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Helping Hands and Hooves

Published by • Mar 10th, 2009 • Category: Lend a Hand

by HorseFeathers, age 16

I would like to take a moment and thank all the people who take their time to help the needs of other people, and horses included. Those with special needs they have to live with make life seem so unfair. But I guarantee you they are thankful each and every day for those who care enough to make a difference in their lives.

Therapeutic RidingIn particular I would like to thank those who work at therapeutic stables who helped disabled children, adults, and even the horses. Volunteering a little each week or day makes a big difference. For those who cannot walk… getting up on a horse gives them exercise and agility and maybe the sense of a little freedom.

In my county we have one of these stables to help others and give a little bounce to others’ lives that might seem lonely elsewhere. Let’s not forget the horses themselves that give these enjoyable rides. Many of these therapeutic stables give older horses a relaxed retirement while still helping others.

If you are blessed enough to have one of these stables in your community please don’t hesitate to volunteer. You don’t know who you might touch… or what friends you might make. One thing I can guarantee you is…

You WILL make a difference!

To search for a therapeutic riding stable in your area, visit

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  1. I agree to that! People who take their time out to help those who love horses but can’t ride alone is……… amazing!

  2. i have always been interested in using horses for therapy. your article gave me more info.

  3. that sounds soo sweet love it there are so many inspirations here and for that i hope every cowgirl is reading my comment that ill take away everyones bad luck even if you dont have an account here!

  4. Thanks Everyone! Its nice to lend a helping hand … or hoof once in awhile. ;0)

  5. I would really like to help at a special needs barn but the nearest one is over 100 miles away :( plus I can’t yet drive…..maybe when I’m older…..

  6. I think working for one of those stables would be awesome. Not only are you around horse, you’re also helping others to acheive their dream that might have seemed so impossible.(:

  7. Awesome job! I don’t think that there are alot of programs around my area like that. But I wish there were!

  8. dont loose hope salina keep trying and try to tell your parents about it.

  9. They’re are two new foals at the barn where I ride. They are sooooo cute. Next time I see them I’ll try to determine how tall they will be when they grom up. That was a great bit of information(:

  10. I love volunteering. It makes me happy. It makes other happy. What else does a girl need besides horses, help, and happiness?
    Great blog. :) I hope everyone will at least once in your life be touched by a special needs person. They teach you a lesson like no other about how fortunate you are. Horse or no horse. ;)