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Handling Stable Bullying

Published by • Nov 21st, 2008 • Category: Horse Girls, Junior Blogger Archives

by ponygalmaddy, age 13

A few of us girls here have had troubles with nasty riders at riding school, at the stables, or at horse shows. This is a little guide on how to not let it get to you.

There are many different types of bullying on the equestrian scene. Here are a few:

Violence. Many people will say this is the worst type. It involves them trying to hurt you and/or your horse physically. They may do this by tripping you up, hurting your pony, riding in such a dangerous manner that they may hurt you and others around you.

Tormenting. This is when they hide your stuff or throw it around. This may occur with tack, rugs, grooming utensils, clothing and in some cases horses!

Blocking. This is when they will ignore you and leave you out of things like hacking out, team riding, even just eating lunch away from you.

We have established some types of bullying. Now how to handle them? Don’t be afraid if there is a group — stand up for your rights!!

Find new friends. See if you can change blocks or go in a different lesson.

See if there is anyone else with the same problem. Find another girl who sits alone at lunch and become friends with her.

Stand up for yourself. When it comes to violence I wouldn’t suggest hitting back, but don’t stick your head down and take it. Walk away and just give them a stare straight in the eye.

Talk to someone about it. I know it may seem hard, but getting it out of your system makes you feel so much happier.

Just ignore it. Yes, I know easier said than done, but if you really try it will go away.

If you feel like giving up because of the nasty bullies, DON’T! Believe you can achieve anything, and don’t forget about the pot of gold after the rain — your beautiful pony.

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  1. Congratulations on being a junior Blogger. Love the blog lots of good advice

  2. Congratulations, you’d be an excellent Junior Blogger! That was absolutely beautiful writing, and I am so glad that all the riders at the place I ride at are all quite nice. I’d be anticipating your next blog.

  3. Great blog Ponygalmaddy!! And congrats on becoming a junior blogger!
    I wonder if my ‘ask GHC’ counted as a blog? I doubt it.

  4. thanks yaya im a junior blogger !! =]

  5. Wow, I’ve never really had to deal with this kind of stuff, but I’m really glad I don’t have to. I generally don’t have problems with bullies and I stand up for myself, but I’ll help anyone I see being harassed.

  6. Congrats on becoming a junior blogger ponygalmaddy! Great blog!

    Your advice is great. Talking about something really helps. If you need to talk and there is no one there that you want to talk to you can talk to your horse. They are the best listeners and comforters a girl could ask for! =)

  7. This a great blog, and close to my heart. A couple years ago, an older girl at my stables was bullying me. We were sharing a horse in the horse show, and even though I was still short and small, she would just leave her tack on and expect me to change it all by myself and then put it back on for her after I was done. I only wish that this blog was around when that was happening!
    Great Job on this blog POnygalMaddy! You are going to make a fantabulous Jr. BLogger!

  8. I would like to add to this. Violence can be dealt with easily, without having to get too involved. If you even see a hint of violence, call the cops. Stable violence can, and has killed both humans and horses.

  9. how do ya get to be a jr. b!?!?!?