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Horse and Rider: A Flying Team

Published by • Oct 21st, 2009 • Category: by Madelaina, Non-Fiction

A Flying Team
Photo Credit: rayand

by Madelaina, age 14

There’s this thought I’ve been dwelling on as I tried other hobbies (most of these attempts I think I failed, but that’s not exactly the point).

You see, when you’re doing gymnastics, dancing or even singing, you often do it by yourself and alone. You’re normally around others sharing the same passion with great talent; peers who you find you must prove yourself to.

You have to fend for yourself when there are bullies, pick your bottom up when you fall, and comfort yourself when things are at an all-time low. But I think the worst part of it all is that no one else can help because they either don’t understand or don’t care. You do it all alone, and during it all you can often lose yourself and the meaning of that hobby altogether.

But one of the beauties of riding is that there’s always a partner beside you; a loyal friend who doesn’t judge or feel disappointment.

In competitions, this lifelong companion is proud of you when fellow riders might think you unworthy. The comfort that riders receive is that they can look over themselves and know there’s a supportive horse underneath them, no matter how they look or ride, while others, like beauty queens, are constantly worrying and repetitively self-analysing.

You always have to prove yourself when competing, but with horses, you don’t need to prove to them anything other than that you can give respect and love back (but of course we try to return so much more).

Horses are there every step of the way. We’re never alone; we have the comfort of being a team and the ability to harness the power that comes with it. A horse and rider can confidently forget any jeers or teasing, take to the sky, and fly.

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  1. So true! I loved it! But I’m going to have to disagree. As a figure skater I know you have your partner if you’re in pairs or dance. But you ARE alone when you are doing singles. And in a choir you’re never alone . . . unless you have a solo.

    But I really loved it, I love how you described the horses and riders understanding of each other. Brilliant and champion blog. :-)

    Hmmm on second thought. Skating partners are usually changed throughout the years (unless they think they are perfect for eachother) But a horse and rider are usually lifelong partners.If nothing happens.

  2. True so true… =0) champion blog Made. I love not being judged by Izzy when I ride her. =0) She is ever so patient with me.. because im a person who likes to take things slow and steady.


  3. So true, Made! I especially loved the last line, about the horse and rider forgetting any jeers and taking to the sky and flying. This was a great blog! I totally love it!

  4. I can not tell you how wonderful and inspiring this blog is to me! Thank you SO much for thinking this through and writing an informative blog about it. Horses and girls are partners, and they form a life long bond of trust and love and loyalty! Horses are the best partners we could ever ask for!

  5. I totally agree! Me and Marley are together as showjumping partners now. And even though he totally flipped out at a harmless filling at a jump, I still love him.

    Great blog,

  6. I love the blog! Its very true; horses are always with you. Having respect, love and more from horse and rider is much more important then how you look.

  7. Wonderful blog Madeliana! But, really, we are never alone. I don’t have a horse, but I have dream horses and made-up characters that comfort me when I feel like no one cares.
    Plus, God is always watching over me! I love the end of your blog about “taking to the sky and flying”. Fly is the perfect word to describe a bond with a horse! :]

  8. I totally agree, Made! No matter how hard things seem, you can always trust and rely on your faithful and loyal horse to comfort you. And just like horses are there for you, you are always there for your horse (unless something like you’re on vacation, obviously :-) ). For example, if your horse is sick, chances are you’ll be able to call a vet or treat and comfort your horse yourself. Horse and rider are, in deed, a FLYING TEAM!


  9. so true, i used to do ballet, i wasnt alone, but when i fell others became rude towards me, not sopporting me, Pal would never do that. Hes got me even when im falling, the bond we share with out horses truly is unexplainable….

  10. Champion blog ! (hehe horsefeathers!) You’re right. You may have a partner or a team but there’s no other sport where you’re really in it together, like riding.

    PS- I love that girl’s breeches. :)

  11. Thank you Rochlia! That is so true that God is always watching over you! I didn’t even think of that but I’m glad you made the point! :-)

  12. Haha yeah bright pink breeches! They are very different :-)

  13. I can’t ever stop thanking you guys, you just made my day! And thank you LeadMare for the beautiful and very colourful picture :D I’m glad my message could go across to everyone. I apologise for not replying earlier, let’s just say my first tumble off a horse didn’t quite go as harmless as I hoped it might ;)

  14. 100% true! Horses will always be there for us, and I think you really showed that in your blog. Wonderful Madelaina!

  15. yeah-I love the pic too!-and the blog is awesome,I keep reading it!