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Important Horse Slaughter Information — You Can Help!

Published by • Feb 25th, 2008 • Category: Current Events & News, Take a Stand

by Rebecca Shyly, age 12

I just found out about something very important! Here is the message I received through email:

Terri Farley, author of the Phantom Stallion books, has officially joined with the Humane Society of the United States to support the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act (S 311/HR 503).

On March 4 Terri will join the Humane Society in Washington DC to distribute letters to our legislators.

Please write! Letters should express how you feel about horse slaughter. Be logical, historical, persuasive or emotional. Just remember, respectful letters will get the best results! Children are encouraged to decorate their envelopes with drawings, stickers, or anything else that would make them colorful.

Educators are encouraged to share this project with their classes and parents. Need ideas? CLICK HERE!

Please mail no later than MARCH 1 to:

316 California Avenue #1265
Reno, Nevada 89509

Questions? email or visit

I hope you all do this! I know I will. In fact as soon as I finish writing this, I’m going to write my letter. Sorry to all who live out of the U.S. — I think this is only for people in the United States. Darn!

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  1. I just wrote my letter- I am so glad people are saving these horses, slaughter is a cruel and heartless deed, I refuse to talk to people I know who sent there horse to the slaughter…

  2. I’m glad you sent your letter Jeanna Briggs. I did too. Hope we can do something about this!

  3. Thank you SO much for posting this, Rebecca. Tis a very important issue, and I will definetily be writing a letter, in fact I am working on mine right now. I hoep everyone here at GHC writes a letter!

  4. I’m glad I could help Halee! I am also so glad that you are writing a letter. The more letters those legislators get the more they will understand the importance of this issue. And as all of us know…this is VERY important.

  5. Only for people in the US? Noooo! But still, great to let everyone know about this! :D

  6. I know…I really wish that you could write a letter too…after all, your amazing at it! Your one letter would surely inspire them to sop horse slaughter right away!

  7. Thanks Horsecrazzz! I’m sure the same goes with you and everyone else as well. Everyone here are amazing writers! But I’d like to think that these letters should not be written with skill, but written from the heart.

  8. i’d love to write one! but… i live in Aussie and I’m not very good at letters :-? i’m gonna have to give it a miss this time but next time i’ll find a way!!! :D

  9. I own 2 horses, the person we bought them off saved them, one was a trotter one was a rejected racer- the person we bought them off saved them from… well… that place… *shudders at the name*
    I have to admit, they arent the best horses in the world, but i love them soo much! and i wish to stop all this nonsense :-?

  10. You are right, Madelaina. And to the people who live in other countries, there are horse reascue programs you could write to your government about, so do not feel left out! :) ;)

  11. tash: I hear that ur government is trying to kill off your wild brumbies. Maybe you could do something to stop vthat… Every letter makes a difference! ;)

  12. yah!

  13. OMG! how come u know more bout my country/goverment more then me! lol. I love brumbies! I’ll see what I can do!

  14. I would love to wright one. :)

  15. I raise, breed, show, EAT, love, and train animals of all shapes and sizes. Here are some cons and then pros about horse slaughter…

    Cows are just cows. With horses you can ride them, they pull carts, and you can show them.

    Ever herd of 4-H where you show market or breeding cattle? Or herd of an ox pull a cart for transpiration, work, or enjoyment? I even rode my uncle’s cow Lucy around the pasture. The difference? People think of a horse as a horse and a steer as a hamburger.

    Horses have feelings and it’s wrong to eat horse–

    Why is it wrong to eat horse but not swine, cattle, poultry, goat, and so on? Are we not designed to eat meat? Yeah, sure horses feel, but so do other livestock. They can get sick and die, bleed if cut, cry if hurt. I have a 4-H steer who cut his lip and had tears role down his face. The difference. People think of a horse as a horse and a steer as a hamburger.

    It’s inhumane–

    I will agree that not all slaughter plants are humane, but not all are inhumane. Some take very could care of their livestock. Would you prefer to raise a horse for slaughter that only ways 700 lbs. and is sick or a 1200 lbs. that is healthy? The difference. People think of a horse as a horse and a steer as a hamburger.

    Horses aren’t food they are pets and show love to their owners–

    So do swine, cattle, poultry, goat, and so on. I raise, as I said above, many different varieties of animals including horses. I have a pig who will let me get in with her and her piglets, pick up a squealing baby, and not even have her bat an eye at me. While when my friend goes near her piglets she threatens to bite. She knows me, trust me, and LOVES me. Oh that’s right there just stupid animals, right? I don’t think so. Horses are a prey animal, meaning other animals (such as humans) prey on them! The difference. People think of a horse as a horse and a steer as a hamburger.

    Its better to use euthanization on a horse then use a captive bolt–.

    I have had animals that were sadly to week, hurt, sick, what ever to go on in life. Not always is euthanization a good death as the word means. Sometimes they may struggle, cry our, or luckily pass on without a sign of pain. Captive bolts are delivered into the brain (most often) killing the horse instantly. But we are only human and sometimes a second captive bolt shot may need to be used. The difference. People think of a horse as a horse and a steer as a hamburger.

    This is the US of A and we do not agree with consumption of horses–

    We? I am an AMERICAN and I am FOR horse slaughter. Besides isn’t America the land of the free? What gives us a right to say ‘Hey you cant do that!’ or ‘you cant eat that’!? Some people think it is horrible that we could even consider consummation of beef and swine. Should we stop eating it because other say it is wrong? I sure as heck won’t! I LOVE my meat! And what about vegetarians who are just completely not for slaughter. Should we stop eating meat completely to satisfy them?

    Besides you don’t want to eat horses cause they feel pain. Scientists have done a study and found plants react to pain and comfort. Now are we going to just starve?

    This is my opinion. I don’t wish to offend anyone. I am against inhumane slaughter, but not slaughter itself. Those against slaughter need to look in a mirror. We eat to survive. With out food we die.

  16. Thank you for you insight Jess. I can see your point and I do understand what you are saying. I love horses and jsut do not think that they should be slaughtered. People breed cattle to eat. But you do not see someone look at a fat horse and say: Oh I’ll breed this one to my fat stallion and get a whole bunch of fat baby horses to eat. When people who sell hamberger look at a cow they look at it’s possibilities for breed tasty cows to eat later on. I am not trying to argue with you Jess, but horses are not bred to be on a plate, they are bred to be ridden, shown, loved and trained. yes cows have feelings, but they are bred to be eated. Now I have a question for you Jess: Do you eat horse meat? Just wondering…. :-/

  17. Like you just said thats your opinion, you can’t go and tell us to look in the mirror! What if all the vegitarians had to start eating meat coz they were told? Put yourself in sombody elses shoes!

  18. Those are very good points Jess. I agree that all animals have feelings and can make decisions. They don’t need humans to drive them to water when they need to drink or tell them to go onto another patch of grass when the one they’re grazing on is dry. I have never ever toilet trained my dogs, but yet they never do their businesses inside the house and scratches the backyard door to tell us to let them out. That’s their decision of telling us they need to go outside and not just do whatever they need to do right where they are standing. So they definitely have feelings and a mind, something many people disregard.

    I think it is unfair people regard cows, pigs, sheep and poultry as food. They are also bred, showed and loved. To many animal lovers out there, they stand with as much importance as a horse.

    However, everyone thinks horse slaughter is inhumane, but so is the slaughter of all the other animals. I’ve heard people do horrible things to the babies the minute they are born for preparation for future eating. One of my friends said they chop the beaks of chickens off before they are killed and piglets have their eyes removed after their birth. Even if slaughter of animals is humane, the fact of ending a life that deserves to continue and shedding innocent blood is a cruel fact. No animal deserves to be killed. They have done nothing wrong and have not offended us. So what’s the point of killing them? Why do we have to punish them in that way? That’s the point of view of vegetarians.

    But I must also agree, that like the USA, Australia is a free country. We can speak our minds. As tash as stated, we can’t force meateaters into eating vegetables to survive, or tell vegetarians to transfer their diet to meat.

  19. I know this is kinda a late comment but…
    I really agree with Jess. It’s inhumane and absolutely disgusting. Horses are beautiful animals. How could any person eat one? I think people that do are not very:

    1. They are not normal! To me, it’s like they’re crazy!
    2. Again it’s disgusting, and the people who do it are disgusting too!
    3. It’s very wrong.

    I have heard in China that they eat dogs too.

    I’m sorry to say, but some people are very sick!


  20. In reply to Horsecrazzz… I would probably try horsemeat. It sounds pretty good.

    To Tash… You misted my point. I am not saying we should make someone change I am just trying to say that if we are going to stop one type of slaughter just because some feel it is wrong, then what is stopping us from making everyone into vegetarians? Slaughter is slaughter. You are still taking the life of a living creature to support life for another.

  21. Umm..ok???

    I can understnad your point and do not think that arguing is what this blog is about, so I won’t say to much. Still, I can see where your coming from and in one way I agree with you…but still I will ask you one more question. Do people breed horses for slaughter??

  22. To Jess: I don’t get what you’re saying. You’d actually want to TRY horsemeat? Is this some kind of joke? It’s gross! I mean, you’re on GHC, come on!

    To horsecrazzz: On your March 15th comment, I really agree with you. Horses are bred to be loved, trained, and cared for. Not eaten! And I do have the same question for Jess. GHC is AGAINST and I said AGAINST horse slaughter.

    To tash: I agree with you!

    To Jess(again): To let you know, we don’t have to eat horsemeat. We live in America for pete’s sake and we can afford to buy other foods! Horse meat is for other countries that are poor and can’t afford anything. In some countries in Europe, it’s their culture to eat it. But that’s unlike Americans! Now if you’re from Europe or something I MIGHT understand. But I said MIGHT.


  23. To mustangmane… No I am from Idaho of the United States of America and I raise, train, and sale horses. Also those cultures you were talking about, yeah they aren’t poor. Horsemeat is a delicacy and a little spendy for them. They even prefer the U.S. horses because they are usually in good condition and receive grain. My question to you is do you eat meat of any kind? Fish, beef, pork, foul, or ?…

    To Horsecrazzz… Actually some horses are indeed bred and raised to be slaughtered. And thank you for seeing my point of view. I truly do appreciate it. And believe it or not I see yours as well. I have several friends who are both vegans and vegetarians. We all get along great, and equally share our point of views. ;)

  24. Horsecrazzz do you have any horses? They are alot of fun! ;)

  25. To Jess-
    Yes. I do eat meat. But not a lot. I am from California USA and don’t like the thought of horse slaughter.