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Ghouls Horse Club Submissions are Open

Published by • Oct 8th, 2010 • Category: GHC News

Ghouls Horse Club 2010

Every year around the end of October, Girls Horse Club gets some strange visitors who think they’ve arrived at Ghouls Horse Club. To help our freakish friends feel at home, submissions are open until October 23rd for spooky horse stories and poems to be published around Halloween.

You can submit as many stories/poems as you want, but we’ll be selecting no more than two submissions per author for publication. If you submit more than two, editors will pick their favorite(s). You’re also welcome to create a horsey image to accompany your story or poem and/or to be posted in the Ghoullery.

Have fun!

Submissions for the Ghouls Horse Club event closed on October 23rd. Thanks to everyone who participated — we look forward to reading your stories and poems!

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  1. sooo start spooking, girls! Not your horses.. just the other ghouls i mean girls! =) Cannot wait to see what y’all have in scare!


  2. Yay! u opened it. gonna start thinking of plots right now.

  3. the only problem is, i probably won’t have much time to write a story with all the schoolwork and stuff i’ve got…what to do, LeadMare?

  4. BTW, the submissions that yall posted for Summer of Horse Dreams were awesome! :) And I love the picture of the headless horseman.

  5. can it be more than one chapter?

  6. icehorse, yes it can be a chapter story as long as you submit the completed story.

  7. I have two questions LeadMare. 1. Can I submit my story that I wrote about Stacy and Wildfire (it’s not any of the ones I previously published), since I don’t have anything else and since I’m really busy lately I probably won’t have time to write another one? 2. Does our story have to be about Halloween or spooky and scary stuff to be published? Thanks!

  8. I’m really looking forward to entering and seeing what others can come up with
    Good luck spooking ( cant wait for halloween =>)

  9. ugh i can’t think of any plots

  10. Westerngirl, well is there anything around you or that you’ve seen before that appears spooky, or out of the ordinary? Is there a story you’ve heard before that sent chillls down your spine? Remember your story has to include equine in some way… but that doesn’t mean it has to be a horse.. it could be a donkey or perhaps a zebra.. =)

  11. huskyhorsegirl, the answer to your second question is yes, submissions are only open for spooky horse stories. That should tell you the answer to your first question. I’m sure you won’t be the only one who can’t participate because they have too much going on with school and life, but hopefully we’ll get some great stories/poems for everyone to enjoy.

  12. Hello again! I’m so sorry I wasn’t on here much this summer- I was soo busy! Hopefully I’ll be able to write a scary story :]

  13. Hi everyone! I’ve been gone a whie but I came back just in time to get my scare on! Woot Woot!

  14. I hope I’ll get to enter the contest.I can’t to come up with a creepy story!

  15. Working on my story and really excited to be back- love you all!

  16. Hhhmm…. I hope I can come up with a mysterious, eerie poem.

  17. I’ve alredy entered a story and a poem,has any one else?

  18. I”ve submitted 2 poems and 2 stories. I can’t wait to see what happens with them!

  19. Thanks to everyone who has submitted something for the Ghouls Horse Club event! After submissions close on the 23rd we’ll start reviewing, then will edit the best spoooooky submissions for publication near Halloween.

  20. I finally thought of a plot. It’s gonna be a sort of long story. hopefully gonna finish it soon

  21. So, the story I was writing no longer held my interest so I quit- I’m working on a story I can enter later :] Oh well- I CAN’T wait to read you girls’ stories!

  22. Rochlia,have you came up with another story?
    Violet Inkpen that is amazing that you entered 2 stories and 2 poems.I can’t wait to read the winning stories!

  23. Mmmm, I was hoping to submit something, but I just can’t get my Halloween-creative juices flowing….so I’m just going to work on things to submit later. I can’t wait to read everyone’s stories! I’ve been looking forward to this since….last spring, hahaha. (:

  24. i enterd mine. talk about at last minute. lol

  25. It’s a sad story…. wait and see!!! :]

  26. finaly finished my story!! =)

  27. Fun! I can’t wait to read all the spooky stories by all you horse-lovin’ gals! :D

  28. how many poems and stories will be posted?