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Heartland on TV!

Published by • Nov 27th, 2007 • Category: Entertainment, Junior Blogger Archives, Previews & Reviews

by Cassie, age 11

A great horse series for any older horse girl, Heartland by Lauren Brooke has become one of my favourite horse series. Recently while surfing channels I made an awesome discovery — Heartland is going cable in Canada!

Heartland is a horse sanctuary that Amy Flemming’s mom opened. After a tragic accident, Amy fights to save her beloved home, taking every risk she needs to. Amy uses methods such as herbal oils and TTouch to mend the broken spirit of horses.

Heartland is a great series and now that it’s going cable you don’t want to miss it! Check out the official Heartland TV Site at CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) to see times and dates.

GHC NOTE: Although the Heartland TV site appears to offer full episodes for online viewing, we were unable to get that feature to work. Hopefully you have better luck — it would be great to watch this show online from anywhere in the world!

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  1. Awesome! I love the books, and now I can watch it on TV! great blog, Cassie! :D :D :D

  2. The books are so fun to read, I wonder how good the show would be… 8-} Anyway, thanks for the notice! I can’t wait to watch it online!

  3. I love the books! I wish the show would be in the USA too!

  4. To bad I dont live in canada! I really love this series…oh well I’ll have 2 b content with the internet…sigh :( Any way, thanks for the info Cassie!

  5. I’ve already been watching it!!! It’s awesome!!!! I LOVE those books!!!!

  6. where would i be able to watch it if i don’t live in canada???

  7. …: I think you should be able to watch it at the Tv website, but I tried accessing it and it didn’t work. Maybe later when the site’s got sorted out a bit more and maybe when someone has uploaded an episode on YouTube.