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I Love You

Published by • Jul 17th, 2016 • Category: Poetry, Tributes

My Horse is an Angel

by sierra, age 12

The pain digs deeper every day
It hurts to the point I can scarcely stay
I miss you deeply hour-by-hour, day-by-day

Even though you have not gone away forever
Someday we will be together
Side-by-side to savor

I don’t know why it hurts so much
But I love you deeply
I can tell you that much

I stare at your photo hours a day
Thinking of our fun times galloping away
The words you have to stay run through my mind today

I imagine us galloping once again
Cantering and jumping together
But all too soon it all fades away

I’ll see you someday
And we will gallop again
But this time it isn’t a dream and it won’t fade away

* * * * *

Author’s Note: This is to all the girls and boys who have lost an equine companion, don’t see it often, or who have to sell them. I hope this comforts you in those long days of sadness and sorrow. Just think, one day you’re going to see them again. You will throw your arms around their soft neck, rap your fingers between their silky mane, and tell them how much you love them. You will ride forever, never to stop, you will never leave each other’s side as you go up to heaven God will be waiting for his two special angels.

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  1. Aww this was beautiful! I lost my first horse I only had for 2 weeks but I hardly remember it. And I love your note at the end about seeing God in Heaven. That was beautiful!

  2. <3 Beautiful.

  3. Aw, this is beautiful! I remember losing Socks and Bella. I miss them so much, but I know that they’re happy wherever they are. The Author’s Note is beautiful too. I hope I never have to say goodbye to a horse so soon ever again. Great poem, really meaningful <3

  4. Beautiful! It makes me cry every time I read it!

  5. thanks girls! you all make my day!


  6. i could never write like that that is so amazing!

  7. I really like this poem,Sierra!! Just as great as it is on!

  8. Very pretty and artistic!!!!

  9. P.S. Please keep writing more poems! I like the poems you write so much!! :D

  10. A very beautiful poem!