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Growing Up and Away

Published by • Dec 6th, 2015 • Category: Non-Fiction

Growing Up

by Abby, age 16

For me, sixteen is standing on the edge of a cliff with the world pushing, pinching and nagging behind me as I waver.

I am too smart to believe that I have to get my license the day I turned sixteen, and honestly I am a little scared of driving. The few experiences I have had have been nerve wracking even on the country roads around my home.

And why on earth do I have to wear makeup?! It melts while I ride and is a nightmare to apply and take off. Plus, it causes acne—I have enough, thank you!

Also what is the story with boys? Why are my girlfriends, who always said they wanted to wait until they were old enough to actually get married, doing going out with immature boys who lie to them and upset their families? How did it get so easy to talk with strange adults rather than people my own age? Why is it awkward now?

Am I the only one with these problems? I sure hope not.

Please comment if you share my plight.

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  1. I don’t get that stuff either. I’m 12 I hate make up clothes boys and all alike. I hate growing up. I’m not a tomboy just something you can’t explain. Any who I will always be the way I am. A HORSE GIRL!!!(:

  2. Also do any of you girls have any ideas of horses horsey stuff to do? Please answer. Also Abby keep holding in there. You don’t have to wear make up and go out with boys and stuff k? (:

  3. Thanks, Sierra. Have you gone riding barebacked? I always find a deeper connection with my horse when I ride with out a saddle, I can feel every movement and anticipate their protest.

  4. YES i have once it was amazing. i don’t have a horse but i rode my friends horse bareback at a gallop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. That sound so exciting Sierra!!!! I hardly wear makeup at all and I don’t date guys. I have a lot of friends who are dating but it doesn’t mean I have to too.
    Oh I always ride bareback! I mean I will use a saddle but a lot of the time, just for fun, I will ride bareback!

  6. @Rey: I always ride bareback on my mare. I don’t have any saddle that will fit her, so I ride bareback. But it’s so much better without the saddle! :) I actually can ride a bit better without the saddle.

  7. Only dated once and it went all wrong. I’m just done with it now. After all I prefer to have boy friends than boyfriends!
    I ride bareback too. Its all good until the horse spooks and you have no support hahahaha (so true, though)