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Horse Sisters Unite

Published by • Jul 14th, 2009 • Category: GHC News


Dear Horse Girls,

I received an email from Carole in Idaho about a horse sister in Hawaii who needs your support. Jacquline is eight years-old and has been battling bone cancer since she was six. She loves horses and has created a horse-themed site where you can correspond with her. It would mean a lot to hear from other girls who share her love for horses, and I bet she would love to see some of your stories and poetry posted in her guestbook.

Let’s unite to send our love and encouragement. Visit Jacquline’s website ยป


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  1. Champion!! i will defiantly look it up… being part of my own family having cancer

  2. LeadMare, that sounds great. I’ll be sure to visit the site.

  3. I am so there. Thanks for the tip-off.

  4. I’m definitely going to do that.

  5. That is so sad! Count me in!

  6. How terrible!I have a 8-year-old sister.I can not begin to imagine her in Jacquline’s place!Of course I will visit her website!It will be like…twins!Thanks for telling me about her.

  7. I really hope Jacquline gets better. Of course I’ll visit her site.

  8. HI Horse Girls,
    Your warm hearts prove everything I think of you. I’ll post this on my blog & get in touch with Jacquiline, too.
    Lead Mare rocks!

  9. Terri Farley! I love your blog. It was because of you that I first came to and now because of you I am a JB! You are my hero in writing!

  10. I will definitely visit Jacquiline! Thanks Lead Mare for finding and sharing her story.

  11. I’ll be praying for her. (and visiting!)

  12. I’m stopping by right now!

  13. I’m visiting right now and offering my support. Jacquline’s bravery and life is an unimaginable struggle, I can’t bear to think what she is going through. Cheers to LeadMare for bringing awareness!

  14. Are you kidding Vi !!!Same here!Oh,dear,if it wasn’t for Terri I’d have missed the competition!Now of this computer my calf–horse for now–is waiting.