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GHC Theme Song: Take Two

Published by • May 18th, 2009 • Category: Competitions & Giveaways, Music

by HorseFeathers, age 16

Girls Horse Club Theme SongAlright y’all, we are in the beginnings of making our theme song for GHC come to life! The lyrics have been voted on and now the next step is to get the music part a rolling! We want all the girls to be able to participate. Here are a few pointers on what LeadMare and I think could happen. I want comments, ideas, and opinions on what you think we could do next.

1) Some of y’all might not be able to read sheet music so the best way to go might be to send recordings of singing and/or instrumentation with ideas for the melody.

2) It’s a possibility that anyone who wants to compose music can choose from the top three voted in the lyrics competition, just to give you more inspiration.

Thanks to all who participated in the lyrics competition! Here are the top 3 entries based on your votes:

Entry #1 by Allison
Entry #2 by Amber
Entry #5 by HorseFeathers

3) It is OK for composers to propose changes to the lyrics to make them more suitable for the melody.

Here’s a quick list of resources to sort of start you out:

1) A good website for melodies that are in the public domain (meaning anyone can use them) that may inspire ideas or be a good starting point: Public Domain Music

2) For those of you with Mac computers, you may have a music tool you can use called Garage Band.

3) There is usually always a recording system on all Microsoft computers under the entertainment section of the programs menu. You’ll definitely need to have a microphone.

4) Go to your local library and search for CD ROMs that can show you how to write music, create it, and play it.

Well I hope this helps. Let me know what y’all think and be sure to nicker out your ideas!

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  1. Thanks HorseFeathers for the heads-up. Just a few questions: How many instruments or general melodies and harmonies would you like there to be? Also, is there any way to submit our ideas/recordings, or do we upload them by ourselves via a site like Youtube? I’m thinking sound files are harder to upload and manage than images.

    Thanks :)

  2. Well i think it would nice for you to experiment on your own. I think we might do something like we did with voting on the lyrics but im not sure. IF you feel you would like to include sevearl instruments or just a few thats up to you. Just make sure you have a steady rythm and beat that will help alot with trying to find the right harmonies. For loading them if you have a recording system you will probably have a “real player” or some kind of system that alows you to listen to music on the computer. What i was thinking is that when you save your music to your documents that you could send it to LeadMare through email as an attachment and she could listen to it and possibly post it on the site for others to hear and possibly vote on if thats what we do. Yeah sound files are typically a little harder… actualy a music video wouldnt be that bad if you can do it; Leadmare said something about that. Well have to see.

  3. How to submit and select the music is TBD, although I like Madelaina’s idea of using a third party site like YouTube. When two or more people have music ready to submit we’ll tackle that step…

  4. Im not aloud on Youtube so if we do end up doing a movie segment do you think we could use something like Godtube or now its called I can go on that. Im just looking at future tense.

  5. That’s cool! I’ll be pondering it!

  6. We’re doing this for Allison’s song, right?

  7. LeadMare, YouTube might not work, because my computer has a filter on it, and I can’t get on YouTube. (The things my dad does to make sure his little princess is safe online… LoL ;D)

  8. As to the problem with accessing Youtube, there are several other sites which can host videos, Vimeo and Photobucket are two others that I know of. The latter can be set private or viewable to friends, so whatever is uploaded isn’t public. The idea of sending the file to LeadMare might also work, and seems like it would definitely solve any problems with accessing other sites.

  9. Remember folks, your entry doesn’t nessesarly have to have music, you can just send in a recording of yourself singing or humming the tune if you want~ =0)

  10. Ok, sounds cool. I know how to play the violin, and recorder…

    yeah Youtube may not work, because I can go on it, but not post videos..

    Which lyrics again?? Oh, and LeadMare… I was wondering if I could have a little further info. on the recording/getting it to you part?


  11. Look on the May 17th blog.. it has the lyrics that you can work with. As for getting it to leadmare it will probably be by the club email. Shell help you with that stuff. =0)


  12. I say go for it girls! I’m afraid I’m to busy to partake this time. Good luck everyone!

  13. Cool! I have a question….can we make a video and email it to girlshorse club?

  14. if we can may i do your lyrics horsefeathers because doing our own lyrics….thats pretty unfair!

    will that be a rule lead mare?

  15. I think a vid would be a champion idea… anyone can do my lyrics if they want to… you can do your own also.. its just what inspires you the most. Hav fun y’all