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I’ll Always Love You

Published by • Jul 16th, 2013 • Category: Tributes

by ✯HorseGirl, age 11

I’ll always love you.
Now you’re gone
and I see you running free in my dreams,
galloping swiftly across the plains;
splashing and playing with me in the river.
The pain cuts so deep;
I know my endless tears
won’t stop trailing down my face.
I look across the horizon;
I wish you were here,
encouraging me to never give up;
laughing with me in your fun horsey way.
You’ve been my best friend for so long,
I can’t see how I’ll make it without you.
I wish you could come back one last time,
but I know you’re gone,
and not coming back.
I know I’ll meet you again someday.
I’ll always love you.
I’ll always love you.

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  1. Omg I literally cried this sad but in such a poetic way its beautiful this is incredible this is just so touching. You are such a good writer

  2. Sorry this is sad and I ment that you wrote it in such a poetic way

  3. I wrote this when I heard about a 14 year old girl who lost her beautiful gelding (changed name) when a car crashed into him after he got loose out of his pasture. I felt so sad and sorry for her :(

  4. That’s so sad I couldn’t bear if I lost my horse

  5. amazing I love it how did you come up with that song its sad I think I’m going to crying. it so sad sad very sad.

  6. I have a horse of my on if ran away I wood be sad

  7. So sad x

  8. Oh my! I am so sorry for that girl. This is a beautiful sad poem. You are a great writer. I almost cried.

  9. I don’t have a horse. But I have neighbors who do.

  10. That is so sad.

  11. I know. But it is also beautiful!