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Horses of Ireland: Coláiste Íde

Published by • Jul 21st, 2006 • Category: International Horse, LeadMare Tales

Crumbling History

Back to the Future
When Lord Ventry built his estate in the late 1700’s on the shores of Dingle Bay in West County Kerry, did he know what the future held?

Did he know that less than three hundred years later, it would be the home of Coláiste Íde Stables, a riding school nestled between crumbling stone buildings covered with moss and ivy, the same buildings that once housed his employees, horses, and other livestock? Did he realize the building where his children were schooled would be used for stable business, while his original residence would become Colaiste Ide, an Irish-speaking boarding school for girls?

Coláiste Íde School

Did he imagine his piece of history would become a place where horses and horse girls learn the skills to make their mark on history?

Perhaps Lord Ventry had no knowledge of the future. Still, when you canter through the lush woods and along the beautiful coastline of Coláiste Íde, you blink your eyes and wonder — have I been transported back in time? You have the odd sense Lord Ventry’s spirit is riding alongside, sitting proud on the back of his grandest horse. You feel the rich history, and are thankful the people of Coláiste Íde are preserving the past for future generations.

The Woods

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  1. OH MY GOSH! The third picture, it’s… it’s… A GHOST! Is Lord Ventry haunting the estate?

  2. Yayz!! I put the wallpaper as my background!! Teehee.

  3. this is soooo cool!! you say its irish speaking, does that mean that english is a second language at the school?

  4. Yes, Irish language is used for instruction and communication among students, teachers and staff. However, English is spoken across much of Ireland, and is the primary language in most schools. One of the goals at Coláiste Íde is to preserve the Irish language.

  5. IS IT HAUNTED??? :D Just want to know ;)

  6. Wow, I love, love, LOVE history!! You say it’s a boarding school for girls? KEWL!!! =)

  7. Is it haunted? Maybe in my imagination…

  8. Neat!! I want to see it. I like the pictures.

  9. Howdy Yal,
    Hay is it haunted I just want to know?