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Published by • Jul 29th, 2012 • Category: LeadMare Tales, Picture This

HAPPY SUMMER GHCers! In my little corner of the world, life has been flying by at gallop speed, but that hasn’t stopped me from enjoying the scenery and snapping away with my camera. How’s your summer of horses? Please share in the comments.

Meanwhile, enjoy this mix of photos taken during recent wanderings…

Jack and True

GOT TREATS? Jack, a sweet little mini and the boss of his full-sized buddy True, comes out to greet me. (Bristol, Vermont)

Carousel Horse

THE BIG APPLE. A beautiful antique wooden carousel horse looks out over the hustle and bustle of the New York City streets. (New York, New York)


SOULFUL. If this blue-eyed boy could talk, he’d have some sad tales to tell about life before he was rescued. (El Dorado Hills, California)


CURIOUS. When you point a camera at a horse, all but the skittish are quick to sniff out the odd contraption pointed at their face. I could probably fill a museum with photos of horse noses. (El Dorado Hills, California)


KISSES. My friend has trained her horse to softly kiss anyone who offers him a treat, and I’ve received many sweet (and slobbery) kisses from Coda. He’s a bit camera shy, so having my phone camera pointed at his face was not completely comfortable. But he tolerated me, and it was nice to return the favor — even though I got a mouthful of fur in the process. (New Milford, Connecticut)


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  1. awww. i love ponies

  2. ponies rule


  3. Amazing photos :) I love these.
    Wow you have been to so many places!
    Summer with horses? Awesome if you ask ;) I will attend my first competition with horse I love
    ,what could be better?Except all that things you have done :))
    I could fill the whole Australia with photos of horse noses,I love taking photos of horses but they always give me only their nose :)

    By the way you really make amazing pictures!

  4. TheFoal, thanks for your kind words! I’m very lucky to have the opportunity to travel and spend time with horses and horse girls around the world. Hopefully I’ll make it to Australia one day. Have FUN at your first competition!

  5. they are so cute and giving me a warm welcome to the club!!!!!!!

  6. hi guys i have read the tillyponytails and found this website its totally awsome cool!!!!!!!!!

    PONIES AND HORSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. My favorite one was the horse nose. It’s sooo cute !

  8. i luv pippa funnel books

  9. I’ve been reading ‘Tilly’s Pony Tales ‘ and there amazing

  10. I also went to my riding stables and I asked if I could ride without a leader and I didn’t have much confidence, but flare ( my 14.2hh chestnut pony) reassured me and did everything so gracefully and even though we trotted and cantered the wrong way a few time she was perfect! She has never bucked me of or done anything bad and that’s why I’ve never fallen off her. I got her when we went on a pony holiday in Wales and she even let’s my Siberian Husky sit on her back ( if he can get up)! I hope everyone else here could have a wonderful experienced horse like Flare! xx

  11. That was really great. You get such awesome pictures LeadMare!!!!!
    I love my pony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Awwww they are all so cute! In australia it Is still winter but I can’t wait until summer!

  13. How do you get such great photos? When anyone tries to take a pic of my pony he always turns away, so you have to be sneaky and distract him long enough to get the camera out!

  14. Great question Lauren! My camera has a setting called “continuous advance” that allows me to hold down the button and take a series of photos. I use this setting a lot, especially for animals who won’t hold a pose, to take many photos of one subject, and usually there’s at least one good one. Most point and shoot cameras have this setting, which is also referred to as “rapid fire.” Even some camera phone apps have it. I hope this is helpful!

  15. I love all those pictures!!!!! They are so cool i like the 1st one the best!! xx

  16. those pictures are so cute i have been reading the tilly’s pony tales and the pics ar really good on the websites how did you get the picture of the horse with the blue eye up so close that is so cool i have never seen a horse with a blue eye before. Cool!! If i ever try to take a photo of one of the horses up my road they just stick there nose up as well

  17. Thanks for your comment annieponylover! Blue eyes are not uncommon for a paint or pinto with white on the face. I hope you have a chance to see one someday!

    I took that photo when I was standing right next to the horse. You just have to be careful if doing close-ups — make sure the horse is calm and doesn’t mind the camera. If I don’t know a horse, I usually show him my camera and let him sniff it before taking any photos. If he seems the least bit nervous, I keep my distance and only take close-ups using a telephoto (zoom) lens.

  18. i love my pony he can jump really high he can jump 1.10 and hes only 13.2hh.
    and he is sooooo! cute he is a irish sports pony and hes chestnut.
    i love him soo!!!! much!!!.
    and i have another one well my sisters but its not hers till christmas my sister is 3 so she only needs an 11hh his name is bango he is a dark bay shetland cross and hes sooo!! friendly i love him two. my mom has a horse he is a 3 year old black cob named paddy and is 14.2 he has jumped a 1.05 spread and will be able 2 jump much higher hes soooooo!!!!! cute
    i love horses xxx