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GHC Lyrics Competition: Entry #4

Published by • Apr 26th, 2009 • Category: by Julia, Competitions & Giveaways, Poetry

by Julia, age 15

Where do we go when its raining outside?
When its too cold or too hot
Or we don’t have horses to ride?

We log online and visit our virtual home,
Where ponies graze,
And wild horses roam.

There we meet the amazing JBs,
We learn of their lives,
Through all the many stories.

It’s a place of inspiration,
We all come together,
To read and to write and have oodles of fun.

Every strong herd needs a stronger lead mare,
They’re usually pretty bossy so I think we lucked out,
Because ours really cares!

So come find your inner author,
Come share your love of the horse!
Come get involved with all this hubbub!

Are you ready? If so…
Come join the herd at Girls Horse Club.

This is an entry for the GHC Lyrics Competition, the first step in a collaboration to create a theme song for Girls Horse Club. For more details about the competition and how to enter, click here.

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  1. ha ha thats neat! i love how you enthrall the reader to enter GHC and see what its all about, yeah?

  2. This is a really good piece that could double as a song AND a poem. Awesome job, Julia!

  3. This perfectly describes what Girls Horse Club is all about; you’ve pretty much covered every aspect as far as I’m concerned, and you’ve got nice rhyming there (both of which I tried but failed miserably). Everything you submit just keeps getting better and better. Beautiful work as always.

  4. That was really really good!

  5. Thats cool! Like I said before, its gonna be hard to choose…