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GHC Theme Song by Peanut

Published by • Nov 8th, 2009 • Category: Music


Special thanks to talented equine photographer Bob Langrish for giving permission for children to use his website photographs for virtual horse sites as long as the copyright © symbol remains on the pictures. You can learn more about Bob Langrish at

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  1. I love i! Well done! And Gulliver is g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s!!!

  2. I couldn’t hear it very well but it sounded pretty good of what I heard. If I were to do something like this I would probably use my dad’s camera or the mic he uses for voice overs. So if you can you should borrow a camera with really good sound or a mic.

    I also have a question about these GHC theme songs. I was exploring again last week and I saw that HorseFeathers did one too. What’s that about??

    Great job Peanut!

  3. LeadMare, I can’t see anything. Why’s that?

  4. WesternMare, the video is hosted at YouTube and that site was down for maintenance this morning. It looks like it’s back now, but if you don’t see the video you’ll need to check back later.

  5. Oh ya, Whay do you think of Gully, we are about to go o haunted house on horseback, soooo scary

  6. Peanut- thanks soooo much for doing this! I was hopeing someone else would record theirself besides me! You sound amazing.. =0) Gully is spectacular and handsome i might add. (izzy thinks so to!)

    Joannah- yeah it was a little activity leadmare and i put together. It was just for fun for the GHC girls to put together a little song how GHC meant to them. From there we voted on favorites. Then later on, if you wanted to you could record yourself singing one and possibly have it posted as a blog.

    again Champion edition Peanut and those photos are gourgous that Mr. Langrish took.


  7. Ooh ok thanks LeadMare. I can see it now. Good job Peanut! Its really good, and Gulliver is so cute! :)

  8. That was awsome! Great job peanut.

  9. Gulliver is cute! like Jonnnah i had some troubles hearing it though :( but what i heard was amazing ;)

  10. Great video! Everyone is a good singer around here! :] Gulliver looks how I imagine him- soo sweet!!

  11. Great job Peanut!

  12. That was sooooo cute. Peanut you did a great job.