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Horses, Outsoar

Published by • Aug 7th, 2009 • Category: by Madelaina, Poetry

by Madelaina, age 13

Horses and I are free from capture,
Daring the skies to be untouchable,
Rivaling the songs of joy and glory
With ours composed by hooves and laughter.

Rough gaits force the world into disarray
Unleashing hiccups upon the earth,
And with the ever-gymnastic wind,
Balance somersaults away.

Smooth gaits of silk and velvet sigh
Over lands, evading touch and
Forging a riotous tornado
While we’re safe in its eye.

But all cease, as one’s soul is lulled into reveries
Of mellow honey overflowing,
Drizzling the sweetest taste on tongues
And granting lifelong memories.

Turbulent or merciful, the gaits never fail
Yet the greatest pace shadows a bond –
Where gravity is mocked by love and trust,
Where we take flight, outsoaring the gale.

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  1. Champion poem! I can feal the power of each gait of the horse beneath me within this poem. Free and without burden. Good job!

  2. That is so… touching. I can’t find a word to describe it.

  3. Awesome poem! Great job Madelaina!


  4. You sure love riding horses don’t you? It shows in your poem! Can you say AAAAAMMMAAAZZZZIIINGG! That is what it is!

  5. One word…WOW

  6. ok my poney sucks to trot so i know that feeling all to well! Pal on the other hand is a pleasure to sit! love the poem!!!

  7. Wow, I didn’t expect this response! I can never stop thanking everyone for all of their kind words, especially when they’re from those who are so amazing in their writing. Thanks guys, you’re the best herd I can ask for :)

  8. That’s exactly how I feel when I’m around horses. Safe, and un-touchable.

  9. well written!!madelaina reminds me of a white gypser horse running in a dark- lightly colored sky running through an open range next to a mountain across from it to a thick forest with blue thunder,i luv this poem!!