Get Ready for a Story Relay!

Published by • Dec 23rd, 2010 • Category: GHC News

Teamwork!After the holidays, I’ll introduce a new Story Relay — a collaborative story written as a team! We’ve done different flavors of this in the past, but this time we’ll take a slightly different approach. If you want to join the relay team, please read below for details about how to participate, how it works, and contributor guidelines.


To contribute to the Story Relay, simply sign up in the comments below saying something like “I want to participate and can commit to my contribution.” The last part is important — this is a collaborative activity, so your teammates will be relying on you. If one person doesn’t come through, it affects everyone else. Please be sure you can commit BEFORE you sign up.


Once everyone who wants to contribute has signed up, I’ll post the prologue and the order each writer will be called on for continuation of the story.

For example, let’s say we have a list of 5 contributors. The first contributor is responsible for writing the continuation of the prologue, then posting her contribution as a comment. Once GHC moderators approve what the first contributor has written, it’s time for the second contributor to read what was written by the previous contributor(s), then write her part and post it as a comment. Once that’s posted by moderators, the third contributor steps up, and so on. We’ll continue down the list, then go back to the top and start over again with the first contributor.

The duration of the relay will be determined when the prologue is posted.

If you have questions or comments on the Story Relay while it’s in progress, post them on this blog.


Contributions should be approximately 2-3 paragraphs. To keep the story moving at a decent pace, your paragraphs should be an average length of 5-8 sentences or 100-200 words. You can also post just one sentence if you feel that moves the story forward and keeps it interesting — sometimes less is more, especially in a collaboration.

Before you start writing, read what was written ahead of you. We’ll end up with a much better story if the flow makes sense and each writer thinks about how her contribution helps continue what was added by the previous writers.

Think about what’s next. As you’re working on your contribution, don’t forget about the writer who will follow you — set up something interesting for her to continue.

Be timely. We don’t want to rush creativity, but try to make your contribution within 24 hours of the posting from the previous contributor.

Have FUN!

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  1. I want to participate, LeadMare, but I’m not sure if I can commit because of busy stuff over Christmas day. How long will the Story Relay last?

  2. huskyhorsegirl, this is not going to start until after the holidays. Exact date is still TBD, but definitely not before Christmas. The answer to your question is also above — the duration of the relay will be determined when the prologue is posted. It will depend on how many people sign up to participate.

  3. I would love to do this. Writing my part shouldn’t be an issue- I’ve got some spare time on my hands and I like writing. Thanks or setting this up Lead Mare!

  4. i want to participate, Leadmare. can’t wait to read everone’s storys!

  5. This sounds like fun! =) I do want to participate but it depends on when the writing is scheduled… hopefully Ill have time.


  6. I’d definitely love to take part in this, and I’ve got heaps of spare time on my hands during the Christmas holidays :)

  7. I really want to participate, I love this kind of thing! And I’m 99.99% sure I can reply quickly, so I can commit, too. Can’t wait!

  8. I’m in, definitely! I can commit (:

  9. That sounds fun I would love to participate. :)

  10. Great! So far I’m seeing 6 contributors committed to joining the fun — HorsesForever, icehorse, Madelaina, Toppyrocks, Zanzibar the Great, and catscowgirl. I’ll wait a day or two to see if anyone else chimes in, then will plan to post the prologue and the contributor order early next week.

    My thought is to have each contributor do at least two rounds of adding to the story, possibly more. Does this sound good to y’all?

  11. I’d like to participate :)

  12. I just found out I’ll be commited to joining the fun too LeadMare, so can I please join? Thanks!

  13. That sounds wicked! I would love to do it!

  14. I’d love to commit, but only if “holidays” means after new years eve-my family is a bit busy :]

  15. amitoo latte??? i wuld love to

  16. Yay, we have 10 contributors — HorsesForever, icehorse, Madelaina, Toppyrocks, Zanzibar the Great, catscowgirl, DianaLUV, huskyhorsegirl, LuckyHorseShoe and Peanut.

    Anyone else who wants to join, speak now… I’ll post the prologue and final list of contributors tomorrow (Monday)!

  17. OK, the relay prologue is posted. The contributor order is: 1) Toppyrocks, 2) HorsesForever, 3) icehorse, 4) Zanzibar the Great, 5) catscowgirl, 6) DianaLUV, 7) LuckyHorseShoe, 8) Peanut, 9) huskyhorsegirl, 10) Madelaina.

    Contributor sign-ups are closed, but sit back and enjoy seeing how the story unfolds and maybe next time you can participate.

    Please remember — don’t comment on the relay itself unless you’re one of the contributors listed above and are adding your part to the relay. Once it’s finish, we’ll open it up to general comments. Meanwhile, feel free to comment here on this blog.


  18. I’m a bit confused, is it set in the future, and are Cassidy and Valor alone? Or is that for me to decide?

  19. Toppyrocks, the prologue sets up a “wild west of the future” context, and the only characters introduced are Cassidy and Valor. What’s next is up to you. Be creative and have fun!

  20. Wait, nevermind. I got it firgured out.

  21. We already have 2 contributions on the relay — nice work Toppyrocks and HorsesForever!

  22. HorsesForever, your part is great! I really like it.

  23. Hay girls. I’ve seen some comments coming in from readers with ideas for influencing the plot. Before they’re posted, I’d like the relay participants to weigh in — do you want direction/ideas from readers, or do you prefer to take the baton from the previous writer, write what’s in their own head, then pass the baton to the next writer?

    Let me know your thoughts…

  24. Hey, girls. Sorry that my post was a little short. I just thought that it would be a good time to end it. Leadmare, i prefer to take the baton from the previous writer, and then write what’s in my head.

  25. I would like to have plot ideas from other readers since I sometimes have trouble thinking of what to write, but other than that I usually prefer to just continue after the previous reader, write what’s in my head, and pass it on to the next writer.

  26. Leadmare, I think that I would prefer to write what’s in my head. That way I won’t feel like there’s too much pressure, and also I find that if I start with no ideas already given to me, I can come up with more then if there are ideas already laid out.

    I’m really impressed with what is written so far! You guys are great!

  27. I would love to participate in this collaborative story, but am I too late? ):

  28. Oh, I almost forgot! LeadMare, I am really just fine writing after or before someone else.

  29. Thanks to the participants who chimed in about format for the relay and your preference for how readers interact.

    Let’s have everyone make note of their ideas for and critique of how the story unfolds until after it’s complete. During the relay, the intention is for each participant to have fun and let her imagination soar, and for the relay team to have a positive, supportive collaboration. After the relay we can hindsight both the story and the process.

  30. LuckyHorseShoe, you’re up! If you’re not able to take the baton today, we’ll assume something has come up that prevented you from participating, and we’ll ask peanut to step in. Thanks!

  31. Toppyrocks, Madelaina posted her part of the relay on the 3rd — it’s back to you.

  32. LeadMare – I think it’s my turn to post my part of the Story Relay on the 10th, but I’m on a hunt that day until about 6 o’clock. So would I be able to submit my part of the Relay late that day?

  33. DianaLUV, thanks for checking in. I appreciate that you’re conscientious about being available to take the baton, but until the contributors ahead of you do their part it’s hard to say when the relay will come around… I’m sure you’ll be fine.

  34. So, any plans to finish the relay or should I shut it down?

  35. I want to see what comes next in the relay, LeadMare! It
    sounds like it’s starting to get really exciting!

  36. Leadmare, since icehorse hasn’t posted in three days following the most recent update, I’m going ahead and posting.

  37. huskyhorsegirl, I agree!

    Zanzibar the Great, thanks for picking up the baton.

    Next up is catscowgirl, then DianaLUV, LuckyHorseShoe, Peanut, huskyhorsegirl, and Madelaina to wrap it up.

  38. Before I post my entry, would anybody be able to tell me how I do the text for when Valor is speaking?? Thank you!! And sorry for not posting sooner, I’ve just been pretty tied up with exams recently

  39. DianaLUV, if you want to do that yourself, here’s a blog that will tell you the HTML tags for italics:

    We can also do it on our end before posting your contribution, as we did for most of the girls.

  40. i’m so, So, SO sorry that i couldn’t post. my computer broke down, and we don’t have another one.=(

  41. Well girls, looks like catscowgirl is a no show. DianaLUV, if you’re able to submit your contribution, go ahead.

  42. LeadMare, if no one else is going to post anything else for the story relay, do you think I can go ahead and post? i’m not sure if I’ll be able to end the story very well though.

  43. huskyhorsegirl, let’s give anyone ahead of you (catscowgirl, DianaLUV, LuckyHorseShoe, Peanut) until the end of the day (Monday 1/17) to post. If by tomorrow no one had posted, you and Madelaina can go ahead and do your best to wrap it up. Thanks!

  44. Ok LeadMare, but what if Madelaina doesn’t post? :)

  45. that is if no one else after catscowgirl has posted…sorry.

  46. Um Leadmare what are you talking about? I posted for the story relay two times. Do I have to post again?
    Thanks Catscowgir

  47. My mistake catscowgirl — you’re right! DianaLUV is next up, but anyone after her and before huskyhorsegirl is welcome to step in today, otherwise huskyhorsegirl will take the baton tomorrow.

    huskyhorsegirl, you should proceed with complete confidence Madelaina will be here to wrap up. As part of the GHC volunteer staff, she’s a trusted leader who has never failed to come through for her herd mates. Have faith, and set her up for success to the best of your ability.

  48. shood i poosst?

  49. I have no idea what to write for my part of the story relay–do you guys have any good ideas?

  50. huskyhorsegirl: I find that a good way for ideas is to not think too much about the story and go by your instincts, not to mention it allows plenty of room for individual insight in story relays. Read through the previous submission(s) a few times and imagine the story as a movie playing through your head. Try to allow your imagination to continue the story and take note of where your creativity naturally takes you. Then it’s only a matter of fleshing out the best ideas and putting thoughts into words.

    It also never hurts to do some light reading and to go outside for some fresh air to liven up your brain and kill off any writer’s block :) Good luck!

  51. sorry that my post was kind of lame, but I wanted to get it in before too much time went by. :)

  52. I love how the wild west story turned out.Ya”ll did a great job.

  53. I’m so sorry LeadMare!! My internet broke down and it only just got prepared! I wish I could have posted but the entries that were posted instead were still excellent!!

  54. Yaaaaaayyyy!!!!!!!

  55. I thought the contributors did a great job on the story! From the start there was plenty of conflict to keep readers interested, and I like the way you each picked up on elements of other contributions to craft the story and move it forward. Great collaboration!

    It was too bad some contributors were not able to follow-through on their commitment. I know it was frustrating for some who were waiting to move the story along. I don’t know if I’ll host a Story Relay again, but if I do it will be structured differently — it might work better if people are able to sign up to take the next contribution while the relay is underway.