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GHC Lyrics Competition

Published by • Apr 24th, 2009 • Category: Competitions & Giveaways, Music

Thanks to all who participated in the competition! Here are the top 5 entries based on your votes:

Entry #1 by Allison
Entry #2 by Amber
Entry #5 by HorseFeathers
Entry #10 by Horsey at Heart

Entry #4 by Julia

by HorseFeathers, age 16

GHC Lyrics CompetitionOK horse girls, here’s the deal. We want to create a theme song for GHC and we need y’alls’ contribution. The first step is to get creative with inventing the lyrics or the actual words of the song. Each and every one of you has the opportunity to do this so get your imaginations galloping.

Here are a few helpful hints:

1. Try to think of a steady beat that the words could go to. It will help you with writing them.

2. Think short and sweet. We don’t have time for a whole concert; which by the way I think would be champion anyway.

3. It doesn’t have to have a chorus, but if that’s what you have in mind go for it.

4. Include the words Girls Horse Club somewhere in the song. To get ideas on content visit the ‘Beliefs‘ page of Girls Horse Club. Try to summarize what GHC stands for and what we do.

5. Don’t worry about the actual music yet, that’s in the future.

~~~ The deadline for entries is Saturday May 2nd, 2009 ~~~

When y’all start sending in your entries they’ll be posted in the poetry channel. Junior Bloggers can begin submitting anytime. General submissions open Saturday April 25th. Click Here for the general submission form.

Please include a note with your entry to let us know it’s for the competition. After the entry deadline, we’ll each vote for our favorite lyrics. To speed this along you will only be allowed one vote per computer.

Well good luck and best to everyone! Saddle up and start writing.


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  1. Great job HorseFeathers. Entries are starting to come in. The first batch will be posted on Sunday…

  2. Cool! I’ll enter!

  3. Champion! ill enter my lyrics in a little while. But i can’t wait to see what you horse girls come up with! =0)

  4. Great idea! But I won’t particapate though. But I cetainly will vote! When can I vote?

  5. Cool! I’m all right at lyrics, but I have put my pen aside for a while. Last year, I wrote 20-something songs, but no music to them. I can’t do that yet. Anyway, good luck, everybody!

  6. I can’t get on Sunday, and I don’t think I will the rest of the week either. ANyway, to the rest of you, good luck!

  7. Do you want me to ask my piano/songwriting teacher to help us write the music?

  8. I have the music already with my lyrics! What do I do?

  9. I entered my lyrics. Don’t know how good they are, but, hey, I tried!

  10. Peanut once we get the lyrics solved then will look into the music. But the music will probably also be a contest for each person to create their own rythms and tune. When we do that you can go ahead and ask your teacher to help you.

  11. Wow I have one in mind already…..

  12. This sounds as if it’s going to be great fun! But I don’t think I’ll be able to contribute! Suddenly I’ve got tons of school and I’ve been throwing my whole heart and soul (and most of the rest of my time) into getting my novel ready for publishers to look at. Still, I’m sure you’ll all come up with beautiful lyrics, and I can’t wait to look at them! HorseFeathers, this was a really great idea. You are so creative, and I know it takes allot of thinking and allot of work to take charge of something this big!

  13. if you already have music thats fine. But right now we’re just going to vote on the words.. then the music for the chosen one it later on =0)

  14. *REMEMBER* ONE vote per computer so before you decide on one make sure you read all the entries! =0) Thanks

  15. HorseFeathers, I’m not sure about having the song play automatically when you come to the site. It’s not that it can’t be done, it’s that I want to reserve the right to determine the best way to feature the song.

    There’s still a lot of work to do before it gets to that point, but I’ll certainly consider your suggestion when the time comes.

  16. Definitely enter! Sounds a bit hard…

  17. Whatever you can do Leadmare will be great! =0) I just had that idea cause my mum runs a site where she put music up on the homepage =0)

  18. OH and i just had a thought if we vote and have a tie…. then your choice will be the final desicion Leadmare. That allright?

  19. Good morning girls. I have connected with a couple of professional musician friends. Quick intro: Jeanne is a composer/musician who has written/performed hundreds (maybe thousands) of songs for kids media. She has beautiful red hair, is super talented and loves animals. Sharon is a multiple Emmy award winner in children’s television, has co-authored children’s books and writes lyrics for musicals. She’s also a dressage rider and has a beautiful horse named Coda (no coincidence that’s a musical term).

    Both concurred that it made sense for GHC to start with lyrics since most girls here like to write, and that would give even the non-musical girls a chance to participate. However, the best songs come about when lyrics evolve in sync with the melody. So their advice is to consider the winning lyrics a starting point.

    I’ll share more feedback as they’re able to provide it, and will encourage them to chime in if their schedules allow.

    Regarding the final decision if there’s a tie, I’ll plan to engage our advisors to help me decide. I do play the piano and took lessons for ~10 years, but it’s been a while (and I’m not a composer) so I’m thankful for my pro friends!

  20. Wow champion! I have red/auburn colored hair to! =0) Multiple Emmy wow im impressed! I cannot wait to get started with Ms. Sharon. Thats prety neat that you play paino Leadmare. I bet all of GHC would love to hear it sometime!

  21. I had an idea. Maybe we should let whoever is helping with the music have a say in the voting. They would have a good idea about which lyrics would be best with music. But it’s all up to you, LeadMare and HorseFeathers.

  22. Leadmare, I’d be happy to help with the melody, if that’s alright.

  23. We can all pitch in! =0) Its just a matter of figuring out how lol

  24. As far as I’m concerned, it’s OK to comment about which lyrics work well from a musical perspective and/or how to improve. GHCers are very positive and supportive, but that doesn’t mean constructive feedback can’t be offered. If you aspire to a career in writing (or the arts in general) your work will be seen by others and you’ll inevitably encounter ‘critics’ in one form or another (some of whom won’t be as friendly as your GHC sisters).

    I know HorseFeathers wants this to be a champion song, and I couldn’t agree more. When it comes to the height of the bar, let’s go for a Grand Prix!

  25. Just saw this and wanted to share for inspiration. is an online world/game site run by someone I know in my professional life. They had a contest to create a video and this one includes a cute theme song. Enjoy!

  26. ha ha that is pretty cute. And it was made all with someone humming and singing! =0)

  27. Oh LeadMare, i was looking at pics and I saw the one of you. Are you sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon?? It looks amazing

  28. Yes HF, that’s me (and my pink toenails) perched on the edge of the grand abyss. :) The Grand Canyon is definitely one of nature’s marvels.

  29. In this blog it says computers are only supposed to vote once. My computer will let me vote again on certain pages. (I didn’t do it) Just wanted to let you know.

  30. It’s so hard to decide who to vote for, I keep changing my mind. Personally, I love all of them, because they’re what we each see from GHC and how much we love them. They came from our hearts.

    Just another irrational idea of mine: Would there be any chance of making up a collab song? There could be a few lines/verses of each set of lyrics, and we can make little adjustments to make it fit into a heartfelt song that expresses the GHC herd, and allow everyone to pitch in. Or if that’s not alright, we can do something like that if there’s a tie.

  31. Wow Allison….I was just about to post the same thing!….It says you can post again but I dont do it……i want this to be as fair as possible….Oh And I also want to say good-luck to everyone…..

  32. mmm what do you make of this Leadmare? Can you fix it to only one vote or is it a permanent glitch?

  33. Madelania i loved your lyrics entry! =0) champion work.. as for a collaboration we might do something like that if there’s a tie. LeadMare has her awesome musical genious friends who will help us with that when the time comes! =0)

  34. HorseFeathers, the polling program uses certain settings sent by your computer to determine if you’ve voted or not, and there are ways that someone could be allowed to vote twice. I can’t control someone’s computer settings, but have done my best to assure fairness. In the poll logs I can see if someone has voted twice, and unfortunately some voters are doing that… :(

  35. Righto… well have to go on the horse girl honesty policy. I downright believe that you are doing you best to assure fairness. Thanks for your honesty horse girls, we want to make this as fair and fun as possible! =0)

  36. Lead Mare I thing my family have voted for me on this computer…..I’m sorry….i swear its not me

  37. HorseFeathers, I’m guessing you know this, but our advisors aren’t proposing the plans for next steps. You’re still the ‘project manager’.

  38. Righto.. i still had that in mind leadmare… ill email you what i think we should do next.
    =0) What are the advisors suggesting? about the music and all…

  39. Hey HorseFeathers I have been meaning to comment on this or your other blog. I have started to and then I have to get up to do something (or help w/my baby brother) and my pesky brothers or sisters will get on and x me out. =( I just wanted to say that I love this idea and and even though I wasn’t able to submit any lyrics I will defiantly vote! I think it is fabulous that you started this and everything!

  40. Oh gosh! I heard the song from and let me say, we can do much better then that! Don’t you think?

  41. Blaze’ncowgirl, thank you ever so much its each and everyone of you that make the difference. Sibling probs? i have the same issues.. lol Two little ones ages 7/8 and almost 10. Brothers ugh.. why can’t i have a sister.. well i do have GHC sisters! ;0)

    WesternMare, Yes i heard it to and i thought it was pretty cute, but yes i think we could do better than that if we worked hard enough. The only problem is working out the options we have, we might be limited to only so much. Thanks for your support


  42. Yeah… Let me say, this is fun, but hard at the same time…

  43. oh my gosh…. I was just reading thisand i didnt realize you could only vote once. On my computer on each desktop you can vote once. When i went on a differant desktop i voted agin, so i voted three times. i am SO SO SO sorry i didnt now that you were trying to prevent that. I’m so sorry for making this unfair.
    luv luv <3,