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Published by • Dec 13th, 2008 • Category: Showing & Sport

by Allison, age 13

I love games and horses! So what could be better than a series of games played on horseback?

Gymkhana games are great for those competitive horse lovers. Not only do you have loads of fun with your horse, you also learn important skills. Pole Bending is a common race today. Riders weave through five or six poles and the first team to finish the course correctly wins. My personal favorite is the Egg and Spoon Race. Participants hold an egg in a spoon and try to get around the course as fast as they can without dropping the egg. Again, the first team done is the winner. Barrel racing is another game that’s lots of fun (see the videos below for examples of Pole Bending, Egg and Spoon, and Barrel Racing).

Another fun way to enjoy games on horseback is to adapt traditional games for horses. How much fun would it be to play Simon Says or Mother May I on horseback?! Of course, obstacle courses are perfect for a challenging day of fun with your friends. Be careful, don’t try anything that could spook or be dangerous for your horse.

Before you begin the games, decorating your horses can be lots of fun. Show your style with designs painted on your pony in water paint or even with unsweetened drink mixes. Be careful not to tie anything to your horse or pony that could spook or injure him. And most of all, have fun!

Pole Pending

Egg and Spoon Race

Barrel Racing

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  1. tge little girl barrel racing was so hilarious!

  2. All the videos are great. Nice job, Allison!

  3. We had a gymkhana in my lesson last week- it was great! We played a game called stepping stones, where you ride your horse up to some buckets, dismount, lead your pony as you walk over the buckets, then run to the finish. Everyone fell off the buckets!!!

  4. I love pole-bending! It’s right up there with goat tying and barrel racing ! :)