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Horses: There For Always

Published by • Mar 28th, 2009 • Category: Gift Horse

There For Alwaysby Rebecca Shyly, age 13

Growing up. It’s hard. Harder than adults remember or imagine. Friends help. Family does too, but none of these things help a growing girl quite as much as HORSES. Lately I’ve been going through a rough patch dealing with school, catty friends, and loads of homework, and I know the only thing that helps me feel better is a great ride, or some quality time with my favorite animals on earth. Any of you feel the same?

Do any of you know why horses always help? I think its something about the way they just put off a sense of gentle calm. Even the craziest horses are great listeners. In my opinion they are just as vital to growing up as veggies and milk (though my opinion could be slightly swayed by the fact that my mom is always forcing veggies down my throat). They truly seem to care, and because they don’t experience ‘human’ problems, they won’t be like “Oh I know! It’s so hard. It reminds me of the time….” or “Speaking of that, can you help me figure out how to…” and totally switch the conversation from you to them. They focus on you and only you. Unless, of course, you have treats hidden behind your back.

Every little girl deserves to have a best friend who listens that well. Big girls deserve it too. And that is one of the few things that keep horses in so many people’s lives. Very few of my school friends understand this magic, which makes me realize how lucky I am to have my GHC family. That’s one thing you girls and horses have in common — you’re there for always.

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  1. This is beautiful, and amazing. I know how you feel. Sometimes it feels like the only thing keeping me going is riding once a week. Amazing writing. Keep it up!

  2. I think I would die of boredom if it weren’t for horses.
    Great picture. :)

  3. Adults don’t remember just how hard everything can be and you have to rememner times are getting harder than it ever was for them. There is more….things going around that they didn’t have to deal with. I am homeschooled so I don’t know the half of it but I do know my friends feel so….put down. One of my frineds thinks everyone is out to get her. She’s a little…different from most teens; instead of boy crazy she’s dragon crazy and mythology and such. She was so suprised I wanted to be her friend she kept asking me if I was sure I didn’t think she was weird.

    I wish I had a horse in my life; I know how all your problems can seem…what’s the word…….mimium when you are around a horse.

  4. This is great! You really struck gold with this blog. I wish I could write like this… Good job!

  5. Champion work Rebecca… I always enjoy reading blogs from you very inspirational. The horses are there for you when you need it the most. Good job

  6. Fantastic job explaining the unexplainable!

  7. We’re all very lucky to have horses with us, and I feel very lucky to be able to read this brilliant blog. It’s made me all calm and happy just reading it. Let me tell you this: your writing stuns me every single time. I hope everything’s going well for you, and once again beautiful blog!

  8. whoa that was amazing! I am really lucky to have some amazing best friends who will listen but it’s just sometimes they will say things and they don’t mean it or it will come out wrong, but horses can’t do that. They always will just listen………. horses… gotta luv em

  9. Great blog! I wish I had a horse whose shoulder I could cry on. I like your new name, Salina. From what I read in your comments, it fits you perfectly!

  10. AWWWWW! This blog is REALLY good!!! I’ve cried on my horses shoulder many of times when things get tough.

  11. I know what you mean horses are wonderful listeners that look into the very depths of your soul! After a ruff day at school I can imagaine that you would like to go and ride your horse! I want a horse soooo badly and I am saving up for one.. I hope you always have a horse by your side!

  12. That was really touching. It’s true! Adults don’t “remember” what it was like. They’re not going through it right now. Because they’re already who they are going to be for a while. It’s hard. For me, horses are like little emotional pills that help you all the way!


  13. Wow guys (well, girls, but you know what i meant)! You are all so encouraging. thanks for all your comments. I am so blessed to have found a group of such caring people. You are all great writers too. Im glad that you understood what I was trying to say with this blog.

    Rebecca Shyly

  14. I loved this blog! When I was twelve my parents weren’t going to get me a horse until they found out from horse parents that horses kept their younger kids and teens out of trouble. I’m not a troublesome teen… but maybe that’s because I’m a horse girl!

  15. Awesome writing!!! I’m lucky to have a horse of my own, even though he doesn’t live in my pasture yet. He lives three hours away at my grandmas! But I know that when I’m with him… nothing else matters. It’s like being wrapped up in a blanket and mist swirling around you. You feel so warm and happy.