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Happy Holidays from Our Barn to Yours

Published by • Dec 25th, 2014 • Category: LeadMare Tales

Horsey Holidays from Girls Horse Club

Dear Horse Girls,

I’m pretty sure that some of you have been begging and pleading and hoping for the gift of all gifts—a horse or pony to call your own. Right? Plenty of stories have been written about the magical fantasy of waking on a chilly Christmas morning, looking out on a snowy landscape and spotting a beautiful horse with a red ribbon around its neck. Your horse.

I’m also pretty sure that most of you did not get the horse of your dreams, for Christmas or Hanukkah or another gift-giving occasion. Don’t let that be a disappointment. Instead, let it be an opportunity to focus on the gifts you have. If you take lessons or lease a horse, you’re lucky. Even if you don’t have a horse in your life, there’s always hope. As the saying goes: Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

I wish all of you a joyful holiday surrounded by two and four-legged loved ones.

and peace,

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  1. Ya, I didn’t get the horse I wanted, but I got two horse books I wanted and I can’t wait to read them! Hopefully, I will get a horse someday! Thx!

  2. I gave my little sister her dream horse for christmas and it was wonderful, everybody got choked up.

  3. I didn’t exactly get a Christmas Horse, I got mine two months earlier. With a filly. They’re extra cute. :-)

  4. You gave your sister a horse? That’s amazing! I wish I was your sister!

  5. Rey:
    I actually gave her Storm, the horse in the poem I wrote. I out grew Storm last year and bought another horse so I decided to wait until My sister was big enough to ride Storm before I gave her to her. We share a birthday so she will be 6 and I will be 16 this year.

  6. That’s awesome really! Is ur sister enjoying Storm? What is your horse’s name?

  7. I know it is a little late, but Happy Holidays anyways! I take riding lessons and am proud of it! Me and the horse I ride really love each other (joke, ha! Get it? Her name is Love.)! We have been to one horse show together! I am thankful for it! Oh my goodness! Look, that green horse had a red nose! That’s cool! :)

  8. I like that ur horse’s name is Love! That’s cute!

  9. Well, its not my horse.

  10. But I get to ride it! We know the people who own the horses!

  11. Her! Heh, not it. Love is a girl.

  12. I would like to get in touch with you, just a great blog!