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I Dream Of Dancing Hooves

Published by • Apr 11th, 2009 • Category: Horse Dreams

by Violet Inkpen, age 12

Do you ever think about horses before you go to bed in hopes of dreaming about them? Sure, you daydream about them, but in a sleeping dream it seems so real. In hopes of dreaming of horses I cover my wall (and ceiling) with horse posters and horse toys. I look up and see horses looking down. I look to my left and see horses looking at me. I read a horse book and then drift to sleep with a mind full of nickers.

One time I even had a dream I was riding a Pegasus! It felt like the whole world was mine! I could go anywhere, do anything. My Pegasus would do anything for me. I love dreaming about horses because even if I can’t have a horse in the waking world, I can always have my own in the dreaming world. I love dreaming of flying mane, pounding hooves, friendly nickers.

If you want a horse but can’t have one, here are some things you can try:

1. If you like art then perhaps you can draw a whole herd of horses and make it into your own personal book? Name each horse with a special name and pretend you own each. Make some Kentucky Derby champions or even make unicorns!

2. If you have toy horses you could always set up a stable using different things as stalls and take care of them each day. It is fun to just relax and pretend you have a horse.

3. READ! It is ALWAYS fun to read a good horse book and sometimes you can imagine yourself as the character!

4. If you keep a diary or journal you can make entries about a horse you own. Even if it isn’t a real horse a diary is YOUR personal space and you don’t have to write about real stuff! Make up a best friend to write about and you’ll find your heart soaring with adventure!

These may not be as good as a real horse, but they can help you feel like you have one! And it is alwasy fun to surround yourself with horse loving girls who share your passion.

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  1. champion blog Vi! I love how you wrote this. It also helps to volunteer at stables if you can’t take care of your own horse. =0)

  2. Thanks about what you said about art Violet Inkpen!because I always draw horses and maybe herds also a girl and a horse since im almost a proffesional! -jademagicX:-3girl

  3. I love your blogs violet inkpen, and I adored this one! Congrats again on beccoming a Junior Blogger! I think I am going to try out some of your ideas since I can’t have a horse of my own. I know how you feel, I know how you long to have them around you. Just keep dreaming, and keep working towards your dreams and know that me and all of your other GHC sisters are here for you, and we share your passion, and we hope that someday your passion can be fulfilled! Thanks again for the beautiful blog!

  4. Wow Rachel, that is so sweet of you to say! I try to inspire peopel with my blogs and let them know there is more than one way to own a horse. You don’t have to literally have a live, breathng horse you can touch. Have one you and only you can see.

    jadethemagiccatgirl, I LOVE drawing too; which is why I suggested it.

  5. Wow Violet, I do almost all of these! Amazing how great horse minds think alike. . . ;D Anyway, great blog, good ideas, and some really amazing to keep us horse-less horse girls dreaming.

  6. no prob Mustang23!

  7. Great blog! Right now, I have a poster of white horses galloping on the beach in my room!


  8. That’s cool that you guys like drawing. Maybe soon we’ll see some of your art in the gallery! I love looking at art (even though it usually makes me feel horrible about my own art, still I like to draw.). You’re blogs really are inspiring VIolet Inkpen, for those of us who can’t have horses. Hope you’ll write many more!

  9. THAT is something I can promise, Rachel. I love writing almost as much as I love horses because in writing YOU choose how the story ends. Anywho, I will send in my paintings, drawings, and art of horses as soon as my e-mail is fixed. Dad is going to get me my own……when I can remind him and sit him down to do it. fathers….*laughs* they just can’t remember anything!

  10. I’ll try it! Sometimes I’m really sad about this, but now I’ll be happy by following your advice. Thanks!