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Get Ready for a GIVEAWAY!

Published by • Mar 26th, 2015 • Category: Competitions & Giveaways, Fun & Games

Star Stable Game Giveaway

Dear Horse-Crazy Girls,

We were recently contacted by the people behind the game Star Stable about sponsoring a giveaway for GHC members. How cool is that?!?

I’ve seen a lot of horse-themed games come and go over the years, but wasn’t familiar with this one so I was super excited to find out about it. Check it out at, where you can play for free up to level 4  on a Mac or Windows computer.

Then, check back starting Saturday March 28th when the giveaway will go live and you can enter for a chance to win free membership for 6 months (1st prize), 3 months (2nd prize) or 1 month (3rd prize).

Oh, and share the news! There’s a chance you *and* one of your friends will win—it’s always more fun to play together.

and peace,

MARCH 28 UPDATE: The Star Stable giveaway has been posted. CLICK HERE for details and to enter →

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  1. How do we win?!

  2. I learned to play this game in Alpine, Texas as I was interviewing a young horse trainer for my new book. It was fun, but she said she’d have to turn me in for virtual horse abuse :( Yeah, I wasn’t very good at it. But what a great give away!

  3. Rey, you’ll get all the details when the giveaway launches. Check back sometime tomorrow!

  4. How do we enter?!

  5. Great idea!!

  6. Wow! This sounds awesome! Thanks LeadMare!

  7. The giveaway has been posted. CLICK HERE for details and to enter →