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Published by • Oct 11th, 2009 • Category: Guest Bloggers, Horse Girls

by Carolina Cowgirl, age 12

I know you. You’re horse crazy and proud of it. Horses fill your head and heart in every way, but why? Why do we love horses so much? What is it with girls and horses?

First of all, why wouldn’t we love these gentle giants? They have the most wonderful eyes, as if they are polished black diamonds. Their silky tail swishes back and forth like a swing on an apple tree. Their legs and muscles flex as they run. Horses are beautiful creatures; perhaps that is why we love horses so much.

But, maybe that’s not all. What if it’s the way we feel when we ride on such an animal? Your smile never seems to fade away. The thunder of their hoofs bring you joy. When you jump, you soar and excitement overwhelms you. The feeling when you ride is almost indescribable. Does riding horses make us love them so much?

Then there’s the personality, so sweet and kind. The way they wait patiently as you groom them until they’re clean, and how they comfort you when you are too sad to even speak. They nuzzle at your neck, knowing you want to ride. These sweet gentle giants have so much pride and happiness.

You could list a thousand things about why you love horses, but it’s another story when you can simply tell me a short, forever true answer as to what it is with girls and horses.

girls & horses, by Templeton Thompson

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  1. Wow… I love Templeton Thompson’s music!

  2. Champion Blog C.C! I loved it. Isnt it just amazing how the horse is created? That slope in the back just right for the rider to sit upon. That space right in the back of the horse’s mouth fit for the bit. Even though every bit of my soul beleives these beautiful animals shoudl run free, i beleive God created the horse for man and woman to love and charish. =0)

  3. Oh and by the way i absolutly love Ms. Thompson’s music. She is an inspiration to us all. I hope one day ill be able to sing as well as she. Thanks for adding that LeadMare!

  4. I’ve always wondered the same thing and you just answered it! I like how you pieced this together. God did create horses for (wo)man. Absolutely beautiful.

  5. love it! Sorry guys, I was gone for the weekend.

  6. Wonderful blog, Carolina Cowgirl!! You did us guest bloggers proud!! The video was great too, I’ve never heard much about Templeton Thompson, she is a good singer! The little girl reminds me of myself when I was little-obsessed with Breyer horses, lol!

  7. The last sentence was simply beautiful, as is the whole blog. You can never give a true answer to what it is about girls and horses, but you can be guaranteed that it’s something utterly amazing. But I think you described it brilliantly, Caronlina Cowgirl, very well done!

  8. Thanks for all the comments! I’m so happy to be published on GHC!

  9. I haven’t figured out why girls and horses, well, just sorta belong together.

  10. It’s hard to stop thinking about them (I can’t!), and I can never learn enough about them

  11. i LOVE T.T.!! shes like my idol! i met her at a thing called breyer fest and got to talk to her, she was SO nice. i like your blg. the question that cant be explained. as my friend said “its an uneplainable addiction” no words can describe! somthing not even we understand. :) *dreamy look on face*

  12. I love T.T’s music even though I haven’t heard of her before until now. i don’t know why. anyway that was a great blog Carolina Cowgirl!

  13. You are so right!I love horses and always will,I am amazed at god’s creation every time I look at a hores.Awesome blog!

  14. I love horses alot. but your right there is a million things that we love horses

  15. That video was awesome!! Finally someone puts into words how us girls feel about horses!! there are so many reasons why we love horses.

    P.S Did you guys hear about how the blm is killing horses?!?! Well, I know you know that, but this is up to date. Go to to hear Terri Farley speak about it and there is a link there so you can sign a petiton to save Nevada’s wild horses. If we all get together, we can make a difference for the horses. Happy Trails, Aloha!

    (think Lucy D. was meaning to spell “horses”, not “hores”. :-)

  16. Horse Freak Phantom-
    I get email from the Phantom Stallion site to get up to date news and I heard about that too a while ago! It’s TERRIBLE! I had everyone I know sign it! These horses should be treated differently, they are America’s symbol of freedom!

  17. Beautiful. You’re right: we don’t know why we love them. We just do.

  18. You said it Homeless Heart!