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Horsey New Year

Published by • Jan 1st, 2011 • Category: GHC News

Horsey New Year

Dear Horse Girls,

Welcome to 2011!

I like to set goals and challenge myself throughout the year so no big January 1st resolutions for me. What about you — any fun horsey plans or goals in store for 2011? Before the end of 2010, I set some hooves in motion for a horse adventure in Colorado. This is going to be a BIG year for me!

I hope this year brings you abundant love, happiness and fun with your two and four-legged loved ones.


P.S. The next GHC activity is already in the works, so look for that to be announced shortly after the Story Relay is finished.

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  1. mmm I guess right now the only horsey plans I have in store for 2011 are writing my parts for the Story Relay…lol. Can’t wait for the next GHC activity!

  2. This year will be a dream realization for me because most likely, my first horse will be trained by the end of the year and I will have brand new horsey oppurtunities to discover.
    I don’t really have a New Year’s resolution, except for enjoying every moment I can and getting the most out of every experience possible.
    Wishing everyone a fantastic New Year.

    – HorsesForever

  3. Happy (Horsey!) New Year, everyone!

    I have two resolutions that some of you may be able to relate to:

    1. Get my lazy self out of the western saddle and work on my english equitation.

    2. Actually write at least three posts per week for my personal blog. One can’t expect to become a writer if she doesn’t, ya know, write.

    I wish you all the very best!

  4. Well I’m going to train my coming on three year old paint filly this year Especially sense the mare I aways ride mite have baby this year ( cross fingers ) and I would also like to learn how to do Barrel racing and pole bending. so I geuss thats the sort of thing I wil be doing this year.

  5. My new year’s resolution is to write more often . Also, I need to try better on math.
    Hope that everyone has a happy new year!

  6. My equilutions:

    -Place in the first division at a barrel racing show {I’m getting into that now, YEE HAW! so far my highest placing is first in second division}
    -Fully break Lucy to drive
    -Not epically fail in Engilsh 4H
    -Not epically fail in Western 4H
    -Meet new friends and keep in touch with long-distance friends
    -Get Cookie {mini stud} gelded!

    That’s not all, but that’s all I can think about now! ~VC~

  7. I’m not much for resolutions. I just do things. If I do have any goals, they’re rather vague and I’ve been working at them far before 2011 kicked off. But I’m glad everyone else has high expectations of themselves!
    If there is a big goal I’d like to accomplish, it’s improving my riding (as always :D).

  8. Best wishes for the new year guys! :) I hope everyone benefits from this fresh start.

    I’ve never had resolutions since I mainly just follow the one rule of doing and trying your best. This makes it hard to put a one-year timelength on some goals, but here are the things I want to work on:

    1. Bonding more with the horses at where I ride
    2. Improving my confidence with jumping
    3. Do something about my near-lethal procrastination
    4. Concentrate more on the things I enjoy

    And a last one which I think applies to everyone:

    5. Never forget where you want to go, but always remember to cherish what you already have

    Good luck everyone with all of your goals! I offer you all my full support, whatever your dreams may be.

  9. I guess my horsey goals for this year is to see if I can have more chances to ride and to write more horse stories.
    I hope everyone had a great new year.

  10. Luvu all. <3 Lia

  11. My equalutions….
    1. Find a way to stop Midnight (my quarter) from trying to nip me every time I try and tighten her girth… she does it just to see if she can get away with it.. not because of pain or tightness.
    2. Learn to jump an oxford on my Andalusian horse Izzy… thats like one of my dream wishes.. im not that advaced in the jumpers yet.. ive always been a dressage.
    3.Go to a kill auction… i know it sounds a little odd to want to but I do want to see how they are run and do a report on it for my school newspaper. And possibly save a horse.

    By the way Leadmare, LOVE the snow effect for the site!


  12. happy new year,over the weekend, before the new year,I went to my uncles and they have a horse who is a retired race horse and is so loving, but wants to run all day, the rider almost fell off of him onto the barbed wire fence. The rider is selling him sometime next week or the week after at an auction,i dont know wich one but the horses name is rapptap blog if you have info on him, the owner would like to know more about him.

  13. My horsey goals are…

    1. To break my paint filly Cowgirl
    2. Become a better rider
    3. Connect with all of the horses I ride

    Hope everyone else’s dreams and goals come true!


  14. good goals, me to I hope to buy the horse I have been watching. Im almost to th eamount he cost

  15. my horsey resolution is to be a better rider- there’s always places that I can improve in!

  16. my new resolution is to try different styles on my hair,but most importantly volunteer at animal shelters especially horse obnes!,and also try to go on many adventures as possible!

  17. My horsey resolution is to ride more and more and get better because i want to enter commpetitions with my horse istobrack!

  18. This year, I will be switching barns sometime. But before then, I hope to try and do a few things:

    Get Danyna to relax with her head and neck and frame up easier, and get her to be backing up whenever I ask her, and exactly when I ask her.
    Learn some new things from different instructors,
    And also if I have the chance, help Danyna improve her jumping a bit more.

  19. Happy new year! *Kiss Kiss*!

  20. I hope to
    improve my riding -always can ;-)
    Blog more about…
    Going on new adventures
    Look into helping ( now i’m older) at my stables ( WISH ME LUCK)
    Perfect my jumping with Maggstar
    Oh and try and make more horsey friends
    Have a great year gals =D