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I Truly Have a Bond

Published by • Nov 18th, 2015 • Category: Gift Horse, Non-Fiction

My Favorite Horse

by WhinnyLove, age 12

A long time ago I wrote about my favorite horse, Love.

It took me a while, but I finally figured out she is not a favorite.

She is a friend. A best friend. Not when we are riding, but on the ground. She and I, over the course of one year, have created a strong bond. A bond so strong that she will calm when I speak softly. So strong that she will keep the other horses away from me. So strong she chooses me over food.

I love her as a best friend back, and even though we don’t train together much anymore, she will be my fun time horse and my trail ride horse.

She will always and forever be my best friend ever.

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  1. Luv it!!! I one had a mare who was almost just like that (Her name was Treasure) but we had to sell her. :(:(:(

  2. Awww! I love this!!!

  3. Aww! So sweet. I have a bond just like this with a horse I ride. His name is peppy and he is a black and white paint tobiano paint horse. We’re best friends. Any ideas on what to get him for Christmas? Remember he’s not mine so nothing like a saddle or anything. He loves treats so I was thinking Apple’s carrots or a couple pepperments.

  4. Does anyone have any ideas on stuff to do? I want some horse stuff to do. I don’t have a horse and only ride every 2 stuff I i can do without real horses.

  5. Well, you could watch horse movies, talk to horse friends about horses, do horse crafts, invite horsey friends over and do horsey things, and on and on… There are tons of horse stuff! :D By the way, I didn’t know anyone commented on this! Thanks for the support, but, literally I don’t need it! <:D

  6. Thanks for the ideas winnylove!

  7. Also is love your horse?

  8. This is so cute i need a horse so bad. your a great writer.

  9. @Sierra No, Love is not my horse. In a way she is, but not exactly. She will still be my baby! :D

  10. thats like my mare she is 25 and she is in my mom’s name but she and i have a strong bond even though she ay not make it next year;(