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I Miss Love

Published by • Jan 16th, 2016 • Category: Poetry

Horse Love
by WhinnyLove, age 12

We used to be work together
All the time
I had to move on
But you’re still mine

I miss riding you
Your soft muzzle touch
But you aren’t like her
They say that much

I think you are better
The best of the best
I love so much
Way more then the rest

You’re my best friend
With you soft winter coat
And your knotted black mane
(Will we ever get it tamed?)

Now I ride Nina
The fastest of the fast
Fell off a few
More than I did with you

I want to have you back
Win a pretty blue ribbon
My collection isn’t complete
Unless me and you win one

Maybe some halter
Or walking and trot
But I really miss you
I’ll never forget

You’re my best friend
The cutest of the cute
My Suwannee Love
No one else can compare to you

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  1. This was perfect! I loved it so much! Amazing job WhinnyLove!!!!

  2. Thanks! I wrote this when I realized how much I missed spending time with my baby Love. She was a great horse, but I had to move on the Nina, the more advanced one.

  3. Aww. That’s sad. At least you can still see her sometimes though.

  4. what happened to her?

  5. Awesome! That is sooo perfect! :)

  6. In reply to sierra:

    I had to move on to a more experienced mare, named Nina. But, this sunday, after my official lesson, I’ll ride Love bareback! :D

  7. I loved this

  8. You’re awesome, Whinnylove.

  9. I wrote that I loved this in march but that was a total understatement this made me cry and i don’t cry over things like this. You are a AMAZING writer.