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Published by • Dec 19th, 2010 • Category: GHC News

Horsey Holidays from

Dear Horse Girls,It’s that time of year when horse girls across the globe are hoping and begging and pleading for the ultimate gift — a horse of their very own. I truly hope this dream comes true for some of you.

May your holiday season be filled with peace, joy, and fun times with your two and four-legged loved ones.


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  1. When I was little I always thought that at my grandma’s Christmas, my uncle (who would always dress up as santa) would knock on the door of the building and bring me a Shetland pony. Every year I would ask for one and mom said I didn’t know the meaning of the word “no”.

    Now I still don’t exactly ‘own’ a horse but I do enjoy riding my friend’s horses and leasing one for fair and to ride. As long as I’m with horses, I’m content. =)

    By the way, if you haven’t read my past blog “Slice um and Dice um” take a look at it. Every year I make these treats for my horse friends! =)

    Merry CHRISTmas and Happy New Year!!

  2. Thanks so much Leadmare! I hope everyone’s holidays are terrific!

  3. Thanks LeadMare!! I hope this dream comes true for all of us !! :) happy holidays everybody

  4. Thx Leadmare. You’re so kind. Happy Holidays girls!

  5. Have a very merry Christmas everyone!
    Horsefeathers-I just had a dream about shetland ponies [laugh]!
    Anyone have snow yet? :]

  6. Thanks LeadMare and Merry Christmas Ya”ll!

  7. thanks leadmare! i hope that everyone’s horse dreams come true!

  8. Thanks LeadMare! My horse dream came true a few months ago. The answer to my wishes was a gorgeous, intelligent bay morgan mare named Maybelle. I hope you gals can experience the joy of a horse of your own, too. Oh, and Rochlia, yes I have had snow- lots, since early December-I live in Canada.

  9. Rochlia- lol.. i love shetlands and I was MAD when my cousing got one and I didn’t!! haha. anywho we have more snow than nessesary in my state.. its soooo cold.

  10. Hay, I am new here. For Christmas I would like one of my Grannys horses, Rackoosh. A beautiful, sweet tempered leapard appaloosa gelding. My sister got her horse from our Granny. Thanks leadmare. Rochila we have snow almost up to my hip. I live in Canada.

  11. Welcome LuckyHorseShoe! I hope your Christmas wishes come true, Rackoosh sounds like a great horse!

  12. no snow. we never get any in southern california. *sigh* only a ton of rain. :(

  13. Thanks LeadMare! I just got,(two weeks and one day ago) a beautiful paint filly. She’s really calm. I hope everyone else’s horsy wishes come true!


  14. Happy Holidays everyone! :D I hope you’ll all enjoy a great Christmas, or a happy Hanukkah, and that everyone has lots of fun this time of year, wherever you are and whatever meaning this holiday may hold to you.

    Personally I’ve already been lucky enough to be blessed with riding lessons since Christmas three years ago, it’s only fair for me to appreciate every one of them and learn as much as I can before I take on the responsbilities of horse ownership. Congratulations to all those who are getting a special horsey companion! I wish you all the best :)

  15. Hi guys!! We have an unbelievable amount of snow here in Ireland!! Soon we’ll be snowed in! It’s like a blizzard outside! And I live on the coast, so I can only imagine how bad it is for people living further inland! Luckily, this horrible snowfall is falling on the week of my exams so if it continues this bad, I might miss the rest of my exams!! Yay! Sadly, I’m riding some horses on the beach on Friday, so I hope it melts rapidly on Thursday afternoon! Then it’s all good :)

  16. DianaLUV that is so cool that you live in Ireland and I hope you enjoy the snow!

  17. Thanks Luna! I hope it snows where you are. And Ireland isn’t all that cool. Sadly it appears that leprachauns are just a myth… :(

  18. DianaLUV, I’ve been to Ireland and would go back in a heartbeat — beautiful country! One of the first blogs I ever wrote, Horses of Ireland: Colaiste Ide, was inspired by my visit.

  19. I just read that blog again LeadMare. It makes Ireland seem so lovely! I guess the fascination wears away the more time you spend in the country… Still, I do appreciate learning Irish as a language in school because when you go abroad to America or England, very few people know what you’re saying.
    Is aoibheann liom an teanga Gaeilge, mar níl turasóirí ag tuig sé. (I love the language Irish as the tourists do not understand it).
    Also, I love the Connemarra Ponies that came from here :)

  20. Hay girls! Hope those of you with snow are enjoying it! I live in Newfoundland, and right now we’re having nothing but rain, rain, rain! I miss the snow! DianaLUV, I’ve always wanted to visit Ireland! I’m one-eighth Irish! And I probably won’t get a horse for Christmas this year, but I just found out that there’s a stable 15 minutes from where I live! So maybe I can go ride there sometime!

  21. Thanks DianaLUV!The language and music of Ireland is so neat,thanks for telling us a little bit about it.P.S.How do you say horses in Irish?

  22. Luca Digro, I believe the correct word for horse is ‘capall’ in Irish. Capaill mhaith liom go mór! =) I have about 1/6th Irish in me I believe. The languege, the people, the food, the land, and everything is just beautiful about the country!

  23. Merry christmas every one! I have been blessed with horses and I hope the best for every one to have one. and no snow yet which rather suprising as I live on the plains and it can get below zero. But any ways merry christmas! And a happy holidays!


  25. catscowgirl. It is below zero. Here in Canada it can get below 30. And most of the time it is minus 10 or 15. Merry Christmas!

  26. Thanks LeadMare! happy holidays to all you horse gals…merry Christmas! :)

  27. over here in California it only rains!thank goodness its not raining to day!i hope all horse lovers get there dream to come true!same here icyhorse the only snow we’ll get is in the mountains lucky!but i can’t wait for january!my mom said she’s gonna allow me volunteer at a horse shelter to give horses love and care,also i hope ALL horse girls can go to places like these! here’s some links!,,,, and hope this helps! Merry Christmas!

  28. oh by the way!track down santa on Christmas Eve with the NORAD santa tracker and google earth!

  29. HorseFeathers – Awesome!! I’ve got an Irish speaking buddy! And yes, ‘capaill’ is Irish for ‘horse’.
    It’s Christmas Eve now, so I hope that everybody wakes up to find their favourite horse beneath the Christmas Tree tomorrow morning!!

  30. I luv christmas and mad that it is over no more sales on breyers any more and no more room on my shelves for more

  31. Thx Dragon!

  32. over christmas my pony Asia got really exited and bubbly what aboou yours?

  33. I dont have horse i wish i did