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Going for the Gold

Published by • Aug 28th, 2009 • Category: Riding Advice

by Allison, age 13

Everyone has heard the phrase winning isn’t everything. That’s definitely true, but it’s fun to win every once in a while! Don’t be afraid to get out there and go for the gold. Horse girls know you have to set your dreams high. Do you dream of one day competing at the international level or just getting the blue at your local horse show? Then this blog is for you!

First step to being a winner: PRACTICE! This is probably the most important thing you can do to prepare. If you work hard, you will be ready for that big show! Practice can also build your confidence. If you have practiced something so much you could do it in your sleep, you’ll be more confident about that jumping course or your turns around those barrels. To improve your practice, you should try practicing a level harder than what you will be required to do; that way, your level will seem easier. Only do this every once in a while, as you need to know your current level backwards and forwards. Also, don’t try to practice something you haven’t learned, especially with jumping. It can be dangerous to set your jumps higher that what you and your horse are accustomed to.

Second step to being a winner: SUPPORT! Have a support team ready to back you up and cheer you on at horse shows and while you practice. It can also help to have someone critiquing your practices so you can improve before the big show. Just remember to not take the comments to heart — they are just trying to help you be the best you can be. Friends and family make great support groups.

Third step to being a winner: KNOW YOUR HORSE! Learn what calms your horse down and peps him up. Does he get just as nervous as you when it comes to competitions? Learn to be the rider your horse needs to succeed, and you can be sure your horse will return the favor!

Fourth step to being a winner: DON’T TAKE IT TOO SERIOUSLY! No one likes a poor winner or a sore loser. Remember, your placing at competitions doesn’t define who you are. Take a break every once in a while, and just enjoy spending time with your horse. He loves you no matter how many blue ribbons you have won.

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  1. Bravo! Inspirational, Professional, and a whole lot of fun! I think the most fun stop is step 3! KNOW YOUR HORSE! What girl doesn’t want to know her horse?????

    Good blog! Very well thought out.

  2. This is great! Very true, and very helpful. Awesome job!

  3. Those are helpful tips. Great Blog!

  4. I wish I owned a horse! If I win the EuroMillions… (Hopefully I will! Wish me luck!)
    I will buy my fave ever horse, Marley if I win. And you can be sure you’ll hear from me if I ever do own him! ;)

  5. Oh my goodness! I named my foal Going For The Gold!

  6. What are the EuroMillions?

  7. Nevada- im thinking Europe or Euro dollars only in the millions. =0) Lota o’ loot

  8. Oh, I keep forgetting you guys are in the good ol’ USA!

    As I live in Ireland, my currency is the Euro. There is a weekly raffle for over 5 million Euro every Friday, and if I win it… IM GONNA BUY MARLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. DianaLuvChampion resolution for your many Euros if you aquire the money! Best of luck to you mate

  10. Hope you win :) if I won a million I would buy my favorite horse Justus and my horse who lives with my friend in another state, Sorrow.

  11. Thanks HF! I’ll need it! lolz

  12. Ooooh, okay, I understand lol

  13. Guys, I’m more then likely getting my gramps ex-racehourse, so what disciplines do thoroughbreds mostly excel at? (besides racing…)

  14. DianaLUV- you’ll have to ask your grandad but im almost positive that throughbreds are used mainly for racing, but are also bred for other riding disciplines, such as show jumping, combined training, dressage, polo, and fox hunting.

    I would love to experience the “thrill of the hun!” lol =0)


  15. Can anybody think of a good show name for the little mare? And guys, if the filly keeps racing… MY MAM MIGHT GET ME A HORSE!!! If I do well in my Junior Cert… but still! It opens up soooo many possibilities!

  16. What does she look like and whats her personality? That’s how I figure names

  17. DianaLUV – ooo fun fun i luv making up names.. well how about something personal to you? Is there any nicknames that you share in the past? Or an event? The more personal the better. For instance i was called “Wild Girl” when i was little cuase well i was wild lol.


  18. Nevada Sunshine is a name I made up, along with many other horse names. It’s so much fun naming pets but also hard because it’s something you won’t really be able to change…Well, not with us, my animals have about a million nicknames! I have a cat who I named Sunset At Dawn, but we haven’t called her in a long, long time. We just call her Sunny, or in my case, Sunny D. :) She’s my little baby

  19. oohhh, theres a new book out by patrica reilly giff called wild girl, its about a racehorse. has anybody read it, cause our library dosent have it yet, and if you guys think its good im going to buy it. DianaLuv, my cousin has a thoroughbred,and they are stunning at jumping (hunter, cross country,etc) and dressage. the only thing is that you have to be firm, you cant let them gallop or canter whenever they want, cause they form habits real quick and can go quite crazy on you.

  20. She’s become a very dark bay and she’s quite lively and skittish. Plus, she likes to watch birds on the grass. (I think its cause there so small and she’s so big!) And she is very trusting towards people. All in all, she is a VERY strange combination!

  21. Sooooo… Any names? She might be called Persian City… or… City of Persia… as her racing name! Just to let you all know…