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I Did It

Published by • Apr 1st, 2009 • Category: Guest Bloggers, Horse Dreams

by My Horse and Me, age 12

About a week ago I fulfilled a dream with the help of my friend and her horse. That dream was to gallop bareback in the country. Well sure enough, on a warm day with a slight breeze, I got on my friend’s 13 year old mare bareback and went for the ride of my life.

With the wind in my face Glory, the horse I was riding, raced down to the pond and around the pond with her tail streaming out behind. My hands were sore the next day from gripping the reins and her mane so tightly. I will admit that it was a little scary, but the scariness was nothing compared to the thrill of my wild ride!!!!

After galloping for awhile I went back to cantering, which is a lot more comfortable and easy. If you ever get the chance to gallop bareback take the chance. Oh, and don’t be scared if you fall off. I came close to falling several times while galloping.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Champion job! I once galloped on my friend’s retired racehorse when i was about 13 over the their contry land. It was kind of scary because their were sooo many hills but it was enjoyable at the same time. Good job

  2. Wow, well done, it sounds great fun! My horse dream is to gallop bareback across a beach, on my riding school pony Glory! So, almost the same!!! Great blog!

  3. thank you! I have had that feeling before. I once had a pretty bad accident atop a cantering horse so for a while I was terrified to canter. My friends beautiful horse changed that for me and I got that wonderful feeling.. I DID IT! wonderful blog, can’t wait to see more!

  4. There’s no feeling like galloping bareback! You feel so free- like there is nothing in the world that can hold you back. I loved reading about your ride. I wished that I was there too!

  5. Isn’t riding bareback the best feeling in the world? I’m glad you fulfilled you dream! It sounds nice and warm where you are too.*sigh* Here we have 4 foot drifts and more snow to come…>:l

  6. Isn’t it the MOST WONDERFUL THING?? I loved it when I cantered bareback.

    I wish I could do it again. I probably will, in the future!! Great job on accomplishing your dream.

  7. Wonderful! I love riding bareback… galloping bareback on the beach is my dream too! I hope you had the best ride of your life!