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Published by • Sep 29th, 2008 • Category: Books & Writing, Fun & Games, Horse Entertainment News

I like to keep my ears perked for new books, websites, and other horsey things that might appeal to GHC members. Here are a couple of treats to nibble on…

The Saddle Club Virtual WorldIf you’re a fan of the international TV series The Saddle Club, you might be interested to know there’s a new online horse game on the way. Last month Canadian company GS New Media announced they are developing The Saddle Club 3D Virtual World for launch in 2009. As details emerge I’ll be sure to share them at GHC.Wind Rider

Last year I told you about Wind Rider by Susan Williams, a riveting story set in prehistoric Asia about a young girl who tames a wild horse. Good news for anyone interested in this book — Wind Rider is now available in paperback with a beautiful new cover featuring the Przewalski’s Horse (click here to read Julia’s blog about this breed).

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  1. Thanks LeadMare, this is great! I am so excited about Wind Rider coming out in Paper Back, because, now I can buy it for all of my horsey friends! Yay!!!

    I’m writing a blog when I get home from school today..hope you all read it!

  2. Nice entertainment, LeadMare. (*laughs*).

    I must submit the blog now….

  3. Interesting! I really appreciate your time and effort to keep us updated on new horsey things going on.

  4. Thanks for keeping us informed!

  5. I think the name Leadmare is cool!

  6. THANK YOU! :P