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Published by • Apr 17th, 2016 • Category: Fiction


by Athena Christy, age 11

Alice Hoof felt a cry of joy in her heart as she rode on the back of a white horse named Sky. Sky the mare is Alice’s best friend. Together, they explored the tiny island of Gale, then returning home before dark.

As Alice grew older, she began to feel different. She no longer became interested in horses, but at least she chose to keep Sky. Sky felt sad. Alice was always silent whenever she groomed, fed, or neared Sky. That caused Sky to feel depressed and get sick.

One day at school, Alice found her classmate Ann crying.

“What happened, Ann?” Alice asked.

“My horse died,” Ann sobbed. “I lost interest in her, so she got lonely and sick, and then she died earlier today. I never got to say sorry to her.”

Alice realized she had done the same to Sky.

Then she got a message from her dad saying that Sky was sick. When school was out, Alice rushed home immediately. Was she too late?

When she arrived home, she was not yet too late. She said sorry to Sky and she loved the horse again.

In a few days, Sky was healed and they became best friends again.

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  1. I like it!!! :D

  2. very interesting
    I LOVE it!

  3. it!

  4. I’m so glad you all loved it. I hope I’ll hear more from you guys. Thanks for taking the time to read my story!

  5. No problem! Hope to see some more work from you!


  6. Nice!

  7. Awwww, you’re all making me cry tears of joy. Perhaps my stories ARE nice…thanks to all of YOU! :)

  8. This brought tears to my eyes I love it.

  9. Thanks Everyone for reading my story, although its not a long story. But thanks so much for the wonderful comments and likes, and also for the time to read this. Thanks also for the warm welcome and the support, I promise to write loads more here in GHC.

    With lots of pink and purple horses,
    Athena Christy :)