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Published by • Jan 22nd, 2011 • Category: Critique Me!, Poetry

HORSES is a submission for Critique Me!, an event where Girls Horse Club writers are inviting readers to critique their stories and poems with praise and/or constructive advice intended to help build confidence and improve writing/storytelling skills. Thanks in advance for your thoughtful insight!

by Geneva, age 7

Horse are the light of the world.

Horses make me smile, luckily I have my own.

They make me smile, they make me happy.

Riding like a cowboy, I will ride away on my horse’s back.

Trotting, galloping and jumping away,

And that is the end of my fantastic day.

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  1. Your right horses do make a day fantastic!

  2. cool

  3. Very cute poem Geneva! =) You know I think it would make a more personal poem if you were to put “Horses are the light of MY world” in the first line. and are you a cowgirl or a cowboy? Because if you’re a gal it would make the poem better by saying “riding like a cowgirl”

    your poem made me smile! =)


  4. : ) Great poem… and completely true too!


  5. A charming poem, and I know we can all relate to feeling like that, which I think is what makes this so pleasant to read.

  6. Such a sweet poem :] Horses do make the world brighter, don’t they?

  7. i agree…. but remember that your a cowGIRL not a cowBOY… but other than that it was awesome!