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INTERACTIVE VIEW: Templeton Thompson

Published by • Feb 9th, 2007 • Category: Interactive View, Music

Welcome to the first ever Interactive View, an interactive interview where YOU ask the questions. Start by reading the brief intro below.

Meet Templeton Thompson, a life-long horse girl and super-talented Nashville singer/songwriter.

Templeton has written songs recorded by country superstars and included on movie soundtracks. She’s recorded three CDs of her own and travels around the world performing, often from the back of a horse! She’s beautiful (inside *and* out) and married to the man of her dreams, Sam Gay, who is also her musical and business partner. She has two horses of her own (lucky girl), and the list goes on.

Wow! How did she do it? Let’s find out what makes Templeton tick, and perhaps we’ll uncover inspiration for other horse girls who dream BIG.


Make sure you’re aware of our Ground Rules, then simply scroll down and enter your question or comment in the box. Girls Horse Club editors will be standing by to moderate. Keep in mind this is not a live interview, it’s more like an ongoing party with people coming in and out each day, including Templeton, who will check in periodically and respond in her own words.

03-13-07 UPDATE: Questions are now closed. Many, many thanks to Templeton for taking time from her touring schedule to hang out at Girls Horse Club and answer our questions. And even more thanks to all who contributed the great questions — it wouldn’t be an Interactive View without YOU!

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  1. hay horsegirls,

    just thought i’d say a quick howdy and let you know i’m looking forward to answering your questions…but, before i do, i gotta head out to the barn and take care of my kiddos, be back in a few…

    wishin’ you love, light n wings,

  2. hi!!!! i like your name templeton. is there a story behind it?

  3. yep, sure is…and thanks:-) i’m named after a very special man named Don Templeton who lost his life while serving as a Marine in Vietnam, i’m very proud of it…

  4. Hi Templeton!How many horses do you have??

  5. Hey, I dont get on here alot! Usually never. But was in a mood, I was wondering do you own horses? If so what breeds, Because my internet freinds, say Thoroughbred are dum(spell?) and stupid. Well mine isnt he is smart, calm and perfect. He was never EVER raced on the track or touched it, he loves jumping high and doing trail rides. Am I the only one who likes thoroughbreds? If you know more about horses then me, Then I have some other questions.

  6. Templeton, You inspire me so much. I was wondering if any of your songs are inspired by a special horse? Thanks.

  7. Hi Miana,
    I am new here but I wanted to tell you that you are not the only person that likes thoroughbreds.
    They are not my favorite but I like them.


  8. Howdy,
    Hay what are your horses like?
    See Yal

  9. Hey, how are you all. I was wondering what style of riding you did ( english or western)? Or if you did a differnt kind ok ridding? Do you have other animals than horses? I hope we get to hear more songs for you in the future?

  10. hay y’all,

    just now checking in again…it’s late, so i’ll answer your questions tomorrow, until then, thanks for your interest and wishin’ you wings:-)

  11. I’ve never heard your songs before but I’d love to! I live in England. I love horses and riding! What are your horses like? I’d love to have my own horse! And how much work is it to look after a horse? I know it’s really hard but what do you have to do?

  12. ok, here we go…sorry it’s taken me a bit to get back to y’all on your questions:-) i was at the vet with the horses, getting their coggins tests done so we’re good to go when we travel with them…

  13. Blake(Rullo),

    i officially own my girl, Jane, but also have her half-brother, Beau, who belongs to my Mom, but is really the family boy, he lives with us, i guess he and Jane have been together since they were born, pretty neat…they’re my guardian angels, i’m in awe of them everyday!! and so grateful to have them in my life:-)

  14. Miana,

    what a beautiful name! and, let’s see, i think all horses are brilliant, noble beings…somedays, i definitely think my kiddos are smarter than me:-) actually, it’s probably more accurate to say on most days…they certainly teach me something new everyday…i think thoroughbreds are incredible, my Mom has one, he looks a lot like the great Seabiscuit, but he’s about 17 plus hands and so smart and willing AND he was never raced…i’ve only ridden him a couple of times, but what a dream he is to ride, his canter feels like floating:-)

  15. Julia,

    thank you! Yes, my baby girl, Jane and my boy, Beau, are the inspiration for a lot of my songs…in fact, the title track to “girls & horses” was one of those songs that just fell out one day while they were hangin’ out with me in the backyard, i kind of consider them my co-writers on that one and certainly on others…and the amazing horses i’ve had in my life in the past have found their way into my songs as well…

  16. Kylea,

    well, they’re AWESOME!! Jane is definitely the “lead mare,” she’s what i call “all that and a bag of chips,” very spunky, very empowered, extremely independent, has a very deep, powerful voice, sensitive, really playful, extremely intelligent, gentle and loving and i don’t think there’s really anything she’s afraid of, come to think of it, i hope i can learn to be more like her, she’s quite the role model!!! Beau is a lovebug, he’d climb up on your lap if he could, he’s a teddy bear, really smart, very noble and patient, has quite a buck on him if he’s feelin’ frisky or confused, non-confrontational but will take care of himself if Jane pushes him around too much…yep, another great role model!!! and let’s see, they’re both absolutely gorgeous sorrel quarter horses, about 15.1 ish and are going to be turning 7 soon:-)

  17. Moragn,

    i pretty much ride western these days, i’m gettin’ back to bein’ a cowgirl:-) i learned western first then moved on to english…i’ve shown in both, ran barrels, was on the riding team in college and played polo as well…i used to enjoy jumping, never ever jumped anything too high, mostly coop jumps on the hunt field, but i prefer to stay closer to the ground these days…i love the whole reining thing, cow working, the whole vacquero-style horsemanship deal…more than just riding these days, i find myself loving to do ground work and trying to really refine my riding skills, just trying to be a better horsewoman overall:-) and, yes, i do have other animals, 3 dogs and several cats…and even though she’s not mine, i kind of consider our neighbor’s mule part of the family too:-) and, yep, more songs are coming, just finished a couple recently, hoping to get them recorded soon:-)

  18. Hay Em,

    so you’re from England? very cool…i LOVE England, spent some time there when i was in college, even got to ride in Leicester (sp.?) while i was there…we’re actually hoping to get over there and tour at some point, the closest we’ll be to you will be in Scotland in October:-) can’t wait…so, you love to ride, love horses? sounds like we’re kindred spirits and if you want one, you WILL have one, just keep the goal, work towards it and you’ll achieve it…as for having horses and what that’s like and taking care of them, well, of course, it’s incredible to have them, i still can’t believe i have Jane n Beau, but it also takes lots of work and time, i truly think owning a horse is a commitment, to yourself and to your horse…and a balance…they love to just hang out in the pasture, just be, but i really think they love doing as well…on some days, and especially if i’m busy with work and i might not have time to saddle up and spend that kind of time, i at least try to get out and play with them a little, just drive them around the pasture, so they get some exercise,and me too! speakin’ of goin’ and doin,’ i have to run just now, but i’ll try and catch back up with you soon…in the meantime, start visualizing that dream horse you want, he’s/she’s out there, y’all will find each other:-)

  19. ok there awsome i thjnk

  20. Hey, You are soooooo lucky to own two of your own! I take riding lessons, but I don’t own any horse at all. I wanted to know, what breeds are Jane and Beau? Thanks!

  21. hi!!!! i’d like 2 be a famous singer like u. what should i do?

  22. Whats your fave song youve written? I am getting my own pony!!!
    I think that he needs a new name. His barn name right now is Oreo and his show name is Mezzaluna. I have 2 ideas right now. The barn name Pirate and the show name Hidden Treasure and the barn name Bandit and the show name Stick Em’ Up. He is a real sweet heart and he is a black and white paint. I’d like to know which name u like.

  23. hi… i was wondering what your favorite song was. i haven’t had a chance to listen to your music yet but it sounds pretty cool.

  24. JJ,

    Jane n Beau are Quarter Horses…Beau is actually registered as an Appendix, since he’s got some Thoroughbred in him:-)

  25. JJ,

    and you’re right, i am VERY lucky! and i make sure to remember that everyday:-)

  26. cheyenne,

    well, if you want to be a singer, follow that dream! and sing whenever and wherever you can, enter contests, go sing at open mic nights, all with your parents’ permission of course:-) if you think you might like to write songs as well, or already do, keep at it…i absolutely LOVE what i do and work very hard at it, everyday…so go for it cowgirl!!!

  27. Sammy,

    i like the barn name Bandit and the show name Stick Em’ Up, really neat!! and congrats on your boy, he sounds wonderful:-) i finished a song a little while back, that i haven’t even recorded yet, called “wishin’ you wings,” right now i think that one’s my favorite…i should have it up on the website soon. happy ridin’!

  28. Sangeeta,

    hope you get a chance to listen and as for my favorite song, if you mean one of mine that i’ve recorded, probably “i remember you,” since it’s the one that “spurred me on” to make my first album:-) as for my favorite song in general, it’s hard for me to pick just one, but i was just recently introduced to a song by Natasha Bedingfield, called “wild horses,” it’s INCREDIBLE and has inspired me to keep on dreamin’:-) i love so many songs by so many different artists, there’s so much great music out there to listen to.

  29. Just wanted to let everyone know you can sample Templeton’s music on iTunes and (links below):

    girls & horses
    i still feel
    i remember you

  30. Hi! I was wondering if your family had horses when you where a kid? I love Quarter Horses!

  31. ponyprincess,

    sure did and what i lucky little girl i was to have horses in my life!! i had a wonderful, bay quarter horse gelding, named Charlie when i was a kid in Texas…he was about 26 and took such amazing care of me…he taught me how to run barrels, how to ride really and how to just let go
    and fly:-)…in fact, he’s the horse i was thinkin’ about when we were writing my song “i remember you,” the second verse is about my friend Charlie, he was somethin’!!! and yep, Quarter Horses ROCK!!!!!!!!

  32. how does it feel to be in that contest? are you nervous? i would be……

  33. cheyenne,

    sorry it took me a while to e-mail you back…we’ve been busy trying to promote this contest:-) as for being nervous about it, i’d have to say no but i am thrilled to be selected as a finalist and proud as i can be that my girl Jane is in it with me, that was a really fun day and it was very special to have filmed at my friend Betty’s place where she does NARHA certified therapeutic riding…but don’t get me wrong, i do get nervous sometimes and from all i’ve ever heard, that’s kind of a good thing, means you really care…keep dreamin’ cowgirl and sing loud n proud!!:-)

  34. hey! i was just wondering , it’s already a handful to handle horses , how do you manage a singing carer too?

  35. oh and btw , ride on cowgirl!

  36. i love your song girls and horses! i wrotwe one alot like that a long time ago:

    i live them , and dream them , and now i need them. one day goes by and i look to the sky , i see wild horses flying by , away from me . i just want to be free . one day we’ll run away i’ll just mount your bareback and we’ll ride away . then we can dream.

  37. horsegal thats a good song!

  38. halee,

    you’re right, it definitely is a lot to have horses and to have a careeer as an artist…and, sometimes i honestly feel overwhelmed, so, on those days, i go for a ride:-) my hope is to take them on the road with me when i’m out touring and playing at horsey events so that way i won’t miss them when i’m on the road…that’s on it’s way, but for now it’s always so wonderful coming home to those velvet noses! i feel so blessed to have them…hope you’re havin’a great week, gettin’ lots of horsey time i hope:-)

  39. horsegal,

    that’s so beautiful! thanks for your kind words about mine…so you’re a singer/songwriter? and writing what you know, horses:-) awesome!! i’m guessin’ that song just kind of “fell out”? the ones about horses and my life seem to do that for me…so you said you wrote that a long time ago, but i’m guessin’ you’re always writing? i go through dry spells sometimes or more of a “gathering time” i guess and then sit down and see what ideas are wanting to be written…i’m kind of there at the moment since the “biz” side of me is having to promote and do all of those other things us independent artists have to do…it all sort of evens out, it’s pretty cool:-) thanks for sharing your song…

  40. That’s cool. By the way, do you have any advise for some one who wants to be a singer when they get older like I do?

  41. absolutely, sing and sing often…find out what kind of music you truly love and be true to yourself:-) enter contests, sing karaoke…i did a lot of talent contests as a girl which i think helped in the long run…took some vocal lessons (there are some great vocal coaches out there, sometimes it takes really looking for that “one”)…maybe think of picking up an instrument? you may already play something, i sure wish i’d stuck with the piano and learned to play guitar sooner, but i think things work out like they’re supposed to:-) have a great day!

  42. oops, that last entry is for J.J.:-)

  43. Templeton,
    you have a really nice name. I love horses-I don’t own one but my neighbor has a pony that he is letting me ride. What color are your horses? I think that one of my favorite breeds of horses is Thoroughbreds.

  44. Hi Templeton!
    How old were you when you first knew you wanted to be a singer?
    Say “hi” to your horses for me!

  45. hannah,

    thanks so much for the compliment:-) i’m really proud of my name!! jane n beau are both sorrels and as we speak they’re already starting to slick up a bit, we’re getting some warmer springtime weather here in TN:-) have fun with the pony you’re ridin,’ what’s his/her name? what breed? what color? so glad you have a buddy, there’s nothin’ like that kind of friendship:-)!

  46. hay pony princess,

    well, i’m not sure exactly what age i was, but i think i knew when i was pretty young…i didn’t really get serious about pursuing a career in music; however, until i was in college…jane n beau say “howdy” back to ya!!!

  47. Tempelton,
    I am not exactly sure what breed he is. He is a pony. He’s two years old. He’s brown with flecks of gray. He has a tail that touches the ground and a mane that covers his shoulders! He is sooo cute! His name is Midnight. He loves to race. Infact, whenever a horse&buggy goes by,he tries to race it through the fence! Jane and Beau sound soo cute!