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Horse Work: Stable Jobs

Published by • Jul 31st, 2007 • Category: Horse Work

by Rebecca Shyly, age 11

Are you a horse crazy girl? If you are, well listen up. This summer if you have any free time and would like to earn a little extra cash here are some ideas that include horses.

tack.gifSTABLE HAND. If there any local stables around you home, they probably have plenty of manure that needs to be cleaned up. I know it isn’t the most um… how do I put it? Oh yes, glamorous job, but who said horse jobs were? What I’m trying to say is, you could muck out stalls for a week. Or every other day for a month, or any time you can make work. It might be enough for that adorable horse bedspread at the store. Who knows?

Another possibility is cleaning tack. The saddles and bridles at local stables are bound to need a shine. You might be able to ask if you could clean their tack regularly to earn money, or in exchange for lessons.

groom.gifEXERCISER. A wonderful possibility is finding a neighbor who needs their horses exercised. If you know how to ride, this could be the best thing for you. Ride horses and get paid for it? What more could a horse crazy girl ask for?

GROOM. You also might be able to arrange grooming horses after others ride them. I know it would probably be kind of annoying, grooming horses for others to ride them, but at least you could spend time with them.

Just a couple of ideas. Have fun!

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  1. I’ve been looking forward to this blog all week! Unfortuantley for me, I don’t have a local stable, but I do know someone with horses I can hang around with for free! Thanks for sharing, this is really helpful. :)

  2. Glad I could help Jothelioness! ;;) I’m super glad to help!

  3. But I am sorry that you don’t live near any stables! I don’t really either, well thats a matter of opinion. I have to drive 20 minutes to get to one, and I’m always late!

    One thing you could try to find a stables not to far away is by searching on the internet: Local Horse Riding Stables near, and then write the town and state you live in. It might work, I don’t know!

    Hope this Helps,

  4. If I had a stable close by I would work there. I know I’ve had plenty experience. I clean stalls, clean tack, and do all that fun stuff every day at my house for free. It would be fun to get paid just to do an every day job.

  5. Cool BarrelRacer!

  6. Fabulous ideas Horsecrazzz! What can be better than being around horses and getting paid for it? Great job! :D

  7. Thank you Madelaina!

  8. cool! ironically i was just thinking about some horsey jobs i could do next summer since i’m so busy this summer! thanks for the ideas!

  9. No problem Syd!