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In Black and White

Published by • Nov 8th, 2011 • Category: Fiction

by HorseFeathers, age 18

In the old times there was once a stable master. He was caretaker to two of the most handsome colts in all the land. One was a gray, and as sweet as a young child taking in the world for the first time. The other was a black, as dark as the nightmare herself with a temperament to match. The two had to be separated at all times. However, they would always find a way to escape and fight one another. The old stable master thought nothing of it. He wasn’t about to get rid of two fine studs just because of a little scuffle now and then.

Well, the colts began to grow and they were now in their prime. The stable master’s problem had not gotten any better. The gray, even though he bore numerous fight wounds, would always give him a friendly nicker as the master passed by. The black would have nothing to do with the stable master unless it included feed. So the caretaker had an idea; maybe if he supplied the black with extra treats and grazing time, the horse would acquire a better temperament.

And so as the gray got his normal feeding, the black was given extra in hopes of improved manners. The black began to grow… and grow… and grow… into a mass of darkness. One night the stable master was just about to blow his lantern out for the evening when he heard two blended screams out in the fog. He raced out into the night, his heart pounding. The stable master’s breath was nearly taken away at the sight before him.

Stretched out upon the cold ground, broken and bloody, was the kindly gray. Standing above him with maddened eyes and clacking teeth, was the massive black scourge. The caretaker gasped. The black shook his head towards his master’s sound and charged with a mindless thunder. The man ran, but he never had a chance. He had long already fed his demise.

Each of us is that master. Each of us a caretaker for a black and gray stallion living inside us. One represents hope, kindness, faith, trust, compassion, mercy, and love. The other: hatred, fear, lies, gossip, deceit, vanity, and wickedness. The two are always in conflict with one another. The one that will always win will be the one you feed the most.

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  1. Amazing! Reminds me of the legend of the two wolves, only better! So true!

  2. Omg I love this
    So much.
    I hope when I’m older I can write like u

  3. That’s incredible, HorseFeathers! You came up with a very creative way to teach us all an important moral. I hope lots of people are able to read and appreciate this.

  4. Really well done HorseFeathers. I don’t know if working with at-risk kids is a component of your equine therapy studies, but if it is you could build a great lesson around this story.

  5. thank you everyone! Leadmare- Yes I am weekly working with mentally and challenged students. They are such a blessing and I love them as sisters and brothers. I love what I do and I hope to continue my therapy trainer certification after college.
    Just to give you a brief gals, the horse world is not a cheap world. Its an easy one to get into but a hard one to stay in. Now when related to jobs a lot of your starting out will be almost ALL volunteer work unless you have the right connections. Not to put you off but if you seriously love what you do with equine, be warned that you wont always get to do what you want with them right away. I love working with horses but I love working with the people God has put on this earth and thats why i want to be an therapy riding trainer.

  6. Wonderful way to describe life. I don’t think the moral of this story could have been said any better. You have a real gift Horsefeathers, keep letting the insperation come to you and keep searching inside of you.


  7. Wow. I am speechless. You really have an incredible gift. This is so inspiring and I love the meaning of the story. It’s so relatable and very well written. I am so impressed! Amazing job:) Thanks for sharing!

  8. it reminds me of the tail of two wolves,too. amazing story.

  9. Cool that is a great story!

  10. yup I read that story in Mrs. Farley’s blog and thought it was neat. So i invented my own horsie version! =D

  11. This is utterly amazing!!!!! great job:)))))))

  12. amazing! i love it! keep on doing stuff like this cuz you are talented!

  13. I have no words to describe how incredible this is, I love it!

  14. wow…………………. that is super good!!
    i agree with this person ^^^^^^
    God bless