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Giving Back

Published by • Mar 1st, 2009 • Category: Lend a Hand

by Peanut, age 8

REMEMBER HISTORY. Horses have done so much for us. A long time ago, the Pony Express carried mail across the country. It was a part of history that, without the horses, would not exist. In lead mines, little ponies carried wagons filled with heavy loads. Without the ponies, the mines would shut down.  Cattle farms would be gone if it weren’t for the trusty horses who let cowboys sit in a saddle, herding cattle for long periods of time. Even when Jesus was born, Mary traveled to Bethlehem on a mule. Without the mule Jesus would have had a poor sad life.

GIVE BACK TODAY. Now horses are used for showing or as companion animals. I don’t know how much we owe to the horses, but we have to give back to these amazing creatures. There are lots of ways to do this, here are a few:

  1. First and most importantly, we have to end horse slaughter. That should be the first thing done!
  2. Also, don’t treat your horse badly. Treat your horse how you want your horse to treat you.
  3. Last, take care of your horse. Don’t keep your horse in bad condition; it’s bad for your horse, and you!
  4. And remember…love and trust!

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  1. Great blog, Peanut. This is all very true!

  2. I don’t like slaughter, but because of the number of unwanted horses and the lesser number of people who want them, what are we going to do with these horses? A lot of people who don’t want to send their horses to slaughter but can no longer afford them are just turning their horses loose, leaving them to fend for themselves. These horses have been domesticated and cannot go without having someone care for them. They often starve to death, and some are even hit by cars! Slaughter is cruel and horrible, but its better than being left to starve to death! Before we can end slaughter, we HAVE to bring down the number of unwanted horses, to prevent the neglect of our beloved animals.

    This is a good blog, with good writing. Keep it up!

  3. This blog really makes you stop and think for a moment about how horses have had such an impact of everyday life!
    I love your blogs Peanut!

  4. Peanut your right because without horses we would have no transportation!also how do you get a horse because my mom says no but my dad says yes (because hes like a rich person)but problem is we live in the city!which one is it?how confusing.

  5. That was really good Peanut. You and me truely have a lot in common. Your very good with persausive writing. Keep it up!!(: