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Horse Savvy with the Sage

Published by • Aug 8th, 2010 • Category: Summer of Horse Dreams Roundup

by HorseFeathers, age 17

My first real riding instruction was given to me by my good friend Ms. Grant. She has been my inspiration to English riding and to the world of dressage. I enjoy her lessons and learning from her. She will never know how much her instruction means to me. I prepared a short interview with her and I would like to share her answers with you all.

1. How many years have you been riding and when/how did you first get into the equine business?

I got my first horse, Ginger, in 1990, so that is about 20 years. A friend I worked with at the time had horses and invited me to the stable to ride. That got me started. I found a horse to lease (Ginger) for a year then purchased her.

2.What breeds of horses do you own, and which breed is your favorite?

Argonne: Mare 22 years, 16 hands, bay Thoroughbred

Henry: Gelding 15 years, 17.2 hands, chestnut Thoroughbred

Isabella (Izzy): Mare 15 years old, 15.2 hands, grey Andalusian x Thoroughbred

I love all my horses, but I do love the Andalusian breed. They are very bold and majestic looking.

3.What is your opinion on horse slaughter and wild horse roundups across different states?

I despise horse slaughter; makes my stomach churn. And I oppose the wild horse roundups. The government could spend the money and make a wild horse reserve and take actions to either sterilize the stallions (or mares) to control the population. I cannot tolerate animal abuse.

4.Have you ever had any serious accidents? What were they and what safety advice would you give young riders?

I have had two very serious accidents.

(1) In 2001 I was trotting Henry in the arena. I was looking directly at the mounting stool so that is where Henry headed. All I remember is his front going over the stool and I wondered what will happen if he hits it with his hind legs. Well, I woke up on the ground with the breath knocked out of me and my dogs licking me. I ended up with a nearly ruptured (hematoma) spleen. If it had ruptured, I could have bled to death. Spent the night in the hospital until the doctor was certain the hematoma was going down. Before I rode again, I purchased a protective vest that jumpers use. And I always wear a helmet.

(2) In 2008 again I was riding Henry. We were by the road in front of my house; a car was coming and I knew it was going to scare Henry (talked myself into it). I got him in the grass so it wouldn’t hurt so bad when I hit the ground. I hit the ground and if that was all that happened I would have been ok, except again had the wind knocked out of me. But, I looked behind me to see if Henry was ok and I see his big leg getting ready to kick. I tried to crawl out of the way but not in time. His foot hit my lower back and I was flung forward and ended up in a limp pile. This time I broke four ribs and that is extremely painful. The paramedics said the protective vest I was wearing saved my life. My helmet was cracked and is now hanging in the stable as a reminder.

(3) Safety advice:


b. Don’t ride alone, accidents can happen when least expected.

c. If you are alone, make sure someone knows where you are, where you are going and when you will return.

d. Carry a cell phone just in case help is needed. When I fell off Henry I was able to use my cell to call a neighbor for help.

e. If you are new to horses, take lessons from an experienced horse person. You will learn valuable information that will keep you and your horse safe and happy.

f. Love your friend, but remember he/she is a lot bigger than you, always keep safety in mind.

5.What is your favorite discipline?

I like to ride English but also love carriage driving.

Even after summer is over, I hope y’all still ride and care for horses even when school starts again; I know I will!

All the very best,


EDITOR’S NOTE: As part of our 2010 Summer of Horse Dreams, GHCers were presented with a series of challenges designed to expand their knowledge of the real horse world and take steps to realize their horse dreams. Challege Two: Be the Journalist, invited GHCers to interview someone with knowledge of the horse world while remaining objective, like a journalist, even if they didn’t agree with the opinions expressed by the interviewee. Congrats to all who stepped up to take on the challenge!

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  1. good job horsefeathers i like your interview.

  2. thanks! I enjoyed doing it and talking with my instructor! =)


  3. Good to know some one else wears a jumper’s vest when riding! Since the first time Lucy bucked and reared with me on her, I’ve ridden in a protective vest and an approved helmet. ;)

  4. It’s nice to hear someone recommending helmets and protective riding gear. I usually get teased for wearing my helmet, especially with all the cowboys where I live. They love to say stuff like, “Where’s your bike?” But I think it’s better to be teased than to hit your head on a rock or something. Good job HorseFeathers!

  5. Great interview, HorseFeathers! I think most everyone at my stables wears hlemets, theres a few people that don’t and I think it’s kind of silly. I mean, in the summer it is hot with a helmet, but if it can save you then why wouldn’t you?

  6. i can anser that it’s because i’m stubborn i have never worn a helmet ether has my dad or any one i know and i probeling never will i just wear my cowgirl hat it’s just the way things are hear it’s just a nefrens of ipenyens, people who wear helmets thank people who don’t are silly and people who don’t wear helmets thank that it is silly to wear helmets it’s like martha lee halstead said every one has there own point of view.

  7. catscowgirl- I can understand where you’re coming from. If i had my choice sometimes, I would just wear my cowgirl hat to. But them I’m kind of glad my parents make me wear it.

    Do you think you would change your mind about the helmet if you ended up banging your head up one day or getting hurt?


  8. honstly probling not i mean i can’t tell what will happen in the fucher who knows i mite change my mind but probling not i mean we all take risks ridding horses and i know that i’m going to get hurt, i’m going to ride a horse that will buck me off or rear or trie and drag me but i also know that i will ride a horse that bucks and i stay on, and i look at all the people i know that have never worn a helmet and there fine. there hurt from old ingres but like my dad allways tell’s me there all still alive.
    i’m going to get hurt i don’t look forwered to it. but i watch what i’m doing and what my horse is doing and hope for the best.
    but that’s just my view.

  9. Personally, I always wear a helmet. About a year ago, I almost got a concussion and if I hadn’t been wearing my helmet I would have.

    Anyway, great interview HorseFeathers! I really enjoyed it!