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2009 Fiction Competition

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Girls Horse Club 2009 Fiction CompetitionWelcome to the 2009 Fiction Competition sponsored by Girls Horse Club. Since 2001 we’ve published blogs, stories, poetry, artwork, and photography created by and for horse girls around the world.

This year we’re raising the bar with a competition judged by popular horse fiction authors and award-winning media experts. Prizes will be awarded to first, second, and third place winners in two age groups—12 and younger, and 13 – 17. Please read the entry requirements, meet our judges, and learn how to enter below.

Let the competition begin!


  • At least one of the main characters must be a horse, and that character must play a key role in the storyline.
  • The story can be an adventure, a mystery, a fantasy or even science fiction — the entry must be narrative fiction, but all genres are welcome. Sorry, no poetry in this competition.
  • Entries are limited to 6000 words or less. Chapter or short stories are welcome.
  • The competition is open to anyone age 17 or younger.
  • Stories previously published at GHC are eligible for entry as long as they meet the requirements.
  • Entries must be original, written by the submitting author.
  • Entries will not be edited prior to judging. To assure the judges are not distracted by incorrect spelling, grammar, etc., the author is responsible for polishing her story prior to entry.
  • Only one entry per person.
  • All entries remain the property of the author. By entering, the author grants Plan B Enterprises, Inc., the parent company of Girls Horse Club, the right to publish the story at


  • Only the six (6) winning entries will be published.
  • Entries will be judged in two age categories: 12 and younger, 13 through 17.
  • Prizes will be awarded to first, second and third place stories in each age group (6 total prize packages).
  • A mailing address is not required for entry, but is required to award prizes. Winners who do not want to provide a mailing address may donate their prize package to a horse-related non-profit organization.


  • ENTRY FORM OPENS: Saturday June 27, 2009
  • ENTRY DEADLINE: Sunday August 23, 2009 at noon Pacific Time
  • WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Saturday September 12, 2009



We’re fortunate to have three amazing judges for our 2009 fiction competition. Each has impressive credentials in the media and publishing world, and each shares our love for horses (of course). Stories will be judged on authenticity, originality and key story elements (plot, theme, characters, setting). Let’s meet our judges…

Terri Farley TERRI FARLEY has authored more than 40 books including the best-selling Phantom Stallion and Wild Horse Island book series. When she’s not writing, visiting classrooms or giving workshops for young writers, Terri is a wild horse advocate and avid student of horse behavior. She once spent two weeks on a remote island in rugged conditions recording the behavior of wild mares as a volunteer for | Terri’s Blog | Phantom

Jessica Burkhart JESSICA BURKHART started writing at age 14 to fill a void after spinal fusion for severe scoliosis meant she could no longer ride horses. She built her resume as a teen freelance writer, and as a senior in college she wrote a novel in 30 days as part of the National Novel Writing Month. By the time she graduated Magna Cum Laude at age 20 with a BA in English, she had an agent and a book deal with Simon & Schuster for her first series, Canterwood Crest. | Jessica’s Blog |

Sharon Lerner SHARON LERNER is an Emmy Award-winning writer and producer who helped develop two highly acclaimed television series, Sesame Street and Between the Lions. As former head of Children’s Media for Random House, she helped initiate their expansion beyond books into audio, video and software. She has also authored more than 10 books, most recently a picture book adaptation of Black Beauty. Sharon is a lifelong horse girl who enjoys Dressage with her horse Coda.

More About Sharon’s Work


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  1. This sounds very fun! The judges seem amazing. Good luck to all you girls who are entering!

  2. This sounds like so much fun! I was wondering who the judges would be. How are we to submit our entries, through email or through the regular fiction submissions?

  3. Masquerade, a link to the entry form will be posted Saturday June 27th.

  4. Wow!! LeadMare, you picked amazing judges! For the millionth time, thanks LeadMare for working so hard to make GHC as wonderful as it is!

  5. WOOOHH! I cant wait to enter

  6. Ho-ly cow! We’ve got some fantastic judges!! *whew!* I think I can feel the first nerve butterfly.:D

    I’ll start on my story tomorrow! But, I’m glad we have along time to finish:) ’cause if any of you are like me…. it takes awhile!;)

    Thanks so much for the opportunity LeadMare! This’ll be GREAT!

  7. I’m literally jumping around in excitement. Everything sounds fantastic! LeadMare, thanks eternally for dedicating so much time to this competition. You’ve no doubt created a second home for me. I can’t wait to start writing!

  8. Sounds fantastic! I’m going to start writing my story soon, I just need to think of a few ideas. x

  9. I can’t believe it!
    Terri Farley!?
    Hi, Terri! I’m Ëarwen – you stopped by my blog a while ago!
    I read Seven Tears into the Sea, like you recommended! =D
    I am SO entering this….

  10. I’m so excited to be doing this!
    Let the stampede begin!

  11. Terri Farley, your books are indiscribable! Thank-you for taking the time to be a judge!

  12. Champion comptition! I am reving to go and my minds already galloping with story ideas! Mrs. Farley i am pleased that you are participating in this! I really enjoy your stories and ideas. Have fun everyone with this!

  13. OH! And when i do submit my entry i would LOVE some constructive critisism from the judges… anything is appeciated to me! =0)

  14. Oh my gosh! This is going to be fun…but with so many amazing writers around here, I’m feeling the pressure! Good luck everyone!

  15. Ditto for HorseFeathers!

  16. Yaay! I can’t wait to get started! :) Good luck to all of you!

  17. LeadMare: If you are going to enter the competition you have to give your mailing address and such right? How do we do that? Email ’em to you?
    Thanks so much,
    Narnian Rose

  18. Glad everyone is excited about the competition.

    HF and Angelica, keep in mind the judges will remain impartial, and they will be reviewing a lot of entries. No one will receive personal attention, and to keep things as unbiased as possible the judges will not be told the name of the entrant until after the winners are decided.

    Narnian Rose, see the last bullet under COMPETITION INFORMATION above. Do not send a mailing address with their entry. Hope this helps clarify.

  19. Jessica Burkhart, also I thank-you for taking the time to be a judge!

  20. This will be challenging. And fun! This will be soo exciting!

    I’m already brainstorming ideas…

  21. I am so eternally excited! Thank you so much to everyone who agreed to be a judge. I was so thrilled to see who it was, I couldn’t have picked more awesome judges!

  22. where do we enter at I worte a great new story for the competion!

  23. Violet Inkpen, it says above that entries open on June 27th. A link to the entry form will be posted at that time.

  24. Sounds very exciting!!! Can’t wait to get started!

  25. omg, all these great judges! And I’ve got my groove back, I could write anything now.

  26. I’m entering my story, Mistwalker’s Quest!
    I’m so excited!

  27. Thanks Lead Mare!

  28. Ms. SHARON LERNER i LOVE the show “In between the Lions” its is very educational and my brothers and i watch it on PBS kids. I laugh every time i watch it. =0)

  29. That’s a good idea, LeadMare!
    Sorry! ;)

  30. LeadMare,
    One question… in the Fiction Competition Preview, you said that you were hoping to get a sponsor. Does that have to be an organization? Another horse website?


  31. OMG! I’ve always wanted to be an author! I’ve been practicing lately but this is a chance for me to shine! But, competing in front of millions….. :( I might not have a chance. :'( I guess I’ll try. :’) I will do my best!!!!!!

  32. MM, good question. I’m also getting emails with similar questions. I’ve opened comments on the sponsor/donor page so you can ask there, and everyone will benefit from the answers. Click here to trot on over…

  33. Hey, Kathryn!
    Give it a shot! :)
    We were all newcomers once!

  34. Kathryn– as a JB (junior blogger) and fellow writer I have to tell you that you have just a good a chance as anyone. Write from your heart, the closer the content is to you the better the story will be, in my opinion. So get out there and right everyone!

  35. Thanks LeadMare!

  36. I think I’m gonna write my fantasy story, The Castleia Quest.

  37. I have a question:

    I know the length of the story is limited to 6,000 words, but can I break my story down into chapters or parts? That way it’s a little more…organized.


  38. Yes Julia, chapters, parts or other ways to organize the story are fine as long as you enter a completed story.

  39. OMG… I am soo ready for this competition. I need this for something to do because my summer is soo boring. I’m really excited about this! Good luck to all of those entering!! d:)

  40. This sounds like fun. :] Ive always wanted to take part in a writing competition, and what better than one that is horse related? Im already brainstorming ideas…

  41. Hi Terri Farely I’m a fan of your books.I can’t wait to enter the contest.Ld

  42. Wow…This looks so cool. I can’t wait! My story ideas are starting.

  43. OMG im so STOAKED that terri farely will b reading my story by the way if she just so happens to read this pitcure a 13 yr old girl with dark dark eyes, light brown wavy hair and a gray bandana srceaming wildly and running around in a circle with her arms flinging around just at the thought of terri farely rading hr work. =D

  44. Oh guess what!! I got my library to get the Canterwod Crest series! I am soo excited to read them!

    I love the judges you were able to get LeadMare.

    I love Terri Farley’s books and am going to start reading Jessica’s tomorrow, hopefully. =)

  45. Wow! Awesome judges and a wonderful contest! I will most certainly be entering this . . . if I can remember what chapters I wanted to submit . . .



  47. I love the Canterwood Crest series! I met Jessica Burkhart before kind of because I had a whole section on my website about Canterwood Crest and she joined and thanked me for the shout out. :] it was awesome

  48. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! I am so exicited!!!! I hope I get my story done in time! Oh, and Terri Farley, if you can see this, I LOVE your books soooo much!!!!

  49. lol ha ha Leadmare– it looks like you grabbed a lot of girls attention. I can’t wait to see the outcome of the competition and read y’alls work!

  50. Awesome! I love writing and Terri Farley!

  51. I can just feel the creativity and inspiration sparking in everyone’s comments. I’m getting more excited by the minute! Good luck everyone, although I don’t think you guys will need it :)

  52. Is this contest open for anyone in the world? This is really cool, people here are from the US, Canada, Uk, and even Australia.

  53. Wow! sounds really cool! It usually takes me a while to write a story. But when I don’t mean to, one just pops into my head, and I let my hand do the rest.

    I entered my story!!
    I can’t believe they’re giving away the Horsemistress saga!!!!

  55. Great news! I finished my story, and I submitted it today.

  56. OMG! I can’t WAIT to enter! Hi Jess!

  57. LeadMare, can you have little sections in your story, but they are all included in the one entry?

  58. DianaLUV, yes that’s correct — keep it in one entry but feel free to break up your story into sections or chapters.

  59. Thanks LeadMare, sorry to bother you but I have another question..

    Does the story have to be written from a narrative point of view or can you use 1st person point of view?

  60. And question 3 is if you can write a realistic-fiction story
    Ok, I’ll try

  61. On name in the form do we put are real name or the name we go by on here? Thanks and I’m so excited about the judges!

  62. I meant to say, I’ll try to stop asking questions
    But I really need them answered so I can complete my story

  63. Our Barn Monikers =D
    Our nicknames, Miss Morgan. :)
    It’s recommended you don’t use your real name.

  64. Hey leadmare!!
    is it ok if my story is kinda uh u no kinda creepy? nothing bad but i dont no can i do that? plz hurry an answer cuz if not i hav to rewrite it and it takes me a long time to write cuz i over-detail a lot.

  65. OMG!! i cant wait to enter!!! YAY!

  66. BlueWings, as long as your entry meets the requirements above it will be eligible for judging, creepy or not.

    DianaLUV, first person is a narrative point of view. Your question about genre is addressed in the requirements.

    (I’m not trying to be annoying by avoiding direct answers to anyone’s questions — just want to make sure y’all read the requirements before entering because you only have one entry per person)

  67. Miss. Morgan– i like the username you have now. When i first saw it, it reminded me of a Morgan horse. =0)

  68. OK. I just didn’t get everything completely. Thanks♥

  69. LeadMare, i have a question: does the narrator of the story have to be a girl or a horse? Just wondering.

  70. how do u enter leadmare cuz it wont allow me cuz its not allowing me.

  71. I don’t really understand the second requirement “The story can be an adventure, a mystery, a fantasy or even science fiction — the entry must be narrative fiction, but all genres are welcome.” Does that mean that the story can be any genre, but it has to be in first person point of view?

  72. HEY!!!
    Can we write in first person but we r the horse?

  73. I have been writing mine in different points of view, is that OK to do?

  74. In one book by Marguerite Henry, she writes hers in different points of views, so I was wondering if I could do it too.

  75. I wrote my story!!! I’m so excited! Yes, I love it! I had already unknowingly been writing it, when I was making up names fer certain horses, I’m so happy I did it!

  76. I have one question for ya LeadMare. If my entry is entered later on (like in mid July) will it still be read? Since it’s late and all…


  77. To everyone: the entry requirements didn’t state a specific point of view you must take. I understand them as saying your story must be narrative fiction (meaning that it is a story made up by you, and not a recount of something that happened in real life), but other than that, and as long as it meets other requirements, the story can be however you want it to be. This means that you’re free to take on the character of a horse, girl or write from third person. As to changing points of views, I think as long as it’s not confusing for the reader, it’ll be really interesting. Please someone correct me if I’m wrong :)

  78. Madelaina, thanks for your help. You’re correct — any narrative point of view is fine (first, second, third person) and it’s OK to switch points of view.

    If anyone is interested in the gorey details of narrative modes (point of view), here’s the wikipedia page:

    These are all good questions, but please don’t over-think this. It’s a fiction story contest, which is a very broad definition. Anything that falls within that, and meets the other requirements, is fine.

    jadethemagicatgirl, haven’t heard of any problems with the entry form. If you’re having trouble ask a friend or family member to help.

    mustangmane, any entries received before August 23rd that meet the requirements are eligible for judging. I recommend to everyone that you don’t rush to enter — take the time to really polish your story.

  79. ok Fatima- like leadmare said a narrative point of view is in first person (The I form) Where you are telling the story. It can be a mystery, a science fiction, fantasy, ect. But in first point of view, get it?

    BlueWings- im pretty sure writing as a horse would make a champion story! The rules only state that At least one of the main characters must be a horse, and that character must play a key role in the storyline. So i think your good

    HorseGirlAlways– im not sure about that one, diff points of views. I know you have to have first person but i woudl advise having leadmare read it first a little bit to make sure its alright. I bet its a grand story

    Happy writing

  80. Mustangmane– ill let Leadmare confirm this but im pretty sure you have until August 23 to enter your story. Im guessing the judges won’t be reading them until then. =0) So take your time and think it through.

  81. HorseFeathers, thanks for your help answering questions. A couple of clarifications…

    Fatima, any point of view is OK — not just first person — see comments 77 and 78 above.

    HorseGirlAlways, same as the clarification for Fatima — different points of view are fine. I’ll help clarify entry requirements, but won’t be giving personal advise on entries.

    Thanks everyone for your interest in the competition!

  82. I have a question. It’s not all that important, but I feel it needs to be said.
    Do the chapter titles (e.g. Chapter One-The Herd of Willow’s Dreams) count in the word count?

  83. Thank you for clearing things up Leadmare and HorseFeathers!

  84. Thnx horsefeathers! i really appreciate the help ;)

    Leadmare-sry if i keep askin questions but i kinda need it. im havin trouble keepin my story under 6000 words so is it ok if i dont really hav an endin? like i leave the reader hangin? Also is it ok if i change points of veiw? like from the girl to her horse? is tht ok?

    Thnx to evryone for ther help!!

  85. Krissa, the word count includes all words in your entry.

    BlueWings, it’s up to you to decide how to handle your story and keep it within the requirements. The judges will decide the rest. Your question about point of view was answered in several places above, starting with comment 77.

  86. Hi everybody! I’ve ridden full grown horses before, but I’ve never seen an nine year old horse before. I had some questions about horses that are nine. Hopefully someone here can answer them.
    1. Around how tall is an nine year old horse?
    2. How much of their the mane has grown?
    3. Are they mature or are they still young?
    My story for the contest is about a nine year old horse, that’s why I need to know some info about them. Any additional information would be great. Thank You!

  87. 1. It depends on what breed your talking about. Horses are measured in hands (12 in) if you didn’t know yet. A poney is defined as a horse that is under 14.2 hands and a horse is 14.2 hands and taller.
    2. Like i said it depends on the breed mostly. For example an adult Przewalski’s Horse has a short brilstlely like mane its entire life. If you let an average horse’s make grow, say like a mustang or a quarter it could reach down to its front legs at times. Most people however keep it mid leagth (covering the neck)
    3. A nine year old horse is defiantly mature. Its a young horse but not a baby or a toddler any more. The average horse is considered an adult around the age of 1-3. Yeah they grow up fast. =0) Some horses live up to 30 or more so years.

    Hope this helps and have fun writing your story


  88. Hay, I have a question for you (for a change)…

    How would you feel about adjusting the age groups from 11 and younger, 12 and up, to 12 and younger, 13 and up (preteen, teen)? Suddenly that just makes more sense to me, and I think it would be more fair.

    What do you think???

  89. I think that’s a good idea. It does seem to make more sense.

  90. I think that will be a great idea! I just can’t wait to finish my story.

  91. Thank you HorseFeather! That helped a lot.

  92. One last question, at what age is a horse fully grown?

  93. Leadmare, champion idea! as usual lol. That does sound like a easier and fairer way to judge. (some older teens have more writing experience, but then the younger folk do suprise you sometimes)

  94. That would be brill, LeadMare!!!
    I just turned 12 and I thought the groups would be harder to win in but that looks fair!

  95. Thanks for the feedback everyone! I’ve made the adjustment above.

  96. Thanks Leadmare!
    Fatima- a horse is a yearling, obvoiously at age one. Im not positive but i think a horse is considered “full-grown” or an adult at 3-5 years. Of cource as animals and people get older there is a time when they stop growing and start shrinking; i would say that in a horse might start at age 10-14 depending. Im not an expert; just going on what i know

  97. Thank you so so so much HorseFeathers! I really appreciate your help.

  98. Would this contest be held every year? If so, that would be awesome.

  99. I think leadmare has held a couple competitions throughout the year… but yeah Fatima that would be champion. =0)

  100. Aw, man, now I’m in the big leagues. Almost makes me wish I was 12, lol. I gotta go up against HorseFeathers and Rachelle Danielle! LOL. Oh, Happy Independence Day, btw!

  101. Thank you, LeadMare! I am so excited. Just started typing it up.


  102. mustang23, you were in the big leagues even before the age groups were adjusted, but don’t worry — the judges only know which grouping each entry falls into, and they won’t know the exact age or name of the author when judging. I think GHC has proven that talented writers defy age. :)

  103. Very true Leadmare… believe it or not my friend at home is around 10 and i believe she can outrite out imagine me! Mustang23, you do your best and that is enough; there’s no such thing as “out-doing” someone on here. But there is such a thing as “out-working” meaning the more effort you put into something the better it will become.

  104. Thanks y’all. You guys do wonders for my ego. ;)

  105. m23 I wish I was 12,but the judges won’t know us from the older contestants.What if we’re better!I doubt it but it can happen.Think this:They have jitters too.And when we’re 17 we’ll be glad we’re not kicked out.Poor 18-year-olds.//TERRI FARLLY ,Unlike Sam I am showing my calf and it’s a beefer in a dairy-minded Wisconsin.//Thanks LeadMare!!!Believe me when I say this is my first tme showing anyone out side my family my work.

  106. Hay guys! I’m pretty well informed in the world of horses, but I have a little question for you all. In all the time I have been alive, I have never come across a dun Arabian. Do they exist?
    I have never heard of one either…

  107. Hey leadmare!
    Do we enter with our club name or real names?

  108. This looks really cool, I’m gonna try my hand at it!

  109. I have a question, How about a story, from the horse’s point of view, about her girl?

  110. BlueWings ~ You use your author name/pen name as it says in the entry form. I advice using a name slightly different from your own to be on the safe side

    PrincessFilly ~ Yes, you can write your story from the horses point of view. Any point of view is acceptable as long as it is narrative fiction

    Hope I helped!

  111. Thanks for helping DianaLUV♥!

  112. You’re welcome. I just thought it would ease the load on you if I helped to answer a couple of questions I actually knew the answer to! lol

  113. LeadMare two questions.ONE :in the stories I’ve read here what’s that capital A with that square at the end.Something saying that they speak a different language than Engilish?*And how do you make it on your computer?DianaLUV * question for your heart too.TWO:say I don’t win this contest is their a chance it –meaning my story–will be published on this site?Thanks anyone who answers.~~~SweetPea~~~Hi Terri Farley!!!

  114. DianaLUV<3: In answer to your question about dun Arabs: Yes, they do exist, though, they are not quite as common as sorrels, blacks, greys,bays, ect.
    You can Google their pictures and see what it comes up with.
    Glad to help!

  115. DainaLUV ~ i looked it up and yes there is such thing as a dun arabain.

    Hope this helps!


  116. I think I’ve convinced my cousin to write a story lol
    I don’t mind if I don’t win a prize, I mean, if I did, it’d be great and all, but, I pretty much just wrote for the joy of writing about horses :)

  117. SweetPea ~ I’m not sure how to get the A and the box up onto my screen and I’m not sure what they are either. But here is how you get the heart up…
    Hold down alt and press one on the numbers at the side of your keypad, it doesn’t work when you are on a laptop, which is why I don’t have one when on my laptop. But don’t worry, there probably is a way to do it without the laptop!
    I’ll have to let Leadmare answer your other question as I’m not sure about the answers. Sorry!

    I’maCowgirl ~ Thanks for answering my question! I looked ‘dun arabian’ up on Google Images and all I got was dun horses cantering around! ;O)

    BlueWings ~ Thanks for answering my question too! It means a lot that you took time to check for the answer to my question! Thanks loads! Thanks a lot to you too I’maCowgirl!

    And I don’t want to be a pain, but are dun Connemara’s rare? Cuz I haven’t seen one ever but I heard they exist!
    Thanks again!

  118. DianaLuv im not sure mate, but here’s an article about it on The picture of the pony is sort of a dun color. hope this helps. ;0)

  119. That’s cool. Thanks all!

  120. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m having a writers block! It’s weird though, I know what I want and I can put it down, but it sounds rubbish!
    Time for a walk on the beach, away from the laptop… :-[

  121. Thanks DianaLUV♥ for some reason I had to press 3.How neat I never knew I could do that.Here’s what I got when I pressed 1♂.Is it posible that it’s different on each computer?

  122. Hey DianaLUV♥ I googled “dun connemara” on google.A lot came up.Try it.~~SP~~

    I just had to tell all my GHC friends!

  124. DianaLUV — Connemara come in all colors and dun is not rare for their breed. Hope i helped


  125. Great Job, Angelica! How old are you? I really want to read your story. Have you published it online somewhere?

  126. Leadmare, you might want to change the winner age groups on the home page of the blog.

  127. Thanks for catching that Fatima — it’s fixed now!

  128. Angelica: Congratulations! That’s wonderful news :D

    DianaLUV: I’ve heard of dun Connemara ponies, and I’ve seen pictures on the internet. Dun is one of their most common colours, even more common than chestnut.

  129. Yay! My native breed has many colours! And my writers block went away!

    Angelica ~ Congrats! The moment your book is published, tell us the title and we’ll eagerly clamour for a copy! :0P (I love that smiley!

  130. SweetPea ~ I meant to say press 3. My brain cells must be fizzling out because of the stress of finishing my story for the contest!!!

  131. Champion Angelica!! Im soo happy for you. And its good to start getting in touch with publishers at a young age. What is the title, if i may ask??

  132. Righto! I just sent in my story for the competition! =0) Just a reminder to everyone make sure you “Edit” and proof read the final copy. It’ll help the judges alot! ;0) Best of luck to all my mates!

  133. Thanks, all!!
    I”m 15. :)
    The title is The Entering, and it’s the first in a series of 3 – 4 books.
    I’ve already started on the second one! :)
    Thanks, HorseFeathers – and all of you!!!!!

    Go with my blog, :)

  134. I’ve been trying to write a book for about five years now :) starting when i was in about second grade! I always start a book then stop writing it in a week or so.

  135. Yeah Angelica!312 pages!Ya must be flying.

  136. Oh,LeadMare am I really gonna type 6,000 words in one day?Can’t we enter our stories in sections?If not I’ll be typing for ages with my sore fingers but I’ll get’er-done.Oh and my question TWO on number 113 could you please answer that one two?Thanks LeadMare.

  137. Um – LeadMare?
    Where’d my comment go?

  138. WOW Angelica! Thats A LOT of pages! May I ask what is the title?

  139. Angelica, first of all congrats on your book and interest from a publisher. I’m not sure what comment you’re referring to, but all comments are moderated at GHC and not all comments are published. That’s in the ground rules and is also stated when you submit the comment. The ground rules also say no links, email addresses or personal info in comments. You submitted a comment with a link and an email address. I allowed the link so those who are interested can find your blog, but please respect the ground rules in the future. You’re old enough to have more independence online, but we have younger girls here and I want to establish safe practices for them. Thanks for understanding.

    SweetPea, no you can’t enter in sections. Only one submission per author. But you can always write your story over time — so your poor fingers don’t get sore — since entries are open until August 23rd. Your second question is also answered in the requirements. Only the winning entries will be published. However, if general submissions open after the competition anyone who entered but didn’t win can always re-submit their story for consideration.

  140. Angelica, what’s your story about?

  141. That sound great! I was already working on a horse story. Also, Ms. Burkhart, my best friend is one of you cousins you’ve probably never met her but her name is Anna Burkhart, her father is Chris Burkhart.

  142. LeadMare, I am SO sorry! I had totally forgotten about that ground rule!
    Please forgive me, I am so, so sorry!

    Girls – the title of my book is The Entering, it’s the first in my series Journey Beyond.
    It’s about a brother and sister, Alec and Sienna, who are struck by lightning and wake up in a completely different world!
    It’s action/adventure/fantasy/Christian allegory =)

  143. I think that I will start up writing a book again, its so much fun. :) But first I need to make my entry because right now that’s high on my list of priorities. I like contests, GHC should have more! :D

  144. Angelica, who’s your story’s publisher? Was it hard to find one?

  145. Congrats again Angelica, and thanks for taking another look at the ground rules. It’s great you have your own blog ( for those who missed it the first time) so anyone who’s interested in/has questions about your writing can head over there. Good luck and stay safe!

  146. So… let’s get back to the topic of the contest. Have you guys already entered? I think I’m going to wait a little longer so I can really polish my story. It’s about a girl’s first show which is based off of mine.

  147. I have started my story, but there are so many other contests I know of as well. So I’m going in order of due dates.

  148. I’m so happy for you, Angelica! It must’ve taken lots of work. I’ll go visit your site right now!

    Also, LeadMare, I haven’t written a blog in a while, because I’m too busy with my story and such. So, will I get “deleted” from the JB list? Or are you letting us off the hook because of the competition?


  149. mustangmane, glad to hear you’re planning to enter the competition, but that’s a separate activity that doesn’t change JB expectations.

    Some activities around GHC have a high bar, and being a JB is one of them. I hope it’s fun for all who choose to participate, but if anyone ever feels on ‘the hook’ it could mean it’s time to reevaluate whether or not you want to continue that activity.

  150. Actually mustangmane I think that I read somewhere that if you were inactive for over a month or something, and I’m sure thats enough time to make two stories. So I think you’ll be good. :)

  151. This means I have to make my brain work, dang.
    * is stoked *

  152. Sorry if this is here twice.I don’t know what I broke in the ground rules so here goes.I NEED to know how to make paragraphs,y’know indented on the entry form and what all the stuff is.Rush order.I need to know so I can send my story in.

  153. I can’t wait till the winners are announced :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  154. Hi my name is melissa and i am new here can you help me please

  155. Um did you try using the tab button?

  156. Hi Melissa, what do you need help with.

  157. Sweet Pea- you can type your story up on Word and then copy and paste it to the entry form. That way you can spell check it before entering it; making it a lot eaiser on the judges. That’s what i did


  158. Yes I pressed tab and it just hopped to “enter.”What is Word?I’m afraid I don’t know.Sorry for asking so many questions!

  159. Melissa what do you need help with?I’m new too. Sorry guys again but what is the stuff at the top of where we type our stories.Truely sorry! ~SP~

  160. Yeah, that’s what I’m doing.

  161. but i dont know how u sign up to play games on hre if sombody visits this page and reads mi comm then they should write a comm under mine so that i can read it thanks. By: Amy bailer.

  162. Thanks, Mustangmane!
    It took a lot of work, but it was a blast – and I’m already 9 chapters into the second book in the Elmeria Chronicles, Broken Promise. =D

  163. SweetPea: Word stands for Microsoft Office Word, a program that comes with Windows computers. It lets you type up documents of text while also correcting your grammar and spelling.I believe that there is a similar program for Macintosh computers, but I’m not entirely sure. I think to create paragraphs, it is easier to skip a line rather than to do indents.

    Amy Bailer: There is no need to sign up to play the games here, they’re free for all visitors to play. If you need anymore help, feel free to ask.

  164. SweetPea, Word is short for Microsoft Word. It’s a program software thing. It’s hard to explain. Photoshop is used for pictures but Word is used for writing. You have to install it. You can write anything on it, change fonts and colors of words. It’s really helpful if you want to spell check your story. I’m typing my story on Word as well.

  165. SweetPea go to Publisher’s Corner in the blue bar at the top , scroll down then click on Leadmare Tales. Then click on Tag, You’re It. It’s a whole blog on the “stuff” at the top where we type our stories. Hope it helps.

  166. amy bailer,

    Look on the blog sidebar under the topic About Girls Horse Club. Click “Help/Questions”
    and look at the answer to question number two. Hope this helps!

  167. I’m already about four pages into my story :) Still no writers block, and that’s pretty good for me. I’m trying to keep it short for the poor judges that have to read a hundred of these things, but that’s not really working because I just want to keep writing ^_^

  168. Thanks a MILLION everyone!!!!

  169. I have a really important question I am done with my entry and I am still confused about this.
    Where do we enter our mailing address?

  170. Oh sorry I know the answer now sorry for taking up space. I saw my question answered above.
    Thank you for asking good questions, everybody! I’m glad I’m not behind!

  171. :) Im excited to enter my story, but its still not completely done

  172. OK,one more question LeadMare!!!

    There’s suppose to be a preview button I can hit to see my work before I send it in. Where is it?

    Is it my computer?

  173. Agh! The stress of finishing my story before deadline is getting to me! Its been a busy summer with riding and all…I guess I should go work on it right now.

  174. fatima-
    i red tht u no of other writing contests do u mind filling me in a lil?

    wow 15 and a book already? im impressed ive been working on a book since 4ever do u hav any advice to outdo writers block?

    thnx ~BlueWings

  175. I’ll gladly tell about the contests I know. But first I need Leadmare’s permission to put a link on here. So, if she says yes, I’ll tell you.

  176. SweetPea, the entry form does not have a preview button.

    Fatima, thanks for checking. It would be great for everyone to know about other contests so please send the link(s).

    Here are a couple of sites that list the GHC contest along with others:

  177. thnx fatima/leadmare!

    if ur story isnt going where u want it 2 go then shood u start a new 1 or just go with where ever it going? (4 any1 who feels like answering)

  178. leadmare–
    1 quick question, can u writ ur story like a script? is tht ok or shood i just keep it in regluar format?


  179. Just curious Leadmare- how many entries overall have you been sent already? Can you say? =0)

  180. HF, curiosity is a good thing, unless you’re a cat (or so they say). ;)

    I’ll fill everyone in on competition stats in the next edition of GHC news…

  181. I know of some publishing sites as well.

    1. Magic Dragon: This is a magazine which accepts writing and art

    2. KidPub: This publishes your own book (with money) and sells copies of it on Amazon. There are also monthly contests if you become a member

    3. The Claremont Review: Annual contest for poetry and fiction, charges some money for entering

    4. Doodle 4 Google: contest to reinvent Google’s homepage logo. This accepts K-12 students’ art work

  182. Hey i did that Doodle 4 google thing.. thats a fun one! =0)

  183. Just finished my entry… Now, to edit! =D

  184. Thanks LeadMare.

    Okay,tell me to stop the minute I ask to many questions.Madelaine said skip a line.What key(s) do I press to do that?Tab really dosn’t work!I’m typing my story on Word.Is blockquote nesisary?Will it show up on your story the judges read it or will it be gone?When you italicise your words on Word are they still italicised when you paste it to the entry form?What I’m saying is:Is your Word work changeable when you paste it to the entry form?Does it look italisised and paragraphed as on Word or will it look like one huge mass without blockquote and em.In other words does it look like on Word or does it change like what I’m typing now?

    I know I am confusing so please try to understand I am confused!

  185. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so exiting!!!!!!!!!!!ive already started!!!!!!!!!!(im new here, but i know the rules!!!!by the way can anyone tellme about a story iread in the loft, it begins with a girl with cat-eyes?)

  186. SweetPea: By pressing “Enter” once on your keyboard once, you’ll go to the next line, so pressing “Enter” twice will skip a line. In your comment (#184) you already skipped two lines. It’s the same concept on Word as it is when commenting here. I don’t think blockquote is necessary, because I for one never bothered with it and I haven’t experienced any problems. As a result, I don’t exactly know what it is, so I can’t really help you there, sorry. Italics, bold and underline do not show when you submit the work. To achieve that effect, you must insert tags. There is a blog on GHC posted by LeadMare on it. However, paragraphs, spacing etc. aren’t changed, they will remain the same and show as they would on Word.

    Hopefully this helped!

  187. r u allowed 2 write ur story as a script?

  188. Thank you!I would hate for my italic words to look plain.You girls are great.You have a ton of patience to put up with my loads of questions.Thank you,thank you,thank you!!!I know I ask too many questions!Thanks!

    Same to LeadMare.

    Blockquote is on LeadMare’s artical.It dosn’t skip a line untill it proseses through the computer and then looks like you skiped a line.Typing it was a terrible hassle!You really helped!!!

  189. Terri Farley i love your books i read them all the time.

  190. Hey i love your books JESSICA BURKHART they are awsome.

  191. BlueWings, I recommend not giving up, but I ended up starting a new story that ended up better than anything I could’ve imagined for the first. Keep in mind the timeline, and determine if you should by how far along your story is/ if it really should be abandoned/ if you can finish about a week or more before the deadline, so you can have plenty of time to edit.


  192. Could someone clarify narrative fiction for me?
    I read something online that said it encompassed, in its broadest spectrum, all fiction.
    Is this the type we’re looking for?

  193. horseyhoofbeats, do you mean the high hurdles series by Laurine Snelling? Someone calls her main character cat eyes, but I’m not sure what you mean by the loft. *shrug*

  194. I had a terrible accident yesterday. I was riding my bike too fast and it got out of control then there was a mini slope and a curve at the bottom. I fell and into a shallow creek and hit a boulder. My mom took me to the hospital and I got stitches on my chin. The bottom left section of my face is bruised and there’s a lot of blood. My lip is all swollen up. Once in a while I find new bruises or scratches on my arms or legs. Please hope that I recover quickly.=(

  195. Elizabeth: “Narrative” means an account of an event or events, in this case as a story. “Fiction” means made-up or imagined, usually concerning a form of literature. Together they mean a story that recounts an event which didn’t actually happen in real life and is invented by your creativity.

    Fatima: Good luck, and I’m sorry to hear about your injuries. I often find small cuts and bruises on me that I never noticed before, but they certainly don’t seem as painful as yorus. I hope it’s nothing serious and that you recover soon!

  196. Hi, I’m new here, but can’t wait to enter! This is gonna be awesome!!!!!!! :)

  197. Ouch! Hope you’re ok Fatima! Sounds nasty! We’re all thinking of you!!!

  198. Fatima– oooo yeah that musta hurt. im praying for your speedy recovery. At least it wasnt on a horse… coulda been much worse. My friend just got stepped on by a obnoxious yearling and now her foot looks like she stuck it in a can of dark blue paint. not the most comfortable thing.

    ANYWHO good luck with y’alls stories and i can’t wait to read the finalists!!

  199. I’m hoping Fatima.My sister ran into a chair when she was… 7. Last summer she fell on a vice, gouging her leg and we could see the mussle. Both times she got stitches. They healed well. I am not trying to gross you out! I’m just saying you should heal well. Anyhow I’m full of hope.

    Terri Farley, I have some of your books. And I’ve almost got them memorized. My favorite is Red Feather Filly. I check your books out so much I can imagine the libarians groaning.

    Jessica and Sharon, I haven’t read your books yet but I will !

  200. Wow this is gonna be awsome!!! I love The Phantom Stallion books. :)

  201. I hope you get well soon, Fatima! I fell off my scooter several years ago, and got REALLY hurt, so I can sorta relate.

    RFF is my fav. too, SweetPea!

  202. Ouch Fatima that musta hurt =P At least you have a good explanation for why you got hurt. The last time I went to school with scratches on my face was when I ran into a tree. It was pretty embarrassing to explain, but also funny :)

  203. Thank you horse friends for cheering me up!=)

  204. Hey, thanks for the answer, Madelina.
    But I’m still just a bit confused.
    Does it need a narrator, as in The Chronicles of Narnia, or The Tale of Despereaux, if anyone has read those books?
    ‘Cause my entry is a fantasy, and it is kind of a story this man named Conrad is telling to his niece, and he’s kind of telling it like a fairy tale.

    Does it have to be specific as in Narrative:
    I will say as little as possible about Jill’s school, as it is not a pleasant subject…

    or just Fiction:
    As King slid down the steep bank, Sophia clung desperately to his back, hoping and praying that they would be okay…
    Sorry, but I hate trying to make sense out of definitions, or giving any.

  205. ;) and by the way, hope you get well soon Fatima. I had a similar experience, but not quite so severe. I ran into the lawn mower (not running!) at FULL SPEED on my bike, had a lovely purple bruise and had to limp around for days afterward. It didn’t help that I had a horse show that weekend either. . . ouch

  206. Elizabeth, the story could be written in any point of view and however you want (I think). Maybe you’re questions can be answered if you read comments #77-81.

    Thank you! By the way, I’m going to get my stitches removed on Mon.

  207. Elizabeth,
    This is my first time entering, and I live in the suburbs and have only ridden a horse about twice, so don’t take my comment as if it’s as valuable as the JB’s and LeadMare’s ones.
    But narrative is just a way of telling a story, as opposed to persuasive, when you’re trying to convince, or expository, which is telling information.
    Guess that doesn’t say much. Here’s a definition- “Narrative Writing tells a personal or fictional experience or tells a story based on a real or imagined event.” You can get intimate.
    There doesn’t have to be a narrator. Narrative means said by a narrator as if he/she is talking, but the narrator doesn’t have to be too defined.
    Hope this helps, it was kind of hard to explain.

  208. Oh, and Fatima, at Central Park I fell off of one of those really huge rocks and tore a big hole in my knee and could bend it properly.
    And, when I was six I was spinning in an office chair and had a toenail pulled off (it grew back, though).
    And last, my sister was riding a scooter and fell on marble ground, hurt her chin, and was going to get stitches but my grandmother said it was too expensive. So she still has the scar. And her cheeks are kind of crooked.
    You aren’t alone, even though most of us haven’t been that tragic (wait sorry not helping).
    We all love you for always being there for us here!

  209. If i want to change my name that i put down for my story can i ?

  210. plz answer me leadmare!!!! i need 2 no if i cood finish my script story!!!!

  211. Fatima That stinks what happend one time i was riding my bike and i was going to fast my dog was in the way so i turned as fast as i could i rolled down a hill cut my lipe open and all most broke my ribs and i coudn’t walk either i hope you get better soon

  212. Elizabeth: Krissa pretty much covered it. Both of your examples that you listed are acceptable. Basically, everything is fine as long as your story is fictional and consists of some events, or something happens.

    Krissa: I think all comments and contributions are valuable and welcome. It’s always nice to see new-comers help others out, no matter how many times they rode or how long they’ve been around horses :)

  213. Laura, once a story is submitted it’s a done deal — no changes except to edit spelling/grammar in the winning stories before they’re published.

    BlueWings, as long as your story meets the requirements a script format is OK.

    Hope this helps clarify.

    I can’t always get to everyone’s questions so thanks to all who are helping.

  214. Agree with Madelaina. If your not a newcomer you never be an oldcomer. Haha.
    I’m a newcomer and this is my first competion.

    My story’s written from three people’s point’s of view Elizabeth.
    ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
    ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
    ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

    They don’t tell the same story over again. Rather it’s a mystery and this way the boy and girl at different places pick up clues put their heads together and tada. Mystery solved. The horse plays a key role that I’d never tell.

    If I don’t win I’ll wait for the guest blogger to open and send it as Part 1 and Part 2. Then I’ll hope it’s good enough to get published.

  215. Fatima — tht sux so bad, but ur lucky. 2 yrs ago i waz riding my bike 2 skool and my petal clipped a trash can and i went down relly hard. i ended up with a 5 in fracture in the bck of my skull with a contusion and consussion. i also had bleeding on my brain and almost went into brain sugery. ive had 8 had xrays, 6 catscans, and 2 mri-s. tht waz the first day i forgat my helmet so i hope u were wearin urs and tht ur praising god tht u didnt go through wat i had 2….. hope u get bettr soon :)


  216. Thank you everybody for hoping and praying that I recover soon. All of you are so so sweet and kind. I just don’t have any words. And I guess I wasn’t the only one with a bad accident. Thank you for being there for me everybody, when I really needed it. You all have a spot on my top best friend list. A very big Thank you, again! =) I’m feeling much much better, just reading all your comments.

  217. Wow, that sucks bluewings. :P i’ll make sure i always wear my helmet! :D

  218. thnx michelle im glad u will wear ur helemt


  219. WOW! I can’t wait. I really hope I get win. I’ve allways loved writing (especialy about horses.) Now my work mite actually be published. Best of luck to every one. I hope you do well too.


  220. Wow, I’ve been gone a while. I was in the good ol’ USA for two whole weeks! I was in Orlando, Florida. I’ve never felt such sun!!! I had to lather on the sun cream, (I think they call it sunscreen in the USA)!!!
    But I got to see Seaworld, Universal and Disney. Disney made me feel four again!!! I LOVE IT!!! I also picked up a Texas accent. (How did I get it in FL???)
    My friends laughed their socks off when started talking. Ah well… back to the story writing now!

  221. Thanks Bluewings xD and good luck to everyone and i wish i were you DianaLUV! I always wanted a texas accent!

    Im really trying to get my entry in, but its hard because I have a horse show this saturday and I’m competing a level higher than last time, so I need to really focus on it.

    Wish me luck!

  222. DianaLuv- Florida? Ive been there once and i LOVED it… lol =0) I love the states mind you but i would give anything to visit the Uk or Australia for even a day. Yeah some of my mates call it sunscreen i call it sun-blocker i guess whatever you feel like callin the blitty stuff lol. Texas accent in Flordi?? ha ha now thatd be something to hear. ;0) Good luck with your story!!

  223. Michelle~ Wishing you good luck.

    DianaLUV♥~Yes it’s sunscreen here(USA). My friends at horse camp smelled sunscreen more than horses! No not really! But I had a farmer’s tan when I got there so I sorta went easy on the lotion.

  224. DianaLuv, that is super cute that you picked up an accent. I was in Flordia once when i was really young, and all i remember is being stiff and hot and BURNT! and that is saying something cause i never burn. And Michelle, good luck at your horse show, i hope you finish your story on time!

  225. Just wanted to pop in and say I’m having lots of fun reading the FANTASTIC entries!! :)

  226. Story finished now, thanks to the help of all the people here! thank you again for your wonderful answers. Just typing it up now on Microsoft WordPerfect.

  227. I hope the judges have as much fun reading it as I did writing it!

  228. dainaluv- its great tht u went 2 flordia. yes it is sunscreen here in the us. i live in nv wher its a dry hot and we evn hav 2 put sunscreen on the horses!!!! lol!


  229. I’ve also decided to take out the narration, just as an update, since it wasn’t needed. (shorten it a bit)

  230. Thanks ever so much Ms. Burckhart… luv your books by the way champion series. Thanks for being a judge


  231. Thank You Jessica! I hope I finish my entry soon ;)

  232. Thanks Jessica! :D I went on your blog and the next Canterwood came out early! I couldn’t get it yesterday because my mom had to work late but today I’m going to Barnes and Nobles to get it!


  233. Okay *taking a deep breath* I had that wonderful story with a okay ending for part 1 but it’s not a winner without part 2 which makes it like 12,000 words. So-o I was combing SweetPea ( not myself mind you! my show calf) and Ta-Da insperation hit! Start over. Put a heifer in there that has my attitude! Well that’s what I think she said. Not the point! After spending over 7 hours maybe more I had a shorter more exciting story! Well I printed it off -boy am I glad I did- and then pressed the wrong thing and my intire story’s deleted. Tomorrw I’ll sucsessfuly re-type,’polish’ it and send it in. Hopefully.

    What I really want to say is THANKS to all the story’s that you wrote that made me a better writer and espcially to SWEETPEA.

    If you get around to it on August 1 or later check out what Sam’s up to on by clicking on the newsletter. You can also see what she’s done all these months between now and the book series. Actually that’s how I came here! Through Terri’s newsletter! THANKS TERRI !

    Summing it up THANKS EVERYONE !!!

  234. That’s how i found out about this too, through the phantom stallion newsletter. I also had trouble keeping my story under 6,000 words. I was typing it up, and i decided to do word count and I noticed I was WAY over the limit. So i went back, deleted a bunch, and hurridly typed my ending. I also printed it out and noticed that i catch a bunch more mistakes if i read it on paper. Anyway, i am planning on entering it on sunday. so, thank you terri for putting this contest in your newsletter, i have really enjoyed reading everyone’s comments and helpful hints! thanks guys!

  235. Yes I’m nuts to put it twice but I sent my story in! Yes hurrah for me even if I don’t win. Haha -that doesn’t meen I don’t want to win!

  236. hey i love horses don’t you…lol….lol…..

  237. hey evry1!!
    just wanted ask terri farley if it waz ok tht my club name is the same as the title of 1 of her books. cuz its my fav book (bluewings)

    ~~BlueWings (4 a while still ;) )

  238. Can’t wait to enter the contest! But I’ve been super busy and I haven’t been able to finish my entry yet. :P Hopefully I’ll get it in on time.

  239. BlueWings, the judges are not reading comments and addressing individual questions, but I’m sure Terri doesn’t mind that you liked her book so much you adopted the title as your pen name.

  240. Leadmare- when the poll voting is over will you tell us exactly which statement was false?? I like the poles gives ya somethin to think about. Do you think it would be possible for the JBs or the guests to suggest voting questions sometime?

  241. Yay! story finished! Just editing it now. Will send it in soon! I hope that some of the non-winning stories will be published too, I have been looking at the comments and some of your stories sound interesting and I would like to read them.
    I was also VERY happy to find out that my story was NOT over the word limit, in fact I only have 3792 words and I have room to expand too.

  242. O.K. I was also reading previous comments about italics, and how do I put in “tags”? And how am I sure it will work and I won’t have a bunch of HTML in there for the judges to see? *blushes*

  243. Elizabeth, there’s a blog on GHC about tags and how to insert them. If you type in “tags” in the blog search box on the right hand side, you’ll be able to find a blog called “Tag, You’re It!” that covers the basic HTML for italics as well as others.

  244. HF, yes I’ll share answers to the current poll, and if you or anyone else has suggestions for a poll please use the email link.

  245. whoops underline

  246. argh!

  247. Elizabeth, don’t worry so much about formatting, just focus on polishing spelling and grammar. If you copy and paste from Word most formatting will be lost anyway. Just do a blank line between paragraphs — indents are not necessary.

    I appreciate all of you so concerned about formatting, but GHC will handle that for any stories that get published.

    Hope this helps!

  248. Writing has always been my thing. But not about EVERYTHING. Preferably about animals. Preferably horses. :)

  249. The titles of Phantom Stallion and Warrior Cat books are kind of the roots of Nevada Sunshine and other names I think up.

  250. I completely wrote a new story today, and got half way into typing it. But then my hands started to hurt so I stopped…. I’ll finish it tomorrow then send it in by Sunday! :D Tomorrow is the start of a writing contest me and my friend are having. We’re going to see who can write a novel faster.


  251. these are really cool contests that you have!!!!!

  252. Nevada sunshine~ i luv the warrior cat books & cant wait 4 the omen of the stars sersies to release!

    ps they do really have good names. i LUVED frostfur (warriors #1 into the wild – warriors the new procefy #3 dawn)

  253. Yeah, I love the Warrior cats books but I stopped reading them a while ago… I think there’s two new ones that I still haven’t read. I should probably get those from Barnes and Nobles or something.


  254. I’m not too worried about the underline and bold, but

    A. I have sections that should be put in to have the story make sense, and
    B. I want all of the thoughts that my characters think to be in italic.

    I think I can pull off the italic, but in Word, I have a certain number of spaces in the sections, and if I copy and paste it will be off center. I know I’m sounding rather obsessed, but I have a bit of perfectionist blood. *wink*

    I suppose that I should just buckle down and fix it whenever I copy it in, but it’s so much trouble! *moan*

  255. Is the title and names of chapters included in the 6000 word limit? Or only the story part?

  256. Fatima, everything in the entry is included in the word count.

  257. this is cool

  258. Stable Mates – could you please pray for my family?
    At three o’clock this morning my dad had a heart attack.
    LeadMare, if this isn’t OK, please delete it, but my dad needs all the prayer he can get.
    Thank you.

  259. Angelica, of course our hearts and hopeful thoughts are with you and your family.

  260. Thanks Leadmare!

    Oh, Angelica I really hope your dad gets well. Was the heart attack really serious? How is he now?

  261. You have my prayers :( Is he alright?

  262. Angelica, I’m praying that God would heal your dad too.

  263. I’m prayng now. I hope he gets better. Please don’t worry to much. It’s likely he will recover, many heart-attack patients do.
    Praying… B-((

  264. I am praying for your father right now, Angelica! Please keep us posted about how he is doing!

  265. Angelica.. my families and my friends will keep your dad in our thoughts and prayers!!!!! When i was little my dad had a disease called Geon Berah or something like that and it caused him to be paralyzed from the shoulders down. There was no known cure or cuase only theropy. Thank God though that he pulled through.
    praying fer ya

  266. I was wondering, can you email all the contestants and maybe tell them a line or two why their story didn’t win or what could have been improved? It would also help for the contestants to know if the meet all the requirements?
    Thank you!

  267. I will definitely pray for your dad Angelica. It’s terrible that he had a heart attack, but I give you and your family my best regards and wishes. He will be in my thoughts.

  268. Thank you so much girls!
    Yo’re so sweet, every last one of you!
    I had an update on my dad, I saw him yesterday –
    he looks and is feeling much better.
    They’re running tests on him right now –
    please pray it’s nothing serious!
    Again thank you SO much!! Nickers and hugs to all of you!

  269. Maria, that’s a nice suggestion. Unfortunately GHC does not have the resources to provide that level of service. Hopefully you have friends and family who would be happy to read your story and offer feedback.

  270. Okay – Dad is going to have a triple bypass surgery tomorrow.
    They’ve moved him to another hospital in Atlanta.
    He has two blocked arteries.

  271. I’m so sorry Angelica, I hope your dad gets better. I am finally finished!!!! My story made my dad wanna cry, (Shrugs) YES!!!!!

  272. I’m so sorry Angelica. :( But I know he’ll be alright. Sometimes thinking that things could be a lot worse makes any situation brighter.


  273. I hope my story is good enough to catch the eye of the judges, but if not, good luck to the rest of you.

  274. Angelica im still praying for your dad and your family. My uncle, Thank God, got through 5 bypass surguries not to long ago!!!! and the doctors thought he wouldn’t survive!!!! All your horse sisiters and friends at GHC will be thinking of y’all im sure. =0)
    (Psalms 23) a personal fav for any ocassion

  275. Hey Leadmare, if your story doesn’t win, could you still enter it on GHC so people could read it?

  276. For my story I can’t think of the names for the horses. I need ideas for female and male horses. Do you any of you have any good names in mind? I need a lot of horse names.

  277. Yes Rochlia, when general submissions open anyone is welcome to submit their competition story.

  278. Fatima: One of the fun features about writing is that you can create your own characters. You might find that it is easier to write about horses or people who are invented all by yourself because you can find a way to relate to them. Names are one of those tricky things in writing that really makes you think, but you can find them in your character’s personality, appearance or past experiences. For example, you might call a pony Tornado because he was born in bad weather. Sometimes it’s these little details that make a piece more vivid and original. Good luck finding a good name!

  279. I have a bunch of horse names stored up, what kind do you need? I guess it all depends on your character, but here are some of my favorites:

    Estel, Willow,
    Nicole, Samantha
    Janice, Jessica
    Zack, Cody, Ash, Dakota,
    Diamonds of Delight, Willow Tree,
    Stairway to Heaven, Heart of Gold,
    Misty Fog, Mountain of Glory, Beautiful Liar,
    Chilly Breeze, Twilight Sparkle, Midnight Glow
    Dare to Dream,Dream Whisper, Promise, Rose, Melody,
    Sandstorm, Leafpool, Firecracker,
    Firestar, Rocky, Bandit’s Heart,
    Angel Delight, Rising Star, Honeymoon,
    Confetti, Lena, Sienna, Secret, Fading Dreams,
    Bear With Me,
    Sham, Twist, Crescent, Shady, Mystic Trilogy.

    I’ve got more if you need them. ;)

  280. Oh wow Elizabeth! I’m probably going to end up using half those names. I going to use the names like Sandstorm, Firecracker, Crescent and some others. Then I’m going to take Madelaina’s advice and revolve their personalities around their names. I like giving horses nature names like Willow and Rose. Thank You so so much Madelaina and Elizabeth.

  281. What name will suit an evil horse. It’s not a complete horse, by that I mean it is a misty black figure with red eyes?

    I would love read other names you have in mind Elizabeth. I would like more of the ones like Moonlight, Sandstorm, and Tornado. So I can follow Madelaina’s advice and make sure the horses fit their name. I’m probably going to name them first then decide their personalities.

  282. this is cool wow i really want to meet cool horses i love horses i could probally name them like princess linda tina natalie jumper for a boy or rocky cocky this is so cool ive got more

  283. Fatima i would give the evil horse figure a short and crisp name…. something strong and sudden that strikes fear into the heart of people (horses) who hear it
    something like

    And i just made half of those up… the name only means something to someone when the story revolves around it and gives it life to the character who bares it.


  284. The contest deadline is this sunday… Lucky for me I already submitted mine! :D

  285. My story’s almost done. I don’t know what I’m going to call it. I always come up with the most coring titles. Anyone out there have any advice on how to get past that?
    Other than that my story’s going great. I’m so glad GHC’s running another contest. I just about have it ready for submitting. I’ve been a little slow since my accident, but it should be done in time for the deadline.

    Good luck 2 everyone!

  286. I ment boring, sorry!

  287. I agree with HorseFeathers. I have used some VERY unique names for my villainous characters, but I believe there are some good elements to put in, and some bad ones. Some of the letters I particularly love to start evil character’s names with are:
    A,C,H,K,L,N,R,T,V, and W.
    All of the letters of the alphabet have a personality to me.
    I also like to take names and flip them around: for instance Ari can be turned into:
    Ari, Rai, Air, Iar, and Ria. The more letters the better.
    There’s an article for naming characters on that helps me a lot when I’m stuck.
    That site is also great for looking up names by their meanings or nationalities. I can post more horse names tomorrow, I have to get off here now. :)

  288. Cassie- well where does the story take place and can you describe the mood a little for me.. i mean is it a mystery or an adventure? is there a main purpose or goal for the characters?Revolve around that

  289. When you say Ari, it gave me a cool name for horses or for humans: Aerin :D i like lol

  290. Cassie-keep the problem (if there is one) in mind also when choosing the title.

  291. Thank You for helping me with the names everybody! I really appreciate it!=D

  292. Fatima, I like using Ancient Hebrew names for my horse. They sound more mysterious. Here are some with their meanings: Zamar=to play music, Nasiy=a leader or a rising mist, Zakar= remembrance, Resheph= flame, Chadah= to rejoice or be glad, Baraq= flash of lightning, Aman= to be faithful and true. These are just a few, you can find more online.

    To everyone entered in the fiction competition= Good luck, and I can’t wait to read to winning story! I’d enter myself, but I’m too old :-)

  293. now this is alot nickers!

  294. Cassie, I have some great advice for titles.
    Two Points.

    1. Dramatic Words
    2. Last Sentence

    Take the strongest and most dramatic words from the last sentence in your story, and incorporate them into your title. OR if you think of a good title for your story, you should incorporate those words into your title. Either way, A. It gives an exciting title, and B. It gives the reader a sense of satisfaction. Does that make sense?
    What do I mean by dramatic/strong words?
    Dramatic/Strong words are words that give a strong image or feeling.
    Does the adjective good give you a strong image or feeling?
    Try benevolent, or admirable, or pleasing.
    Sometimes good, or some other weak word will be the best to use there, but very often strong words are the best ones to use. A thesaurus is a welcome help there.

  295. oh sorry, into your last sentence.

  296. Leadmare- where did you get some of those photos in the gallery the ones with people and horses to??? They are quite amazing but i noticed there is no aunthor with some of the pics.

  297. I have come up with quite a few of the sort of names you are looking for, Fatima. Hope you like them!

    Torrent, Canyon, Cataract, Snowflake, Avalanche, Snowfire, Raven, Eclipse, Solar, Lunar, Starlight, Hurricane, Mist, Rowan, Typhoon, Zephyr, Wren, Shell, Silver, Trinket, Birch, Willow, Timothy, Ranger, Snowfall, Blizzard, Aurora, Ice, Scout, Tundra, Patriot

  298. HF, those are photos submitted in an earlier version of the gallery so the format is slightly different.

  299. Cassie: The title might be something that vaguely reflects on the story itself, or one of its characters/settings. It might also have something to do with the message of the writing or, like Elizabeth stated, some relevant and dramatic words that strike a note into the reader’s mind. Some titles are short or one-worded to give off a sense of mystery, e.g. Footprints. Some are chosen because of a play on words or a pun that give the title a little bit of spice; many English words have more than one meaning, and you may find one with meanings that are related to the story. You might have to try many titles before you find the right one, so have patience, be inspired and have fun :)

  300. My story has some dialogue in it, and I was wondering what your recommendation would be for formatting that? Without a (br) break command allowed in the html, the only way to indent the quotations is to use blockquote, which doesn’t work very well. What format do the rules/judges prefer? (Should dialogue just be in line with the text instead of indented with a new line for each new speaker?)

    Also, when reading the blog about html tags, I noticed the line referring to a preview button on the submission page. There doesn’t appear to be a one on the entry form and I would like to be able to see what my story will look like in finished form.

  301. ugh…i was going to submit my story last sunday, but my story is on my sister’s laptop, and she went to college, and i e-mailed it to me but i cant open it and now i have to retype the whole thing!! ahhh…it took forever to type. it’s good i printed it before she left!

  302. Thanks, I think I’ve got a title, and it’s way better than any I’ve been able to come up with this last week! Just about ready to enter… Anyways, thanks for your help!

    Fatima: These are some of my faves!

    Shining, Wonder, Destiny, Kylee, Aspen, Xanadu, Legacy, Jacie[pronounced J-C] Moonbeam, Cloud, Dandy, Fairlight, Benny, Promise, Story, Vanna, Drake, Peace, Cannon, Blue-Eyes, and William.

    Hope this helps! [if you need anymore!]

  303. i would like 2 join the club

  304. Elizabeth, ultimately GHC editors decide on final editing/formatting for winning stories, so I suggest keeping it simple and putting dialog in quotes. If you look at other stories on the site you’ll see that dialog is not indented.

    The ‘tag you’re it’ blog referred to the general submission form (which does have a preview button), not the competition entry form. There’s no preview on the competition form — it was deliberately kept simple for younger/less technically inclined entrants. Your attention to detail is appreciated, just do your best without a preview button.

  305. Thank you for the names everyone. I have enough now.

    So we don’t have to indent dialog? That would make it so easy.

  306. Leadmare- i have a question. Are the poems, artwork, blogs ect. copyrighted in anyway? I mean could someone just copy and paste any one of our girl’s works and claim it as their own; possibly publishing it? I’m just curious =0)

  307. Whew, I just sent in my story! I’m nervous to see how the competition will turn out. Good luck, everyone!

  308. Yay! Story entered.
    *big sigh of relief*
    I’m glad I got it in before the deadline. I always seem to be doing something at the last minute.

    Cassie, what was your title? I’d love to hear it.

    Thanks for all the info Leadmare, and everybody else! It sure made things a lot easier. :)

  309. HF, if someone is determined to plagiarize, they will — regardless of copyrights. We’ve certainly had our share of GHCers submitting stories, photos, etc., taken from other websites and claiming it as their own, so we know that stuff happens on the web. But rights to content at GHC belong to the original author. In the case of the GHC clip art gallery, I’ve chosen to allow anyone to use my work for non-commercial purposes.

    If there’s ever concern about someone taking your work you can request to have it removed from GHC.

  310. Ok thank you kindly for informing me about it Leadmare. I appreciate all the hard work you do to make sure GHC’s girls have the soul property to their work! =0)

  311. Plagiarizers are evil…. =P I dont see why someone just can’t take the time to make a story or poem of their own!

  312. BTW- leadmare, how come we can’t post comments on some of the writing? Like on Guided Always?

  313. Michelle, in general comments close after 30 days. Occasionally something is posted with comments closed, but not intentionally. Thanks for letting me know about Guided Always — comments are open now.

  314. yeah! sent in my story yesterday! not sure how great it is but who cares! i had so much fun writing it!

  315. I’m so sad and mad a t myself… I probably won’t have my story ready and entered with only two days left. Oh well, there will be more of these competitions I hope!

  316. oh, okay :) sorry i was just curious about that…

  317. i entered in this contest yesterday, it rocks!!!! dont you all think??

  318. i made and wrote like 4 strories and choosing one was sooooo hard!!!!!!!!!!!

  319. Leadmare, I’m over the word limit and not even done yet. Do we have to say “Chapter One” and so on? Is it okay it I divide the chapters by five of these * like this *****.

  320. Sure Fatima, that’s fine. Good luck finalizing your story!

  321. sillygirl, I definitely agree! This contest, and everything about this website, totally rocks!!!!!!!!

  322. Wow! I can’t wait to compete I love horse!
    I have read one of the authers books!
    It is amazing!

  323. I have read the Black Stallion series By Walter Farely and one of the authers has the same last name! are you related? I love horses and I have one of my own. I hope you like my story when you get it!!!

  324. YES!!! I entered! But when I clicked the ‘enter’ button, it felt as though I was sealing my fate! mega lolz :P

  325. Help. The entry form isn’t working! And the deadline is fast approaching.

  326. Black stallion, we’ve received a lot of entries today so the form is definitely working. Try again or get help from a friend or family member if you’re still having problems.

  327. I’m done with my story, but still have to revise and edit and take out 1,338 words out. Does anybody have any tips on how to take out words?

  328. Fatima: When I go over a word limit, I usually re-read my story and see if there are areas where it doesn’t contribute much to the storyline and cut them out, this counts for dialogue and small events such as tacking up e.g. Instead of describing a person grooming or tacking up a horse with realistic details, say something along the lines of “The girl worked quickly through grooming and tacking, fuelled by anticipation, and set out on the trail in no time”. Sometimes descriptions of characters and the setting also take up space , so shortening those will help as well. Good luck with your story!

  329. Fatima, try to take out some descriptive words and unessacary paragraphs.

  330. Leadmare, are the entries going to be judged on details? Since I’m way over the limit, I’m having to take a lot of words. What are the entries exactly going to be judged on? Will the entry be disqualified if there are more than 6,000 words? I’m having a lot of trouble, but I only have 802 words to take out.

  331. Fatima, it says above that “stories will be judged on authenticity, originality and key story elements (plot, theme, characters, setting).” Stories that don’t meet the requirements are not eligible for judging, and it is a requirement “Entries are limited to 6000 words or less.”

    Hope this helps clarify. Maybe you can get a friend or family member help with the final edits.

  332. Wow, I am entered! So, glad I got it in!! Good way to describe it DianaLuv. I feel exactly like I am sealing my fate!

  333. LeadMare, exactly how many stories were entered? So I know my odds, lol.

  334. if we forget something required on the entry form, it won’t let us enter, right?
    i’m being paranoid that i forgot something and i didn’t enter at the moment…

  335. mustang23, there are 112 total entries so far, 62 in the 12 and younger group.

    Anna, don’t worry — you’re fine!

  336. Was there a problem around the last few minutes. I don’t think I got my entry through.

  337. How many entries were submitted in all?

  338. Ohhhhhhh I’m so glad there aren’t too many!My Mom and I didn’t have any idea about the size of this website, so she was preparing me for the worst. ;) She can get downright morbid sometimes!!
    Yes, DianaLUV, I think we all felt that way. *sigh*

  339. Don’t worry — all the entries sent prior to noon pacific time arrived safely.

    Good luck everyone!

  340. NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I enter rite now and it wont let me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  341. Well, I didn’t quite finish mine in time, but I guess I’ll just make it better and submit it later when the general submissions open up again.

    But seriously, good luck to everyone who entered, I’m genuinely excited to read the winning entries. :D

  342. I’m jumping up and down with excitement. I’m going to check the computer the moment I get home from school on September the 12th. A great escape from first year!
    What does America call 1st year?

  343. Ummm… LeadMare… How come we cant see the Prizes anymore? I’ve searched the site but still can’t find them. What happened?

  344. Its OK. I finally found it. I feel silly for asking that question! ;P

  345. lol Diana lets see what us yanks call first year would that be The New year? Im a bit confused with some of your terms but i think they’re top notch. =0) its quite interesting to learn about these

  346. Or maybe she means freshman year? You know your first year in high school? I don’t know, I’m just making a guess.

  347. do you mean the first year of high school, dianaluv, cause that would be freshman year, and that’s what grade i am in!

  348. I think first year is either 1st grade or freshmen. I’m assuming freshmen.

  349. By chance, if judges finish judging the entries before Sept. 12, will we be informed about the winners earlier or still on Sept. 12?

    Will the winners the informed before they are announced or will everyone know on the 12th.

    Sorry for being so impatient.

  350. Ahhhhhh… so its freshman! OK, then I’m a freshman! Fun! lolz

  351. lol so thats what your “first year” means DianaLuv yeah freshman in highschool..ahh the good ol’ days. I’m a junior and im getting over the hills. lol I can’t believe graduation is so close. =0(

  352. I’m taking this as a good omem, I just won second in an across province writing contest!
    Glad I got my story in, good luck everyone!

  353. Good luck to you too , Cassie and congrats on the story! :D And Horse Feathers that should be pretty exciting because you get to go to college. any plans on which one yet?

  354. hey, i’m a freshman too! :) our first day is on monday! wish me luck everyone!

  355. My first day is Monday! *groan*

  356. Yes I am excited to go to an Equestrian program College if it is God’s will for my life… i think though I will be taking at least one year of Christian College first in the states, maybe Florida. What i really have my heart set on is living in Australia when I graduate College I want to be a vet there and also support the wild Brumbies that the farmers and rachers consider pests. It might not all go the way i want it but i can always hope and pray.

    Best of luck to you Lana! I love highschool years


  357. Hey Horse Feathers, I am wanting to become something very special too. Can you guess? If God wants me to I would love to be an AUTHOR! I want to go t collage for Art and Writing skills! I hope I make it, but GHC is good pratice for me!

  358. I entered at the last minute. My story was 8,000+ words and I shortened it to 5,052 words :D
    I’m a freshmen too, I just finished my first week and it’s a little tough :(

    I wish everyone luck! I can’t wait until Sept. 12th!!

    By the way, I’m really a writer soon-to-be-author! I’m really excited!!


  359. Boy you guys, you had me worried. HorseFeathers, I was afraid you and Violet Inkpen were in my division!My becoming an author is still a LOOOOOOONG way off, and I saw the things you were submitting and went, wow. My pen name is Elizabeth Liberty, so *if* I win (or even if I don’t – I’ll prolly submit it anyway) you can tell me what you think of it.
    It also helps that I’m at the top of my age group. My chances are looking better all the time! ;)

  360. whoops something went wrong with italics
    still greenie here!

  361. I’m a junior, too, and as my sister so often likes to remind me, I’m getting old…*sigh*

  362. HorseWhispers… sigh i know how you feel, mate. Graduation..i should be looking forward to it. but in a way im not. lol when we’re twenty we’ll think that being a junior was young. ahh life has its toll.

  363. Leadmare… I know this is GIRLS horse club but my little bro likes writing poems and stories. I was wondering could he be a sort of “co-author” for some of my poems. Since I’m HorseFeathers I thought I’d use the nickname “Tuft” For my brother if he’s aloud. ;0)

  364. HF, it’s great your brother is also interested in writing! Right now only JB submissions are open, but when general submissions open ‘Tuft’ is welcome to submit, either alone or in partnership with you.

  365. im exited and nerveous to see who wins…..

  366. so mustang23 i already sent in my story but what was yours a bout?

  367. Excellent site, keep up the good work

  368. I can’t wait to see the winner!
    This is SO much fun! Great idea, LeadMare!
    I’m a homeschooled sophomore :)
    As of yesterday.
    OH WOW! I totally forgot, actually.
    How wierd.
    I’m no longer a freshman! WOOHOO!
    If God wants me to go to college, it’ll probably be SCAD. :)

  369. Hey everyone! Ok so I already entered my story (obviously :) ) but I would like to submit stories in the future. Is everyone free to do that or what? And if so . . . How on God’s green earth do you do that???? I’m sorry no offense but this site is not very clear and kinda confusing.

  370. Will we be able to comment on the winning entries?

  371. Only eight more days till the winners are announced!! I’m so excited!

  372. I feel the same annie!

  373. Wow, I wish I could plan as well as Violet Inkpen and Horse Feathers!

  374. Can’t wait until we get the results!! :D

  375. lol Nevada.. i cant set my future but i can set goals.. with God’s help and will. Anywho horse galls I’m pretty sure you can comment on the winning entries.

    Joannah- you can subit future stories when the General Submissions open up. That is a time period where anyone can subit as many articles as they want that will be put up for consideration to publish.


  376. Help!?!?!? Could someone please answer?

  377. Will Saturday September 12 never ever come? I mean come on! It is taking so long! I want the 12th to come sooooooooooooooooo bad! (I am as impatient as a foal!)

  378. Totally understand everyone’s excitement to read the winning stories — I’m equally excited! To get through the week, think of it this way: Patience is an essential quality for being around horses so this is a good opportunity to practice. :)

    I’ll tell you right now though — don’t expect to see the announcement at the crack of dawn on the 12th. We’ll be lucky to get everything done before the day officially ends here at GHC headquarters…

    Jonannah, old-timers will tell you that getting published at GHC can be challenging. We’re not accepting guest submissions now, but I’ll look for opportunities to open submissions sometime in October. Check the Help/Questions page (located here) for answers to frequently asked questions.

  379. I’m soo excited for Sept 12th!!! I can’t wait to read the winning stories!

  380. Okay thank you so much LeadMare! I hope I am able to submit/publish some of my stories on here. I love writing and would love to see what other people think of my writing.

    A question for all the girls. Are any of you in the penpal system or interested in getting penpals? I think it would be fun to write some of you girls.

  381. Oh thank you too horsefeathers!! Oh btw, did you get your username from the christian series “Horse Feathers” ?

  382. mhhmm Leadmare- you reminded me alot about having patience around moody pregnant mares and little brothers as well…

    Patience is a virture mates! lol Look at it as something to look forward to. =0) Itll come if ya let it.

  383. sry it took so long 4 me to reply sillygirl. I was kinda busy. Anyway, my story is about a horse girl (duh!) and something happened to her horse. She is scarred. For about 2 years, (Sry I 4got, its not on the laptop) she has totally avoided horses and the world. Finally she makes a breakthru, buys a horse, meets an old friend, discovers her nu horse is her old horses foal, and cultivates a relationship with an old bf. That’s about it. you have to read the rest to get the whole picture. If I don’t win, (which is very likely!) I’ll publish it anyway.

  384. Joanah- i think penpals is a great idea.. but here in girlshorseclub we cant give out personal information just as a precaution. But yes i have read that christian book series but i had the nickname horsefeathers before that… i say it alot when im exasperated or surpised lol.. just a little thing about me..

  385. Jonannah, I can never get enough penpals! And it’s cool that practically everbody here loves horses and writing.

  386. HEY!!! sorry hat i havent been on in a while….just wanna say good luck to everyone who entered….where are the stories….i wanna read them….i have read all the other stories…whoever wins will soooooo deserve it!!

    Amber The Falabella

    btw…i changed my name from the baby to falabella…i grew up a lil :)

  387. Oh gingersnaps! thats a bummer! I would love to write to some of you girls. But . . .Any suggestions to how we can do this Leadmare? Or anyone?

    Its funny how ya’all say the 12th’s coming up slowly. I’ve been so busy, I can’t believe its September 6th!! But I am still super nervous and oober excited for the 12th!!! :)

  388. Jonannah, not sure what you’re suggesting/asking, but since you’re commenting I’m sure you’ve read our ground rules so you know we have girls of all ages here and don’t exchange personal info. Thanks for being respectful of everyone’s privacy.

  389. Yeah I was asking if it was possible to write to any of these girls as penpals. I wasn;t asking them to give out any personal info. I totally respect everyones privacy.

  390. This was so fun …. just 6 days! I hope I did ok! :)

  391. HorseFeathers- Do you have a pregnant mare?!

  392. Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back

  393. Five more days!

  394. No but i work with em =0) Some times they can be testy!

  395. lol, i like that saying nevada sunshine! i am literally counting the days till saturday..sooo excited to see who wins! also jumping out of my seat cause we may get another horse, because we are selling our cattle, and my horse needs a companion!

  396. Haha Nevada Sunshine xD
    Lana- that’s super cool! I wish I had my own horse :(
    Horse Feathers-that’s really neat how you work with horses :D
    Jonannah- that would be cool to have pen pals :)

    I am definitely excited to see who the winners are on Saturday!!


  397. How often do you have this contest or constests like it?

  398. Jonannah, previously we’ve have 1-2 competitions/giveaways a year. This is by far the biggest one. Check the Competitions & Giveaways channel to see what’s been done in the past.

  399. {Okay thank you so much LeadMare! I hope I am able to submit/publish some of my stories on here. I love writing and would love to see what other people think of my writing.}

    Jonannah, it takes a LOT of hard work to get published but it is rewarding! Good luck!

  400. Can’t wait for the twelfth :) sorry I haven’t been on in a while, I was on vacation.

  401. KTWA — Haha yeah I would so like to have some penpals from here but I don’t know how thats possible.

  402. Thanx 4 the warning Violet inkpen. I always work super hard on my writing anyway and I know its totally always worth it. :)

  403. I am way too excited for Saturday!! Can’t it come faster?

    I worked soo hard on my story, it was really great and I had to shorten it :(

    I can not wait until Sat!

    ~KathrynTheWriter/Author ;)

  404. HorseFeathers- You’re lucky! Although they might be testy at times, I’m sure you still love it!

  405. Wow Lana, that is awesome…! Do y’all know if your getting a mare or a gelding?

  406. . . . . . . 26 hrs 56 mins 57 secs and counting!

    Ok, so maybe I’m a little OCD. :oP

  407. Three days…

  408. lol Elizabeth!!!!

  409. three days……….maybe ill try

  410. hehe..a little?? i’m not sure, nevada sunshine. i dont really care. i am just so happy! my horse is a real nutcase, so my parents want a calm horse so my siblings (who are scared of my horse:( can ride too. also, we are getting rid of all our cattle ( thank goodness) and my horse is going to be super lonely! 2 days!!

  411. Hey girls! I just want to let you know that I made a website where I’ll be putting all of my writing. But be warned: a lot of it is about my favorite discipline of riding, dressage.

    Here’s a link:

  412. Wow, don’t laugh, But I’m pretty excited that my name actually made it on the “Nickers” sidebar. I know it’s not an important list or anything, but I still think it’s cool :)

  413. LeadMare- Will the winners names (Website names I mean) be placed on GHC’s website? I was just wondering how we would be notified. Oh, and also, how will the winners be told what prize they won?

    [Nevada Sunshine]

  414. Why don’t you like your cattle? Wow, that’s so exciting that your getting another horse! Hope it goes well for y’all :)

  415. Not sure exactly what you mean Nevada Sunshine, but the winning stories will be published sometime tomorrow, and the winners will get instructions about how to claim their prize. In the prize round-up there’s a group of prizes that each winner will receive, and additional donations (along with a surprise or two) that will go to individual winners at GHC’s discretion, depending on the winner’s age and rank (1st, 2nd or 3rd place). Hope this helps clarify.

  416. hehe, cattle are such slobs. they snap all the rails, make the pasture into a mudhole, and the broke the pipes on our watering system, and flooded the upper part of the pasture. my horse hates water, so she wouldnt go through the large puddles to get a drink, so we had to put her in her stall (which she also hates) and that makes her insane and CRAZY when i ride her. which is why i hate cattle (even though ours are really sweet:)

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    I can’t bear it . . . . . I’ll prolly die of anticipation. :oP

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  419. Thanks!

  420. 6 hours and 20 minutes. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! When will it beposted. I am stayin up until it is!!!!! unlesss t at 1200 O i am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo exid. I haen’t won, r ave I??????? oh gsh i amsooo OCD!!!!!!!!!

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  430. Where are the winners?

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  432. “Make haste slowly” Benjamen Franklin. the results will get here girls lol just have patience… im excited to. Go read a horsey book or something..


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  434. Grrr… I didn’t get to ride Marley today… :'(
    I rode a REALLY lazy pony called Zuko, but he really tried hard for me and I got him over a 95cm vertical. Even though he knocked it, he was super!

    WHEN WILL THE RESULTS BE OUT?????????????? :”(

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