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Ghost Horse

Published by • Oct 28th, 2010 • Category: Fiction, Loft Book Club Favorites

by Cailey G., age 11

I put down the book I was reading. My eyes wide with fear. “It’s just a book,” I whispered to myself, yanking the covers up to my chest.

I shut my eyes as tight as they would shut, and tried my hardest to drift into a deep sleep. But I couldn’t. The mystery and horror swirled around me as I thought about the book.

“This book is for adults, Kayla, are you sure you want it?” my mother had asked me before I bought it.

The old lady at the check-out counter had a evil look in her eyes as I handed her the money. “You will enjoy this book dearie,” she called in a soft, almost scary voice.

Now, I jumped at every sound and didn’t dare glance at the window for my fear of the ghost horse.

I had a dream that night about the ghost horse carrying me off to a place that was nice and beautiful. The horses were a lovely fantasy and every moment was a dream come true, at least until they turn on you. I dreamed that a pure white horse, named Misty, asked if I would like a ride. I agreed and climbed onto her back. We rode through meadows and splashed through clear, blue ponds. Then I fell asleep. When I woke up, I was in a terrifying swamp. I tried to move, but with every moment I spent struggling, I got cut badly by the briar bush that was tangled around my ankles and wrapped around my legs.

Soon I saw Misty in front of me. “Help!” I pleaded, crying. Misty’s beautiful coat faded to a dark gray and her eyes turned from a soft hazel color, to black, beady, evil eyes. She glared at me and I cried even harder, just because of the stare she was giving me. Misty began to vanish.

“No, please, help!!” I screamed. I grabbed the briar patch that was holding me and began ripping it with my bare hands. Once they were off of me, I glanced at my hands. Holes were poked through them and my legs were bleeding hard. I laid on the ground and shut my eyes as tight as they could go.

I woke up and felt around me — no cold ground, just a soft bed. I glanced at my hands and legs. No cuts whatsoever. It was all a dream.

The next day, I returned the book. The lady looked at me.

“Did you enjoy it?” she asked, staring at me with the same eyes as Misty, cold and black.

“Quite,” I said. “What is your name?” I asked before leaving.

“Misty,” she answered.

Before I could say anything, Misty vanished, and I ran.

Ghost Horse by Cailey G. was first published at Ghouls Horse Club in October 2008 in the former Loft Book Club.

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  1. oooo i love it!! Champion ending. I would have prolonged her dream a bit though. Maybe have made it a bit more detailed with the sounds and what she saw. For instance ” The briar peirced into my skin like a million stinging wasps. I tried to scream but my voice was stolen as the briar started to pull me in and under the murky waters.”

    Hey thats just my opinion though.. you did a great job with it! =)


  2. i love how you put hores and books in the same story. The story is amazing.

  3. hmm…….I loved it but yeah I would have enjoyed knowing a little bit about the book she was reading, what the old lady looked like, stuff like that. It wass till pretty good!

  4. Thats a really good story! And you did a great job on the ending!

  5. I thought this was an exciting story especially as i am reading it in the dark! It sent a chill down my spine and was really thrilling. Maybe you should be a writer?? Seriously it’s good. Only thing is, you might want to put what the story that the girl read is about. Amazing.

  6. you wrote this perfectly!this story is radical!

  7. haha that’s happened to me before…the “my imagination ran away from me by a book that was really creepy” part that is! Love it!

  8. I agree with western filly- the ending was awesome! Too bad the horse was evil… sniff….
    I actually think it was cool that cailey g. didn’t describe the book too much- I makes me imagine what it was like! Great story!

  9. WOW, that was amazing, especially the end!!!

  10. Wow!
    That was some super story- congrats on getting it published
    I enjoyed the description and thought it couldnt get better until i read that her name was MISTY! Woah that sent me into a shock, but a good one
    =D well done-keep writing

  11. It’s past Halloween but I was still chilled by the end. Amazing job.

  12. This was a VERY thrilling story. I think I would have appreciated a few more adjectives here and there, and a vauge discription of what the book was about. I hope to someday publish a story here…maybe :) and reading other people’s stories inspire me. Keep writing…good job!