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Giving Second Chances

Published by • Feb 14th, 2008 • Category: Junior Blogger Archives, Junior Blogger Finals, Take a Stand

Junior Blogger Finalsby Lauren, age 10

Do you know what it is like when you feel God gave you a second chance in life? Example: If you had a major or terrible accident and were really close to dying, but God decided that it wasn’t time for you to go.

A horse is a sensitive, beautiful creature that wanders our Earth’s lands. They have a big heart, and are willing to listen to you. They are looking for a leader to look up to. Horses have done so much for us throughout the existence of this world. How about we do them a favor for once?

Millions of horses are being slaughtered the moment you are reading this. Before they all die at once, why don’t we give them a second chance to live. Our world could improve dramatically if we all could get together and come to an agreement by ending animal abuse. Not just horses, but all the animals existing right now.

I can’t control my anger and sadness when it comes to talking about animal abuse. People are coming up with new ways to torture animals everyday. We could all be better people if we just gave animals a second chance.

Lauren is one of several guest bloggers vying for a spot on our Junior Blogger team. Please read the blogs and stories from each candidate, then go to the poll on the blog sidebar and vote for the next Junior Blogger.

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  1. Love how you incorporate God’s love in there! Happy Riding, SB

  2. Every word of that is so true, Lauren. I think about everyone at Girls Horse Club is greatly concerned and aware of the effects of animal abuse, and we are all more than willing to stop it. This is a beautiful entry for the Junior Blogger finalists, and all the best wishes too! I’m always here to welcome you with open arms. {:D}

  3. I actually need your open arms right now, Madelaina, because I’m losing a lot in the junior blogger vote. I’m doing horrible and I have wanted this for so long. I’ve wanted since I first came here. Oh, I hope my score goes up! :((

  4. don’t worry Lauren im not doing the best right now ethier! and i won’t say the best blogger will win coz if someone said something like that to me if i didin’t win i’d think my best wasn’t as good as the other persons best. I reallly hope no one has hard feeling at the end. no matter what we’ll keep fighting!!! :D :D :D

  5. Yeah, true. it is just in the voting polls SB is winning and LeadMare said whoever gets the most votes will win.

    Lets stick our best to the top! :)

  6. Love it, Lauren! Hope you do well and Good luck!

  7. I would like everyone to know tht I appreciate evryone here and you do not have to vote for me. I am sorry that I’m getting so upset since I’m losing in the polls (voting). I hope everone does well. I now know I’m not going to be a Junior Blogger, even though I have waited to be a Junior Blogger since I first came here. Congratulations to everone not including me who are running for the Junior Blogger spot. LeadMare, I wish EVERYONE that finishes their third blog could be a junior blogger because evryone wants this so bad. It really isn’t fair but I will go along anyways. I’m sorry that I made myself look like a bad sport or embarassed myself. I think I just am going to keep writing blogs and try to get over this. As much feelings were hurt of me, I really think I don’t deserve to be a Junior Blogger because some of you who that are running have been at GHC longer tha I have. I NOW know that I’m not going to win and I want everyone to listen: You vote for who really DESERVES this Junior Blogger slip. Which means nothing for me. Those who did vote for, me thank you so much. I can’t thank those people enough. I appreciate all of you. Especially you LeadMare and I hope we can have even stronger friendships between everyone.I’ll get over this soon enough. :(( :)

  8. Shhhh up! do NOT talk to your self like that Lauren!!!!! that whole comment was ridiculous!!! we ALLL want this spot! there will be other spots avalible! STOP putting yourself down. I hate seeing people do that it makes me want to scream at them and say what a WONDERFUL life they have! if you EVER EVER EVER put your blogs or yourself down again I’ll… I’ll… um… i don’t know what I’ll do but it’ll be something bad!

  9. Lauren: You are an amazing writer. Nobody thinks you aren’t. I could not even decide who to vote for! You are all too good! tash is right. DOn’t put yourself down like that. All of us here are good writers so don’t think your worse that anyone ’cause you really are great! I love this bog and think you did an amazing job on it. Hope you feel okay because I think you are wonderful! You put up a great fight! Please don’t put yourself down, it makes everyone sad! You will get a chance to be a Jr. Blogger some day. After all, some of us will go to High School soonish and might not be able to keep up with writing. So don’t worry! Hold your head up high! After all, horse girls have to be proud! ;)

  10. tash and Horsecrazzz, thanks for making me feel a LOT better. tash: I think your comment was a bit exaggereated, like hurting me andsaying it was ridiculous. I really know you would do nothing to harm me but when you exaggerate it like that it is kinda hurtful. And when you said this comment was ridiculous, part of it wasn’t because I was jealous of some other girls.I NOW realize part of it was ridiculous though once I look back at it. Thanks to evryone! :)

  11. LeadMare moment here: Please remember this competition is intended to be FUN, and blogging for GHC is about delivering meaningful content for our readers — it’s not for personal fame, certainly not for fortune :), and definitely not a popularity contest. You should all feel GREAT about yourselves regardless of the numbers on a poll.

    Now, can we please steer the reins back on topic with comments that are relevant to all readers? Thanks.

  12. okay i’m sooooo sorrry Lauren. yep i’ll take note of both Lauren’s and LeadMare’s comments.

  13. Lauren: Your blog is really good. And just remember; Even if you don’t win, everyone on GHC still loves you just the same. :)

  14. I love your blogs, Lauren! You always stand up for what you believe in! This blog is another great example of you telling the world how you feel! That’s great!!!! :D

  15. Thanks Allison and Jeanna Briggs. Actually, thanks to everyone! Congratulations as my oponents for Junior Blog Finals. LeadMare: Sorry I went off topic earlier. I can forget easily how everything works. :)