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Welcome to the INTERACTIVE VIEW, an interview where *YOU* ask the questions. We’re very lucky that Terri Farley, author of the Phantom Stallion series of books, has agreed to visit our virtual barn and respond to your questions from now until Friday July 20th!

Please read the intro and instructions below to get started!

terri.gifINTRO: TERRI FARLEY is truly a cowgirl at heart. She has always loved horses. Growing up in Los Angeles and San Jose, California didn’t keep her from saving her allowance for rides at nearby stables. After college, Terri taught Reading in an inner-city high school in Los Angeles, where she learned animal stories could touch even the most shielded hearts.

When marriage took her to northern Nevada, home to many of the nation’s wild horses, Terri waited only days before knocking at the office door of Velma Johnston, initiator of the Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act, to whom she’d written childhood letters which began, “Dear Wild Horse Annie.” After a warm welcome by “Annie” and Dawn Lappin, current godmother to the West’s wild horses, Terri became an active wild horse advocate.

phantomstallion1.gifWhile finishing her Master’s degree and starting a family, Terri wrote magazine articles on wild horses and other subjects, which put her in the saddle. It was on one of her magazine assignments that Terri spotted a wild horse who became her inspiration for The Phantom Stallion, her first series for young adults.

When Terri’s not writing or researching the West’s wild horses, she enjoys visiting K-12 classrooms and talking with colleagues at state, regional, and national conferences for teachers and librarians. Young author festivals are her favorites, where she gives fun, educational workshops for young writers.


  1. Please be aware of our Ground Rules, then simply scroll down and enter your question or comment in the box that says ‘Leave a Reply‘. If you don’t see the box, click the ‘Comments‘ link at the top of this post.
  2. Keep in mind this is not a live interview, it’s more like an ongoing party with people coming in and out each day. Terri will check in periodically and respond to your questions in her own words. Girls Horse Club will be standing by to moderate.
  3. To make the most of the time we have with Terri, please don’t ask her to read or comment on stories you’ve written. Instead, try to think of questions that will be meaningful to all participants and readers.

Now, enjoy your time with this incredibly talented horse girl!

07-21-07 UPDATE: Questions are now closed, but read the comments for lots of great advice and info.

HUGE thanks to Terri. We’re very grateful for her time and thoughtful responses. Be sure to visit for the latest news about appearances, workshops, and upcoming books.

Thanks to all who contributed the great questions — it wouldn’t be an Interactive View without YOU!

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  1. So, Terri, are there any horses in your life that have inspired you to write your books or did you just make all of the ideas up yourself?

  2. I’m really excited to be hanging around the Girls Horse Club barn with you all. This will be fun!
    Horsejo — LOTS of real life horses appear in my books. Ace is the horse I rode on a cattle drive and he is exactly like the Ace in my books…including the surprise rodeo he put on for all the cowboys while I was in the saddle.
    Nike, Strawberry, and Popcorn are all based on real horses, too.
    And the real Phantom…but that’s another story!
    Thanks for asking!

  3. Hi Terri,
    I want you to know I fell in love with the series from the first book. I like the book with Dark Sunshine and I also like Mustang Moon. What is your advice for writers? What is your favorite book in your series?

  4. Hi Terri, Um is it hard to write all your Phantom stallion books? I noticed that you have lots and they all turn out great.

  5. I read one of your books, The Phantom Stallion- The Renegade! I loved it and I couldn’t put the book down! Do you design the covers for your books as well?

  6. Hi Terri!

    I was wondering if you had been thinking about writing a horse series before seeing the phantom stallion on the cattle drive.

  7. Hey Terri! I am at my best friends house right now. We both met you at horseexpo! I own every book that you have written about horses, and you have autographed 6 books and 1 book mark. You autographed a bookmark for Breezy (my friend) too! I can’t wait to see you at expo next year. 1 question: Have you ever wanted to ride Ace again (or have you)?

    Love Horsecrazzz and Breezy

  8. PonyPrincess, there’s no way I can pick my favorite among my books ; that would be like choosing which of my kids I like best! I can tell you that my mom’s favorite was DARK SUNSHINE because she loved the troubled girl and troubled horse healing sort of side by side in the story.

    My BEST advice for writers is DO IT. Even when I was working as a fulltime teacher with two kids and a husband I like a lot, I followed that advice and it wasn’t easy, but it worked.

    My best writing tips are on the Writers Workshop page of, but a few of my personal dos & don’ts are:

    – DO attend writing workshops & enter writing contests
    – DON’T share your ideas before you’ve written them
    – DO read every single day of your life and you’ll get a feel for making words sing
    – DON’T share your writing until you’re pretty happy with it & never share it with someone with ZERO credentials to give you feedback
    – DO use plenty of conflict!
    – DON’T assume you’ll remember your good ideas. Write down a few words that will spark your memory and put those scraps of paper someplace safe.
    – DO use your senses. In each scene, make sure the reader can hear, smell, taste and feel things besides just seeing them!

    BEWARE: If you are feeling bored with what you’re writing, how do you think your (yawn) readers will feel? Give readers a character they can care about and then put that character in big trouble that s/he MUST SOLVE. How s/he does that will show you a lot about that character’s personality and values.

    More later!


  9. Hello Terri! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to read any of your books. I went to the library and they were all checked out. But, I did log on to the website and read samples from book s you’ve wrote. I was wondering if when you write you focis on the current chapter or do you have a plan for the whole book from the start? Thanks!

  10. Hi Terri, in the phantom stallion books its mainly based on western riding. Are you going to write a horse series about english riding?

  11. Terri, do you design the covers for you books also? Thanks.

  12. Thank you for making this day so great, Terri! It was a lot of fun asking you questions then reading what you had to say. What s fun way to spend the day! :-h

  13. Good morning horse-lovers,

    It’s a perfect Nevada summer morning. Not too hot yet and the horses have been clanging at their feed buckets since 4 a.m. because the birds started singing then. Wish you could be here!

    Back to your questions!

    Katlyn, I have to answer NO to your question re: is it hard to write my books. Mostly, it’s a joy to live in my imaginary world of River Bend Ranch and ‘Iolani Ranch! I love my characters, settings and most of all the horses & other animals!

    I am blessed with endless ideas for stories and usually have plots for 10-12 books other than the one I’m working on at the time. The only downsides to my fruitful imagination is that I find I can’t work on more than one book at a time, and sometimes my fictional world distracts me from my real one. My family’s learned that when my eyes get a faraway look they have to jiggle my shoulder to make sure I’m with THEM and not “the others.”

    Marisa, I’m so glad you liked THE RENEGADE. I was crying while writing the last chapter of that one.

    About my covers — I am very fortunate that my publisher asks me what I’d like on each and every cover! Although I have the bloodlines of an artist (both parents are talented watercolorists, I’m not one myself, so here’s how it works.

    1) Once I have my title and story idea, I begin imagining the book cover. When I’ve got the picture in my mind, I write a description of it (being very careful to include the horse’s markings, position, back round and mood!)and send it to my EDITOR.
    2) After my EDITOR in New York gets as excited as I am about this image, she sends it on to the HarperCollins ART DIRECTOR
    3) The ART DIRECTOR contacts the ARTIST and he works up a rough sketch
    4) the rough sketch comes back to me, and if it matches my mental image, he does the painting!Happy trails!


  14. Terri, how long does it take to write a single one of your good books? Do you ever get the troubles of writers block? Thank you!

  15. Hi!I love your books!After I got the first two books in the Phantom Stallion series at a bookstore,which was totally accidental qith a long story.
    Anyways,I love to write, but every time I start a new story, a get total writer’s block for names for characters and horses.What do I do?And how can I find out if there are any writer’s workshops around my area?I seriously want to finish my first book, but even after the second page, I’m only satisfied with the first paragraph, which I put a lot of thought into.sometimes I just want to pull my hair out from aggravation!

  16. Hi Terri,
    I love your book and I have read the whole series twice you are my favorite author,
    I was wondering are you going to put Sam in
    Wild Horse Island series?

    Your Fan,

  17. Hey Terri, I LOVE your books!!!! Are Sam and Jake going to get together?!? Is there a real Jake? I have a huge crush on him!!! :) :D

  18. I too own all of your book and WHI, and I was wonder how many books do you plan to write in your new series?

  19. terri,
    First off, i wanted to thank you for opening my eyes to the horse world, i always try to imagine myself as sam. In Wild Horse Island, is Darby going to have as best friend like Jen, or she going to be going at her adventures alone?
    thank you,

  20. Hi Terri, although I’ve only read some samples from your website of your books I can already tell I’m in love with them! :D

    But I was just wondering, is there a meaning hidden beneath the books?

    Thanks a lot.

  21. Terri, I’m going out to buy some of your books right now. Congratulations! I’ll be a guest on this site next month, and I’m enjoying your thoughtful responses. Best of luck from a fellow author/horse-lover.

  22. Dear Mrs. Farley,
    My friend and I own all the PS and WHI books. Let me tell you we couldn’t ever put one of them down!! When the last PS came out my friend was depressed, because there wouldn’t be anymore. I told her to read WHI. To get her motivated to read it I told her Sam would be communicating with Darby. However, heres my question will you ever write about River Bend again. Where Sam, Jake, Jen, and all the other characters are older? Thanks for writing such great books!! :D

  23. Hehe! I love that I could answer at least half of these questions! :)) But I was wondering if you could tell us when Pani will finally make an appearance in WHI and when we’ll learn how Ben died?

    Thanks Terri! :D

  24. HI Julia,

    I have a long pre-writing process I go through, which involves research, brainstorming and an incredibly cool and useful process called clustering, and then I just dive in and start writing. Sometimes I use my notes, but most of the time once I have my story in my mind, I just write each chapter as it comes. Often, I don’t even do chapter breaks until I’m rewriting. Oh, and I always let the characters take over if they want to surprise me!

    Good luck finding my books at the library! Do you know one of the major reasons I bought my place is because it’s within walking distance of a little country library?

    Unicorn Spirit — good question! I’ve actually been writing horse stories since I was eight! And the first one my parents remember was about a wild PINTO stallion! When I wrote the book that became THE WILD ONE, I thought it would be just a single book called THE PHANTOM STALLION. It was a wonderful HarperCollins editor who suggested it would make a good series! And then I was off and running!

    HorseCrazz & Breezy — Aloha! This is why I love going out to sign my books! Most of my work is done alone and it’s so much fun for me to meet those of you who share my excitement living in the fictional world of River Bend and ‘Iolani ranches!

    About Ace — I’ve been able to ride him just twice since the cattle drive. I’ve also tried my best to buy him, but he’s a valuable cowpony & the rancher won’t sell! My fingers are crossed that when he gets too old for hard work, he can come be my buddy!

    More soon,


  25. Katlyn,

    I’m SO glad you asked about English & Western riding! I write most about Western riding, because that’s the style I grew up with and Western is most common in the parts of Nevada and Hawaii in which my stories are set.

    During one semester of college, I did use most of my food money on English riding lessons and I learned new respect and admiration for people who look graceful doing it! I definitely was not one of them. :(

    Truly, I don’t understand anyone who debates which style of riding is “best.” For me, it’s all about the horse! Who cares what kind of saddle you’re sitting in or how many reins you’re holding if horse and rider are both comfortable and having a good time? In fact, I recently rode with an endurance saddle for the first time and loved it! That’s my first choice for now.

    Happy trails,


  26. Mrs Farley:

    Were your parents good writers? Or did you learn by yourself how to be such a wonderful writer? I was just wondering because you have some extreme talents! I wish that I could write as much as you. But my sister doesn’t like my work, so I guess that I will just try harder! 8-}

  27. Mrs. Farley,
    When is your favorite time to write? I was just wondering if you don’t like to write at a certain time of day or something.

  28. OK, it’s time to post some questions! :D
    What sort of process do you go through to develop your characters? How ‘deep’ do you go into your character’s creations? (I.E. what there favorite food may be, or possibly even the date of there fisrt step or something!)

    I’m always trying to find more ways to be around horses… any sugestions?

    What books do you read besides ones to do with horses? (well, for that matter, let’s include the ones that are about horses)

  29. Why did you stop writing about the adventures of Sam and Jake?

  30. To everyone — thanks for saying such wonderful things about my work. Believe, me, that never EVER gets old! I love it and it keeps me excited each day I sit down at the computer.

    Onto your questions …

    HOW LONG CAN THIS GO ON? You’ll think I’m joking, but the truthful answer to “how long does it take to write one of my books” is : between two months and two years. Some books have been brewing in my imagination for so long, they just whirl out of my fingers as I type. Others are more complicated. Two examples of books which took a long time to write are RUN AWAY HOME and SEVEN TEARS INTO THE SEA (not a horse book, unless you count sea horses, which I also love!). For RUN AWAY HOME, there were so many story threads I wanted to tie up in a very satisfying and clear way. In SEVEN TEARS INTO THE SEA, I had to explore a character’s next to impossible decision.

    NAMING NAMES: There are many simple solutions to having great names on hand when you need them, but the key is to WRITE THEM DOWN and keep them where you can find them! I usually get the name from the character herself as I’m describing her, or the other way around — getting the name, then the character. You can page through the phone book and pick a name from each page. You can search for books or Internet sites on Baby names, Historic names, even Horse or Fantasy names! Once you get started, you won’t want to stop.

    One name trick I use is to name most villains or unpleasant characters names I LIKE. Why would I do such a thing? To remind myself that very few people are all good or all evil & remember that “every villain is the hero of his/her own story.”

    CAN A COWGIRL HULA? I don’t know if Sam will be going to Hawaii. Where would the money come from? I mean, you know if you’ve read my books or live on a ranch in real life that cattle ranching is only a rich life emotionally unless you’re Linc Slocum, or a real live corporate rancher. And would Wyatt and Brynna let her go alone? What possible reason could they have to allow that?

    I’m not saying NO, just giving you a clue to what I go through every time I’m struck by another wild idea!

    Keep ridin’ and readin’ —


  31. Terri,
    Do you encourage readers to start their own writing sites, forums, or Phantom Stallion fansites? What do you think is the best advice you can give to a teen girl about surviving life?

  32. how do you pronounce Brynna’s name?
    is it bree – ana or brna


  33. Mornin’ girls,

    Before I settle down to work on the next WILD HORSE ISLAND book, for the day, I thought I’d answer three quick questions.

    About Sam and Jake…sometimes the simplest relationships can feel complicated, can’t they. These two have been friends for life. Not boy/girl friends, not brother and sister friends, just true friends…but I think you saw that relationship starting to change in the last book or two. I’m not sure what will happen with them, any more than I am with real life relationships. There’s the beginning of more than a flirtation, that’s for sure, but I think they’re both a little bit afraid that romance (especially if it ends badly) will damage the best friendship either of them have ever known. And then, of course, Jake is planning to leave for college. I really can’t give you a definite answer on this, but wouldn’t it be great to check back on them in about five years?

    HI Melanie, I’m under contract to write eight books in the WILD HORSE ISLAND series, so there will for sure be that many. On the other hand, my first original PHANTOM STALLION contract was for three books & you see how that went! I just love my job!!!!

    Yes, Darby will have friends on WILD HORSE ISLAND. I’m sitting here smiling (that is NOT a smirk!), because I’m pretty sure you’ll like them.

    Do something kind today,


  34. P.S.
    Jake IS based on a real person, a former student of mine, but he’s waaaay too old for you now. “Jake” isn’t his real name & he has no clue that he’s in books all over the world or that his English teacher saw something beyond his SO quiet exterior.
    We teachers see kids in the halls, too, y’know…

  35. Hi Terri!
    Could you tell us about the ‘villan’ in WHI? I couldn’t help noticing he/she wasn’t in the first book… I hope they’re in the second!

  36. Hi Terri. Your books say that you live with way too many pets. What kind of pets do you have? Thank you for answering my question! ;;)

  37. Good morning,

    It’s another one of those glorious days when I feel like I have the best job in the world. I do miss teaching high school. I had so much fun hearing what was up with my students every day. Right now, though, a warm wind is racing through the trees, the horses are sprinting around, pretending to be scared by their own blowing manes and tails…and I’m with you. That’s pretty much a dream come true for a girl from Los Angeles.

    Cassie & others…um, lots and lots of others, to be honest…have asked why I ended the original PHANTOM STALLION series with book 24, RUN AWAY HOME. So, I’ll try to explain.

    I love the world of River Bend Ranch! All the characters, especially Sam, are like members of my family. And the Phantom — I’ll tell you what, when I found out that a real horse just like him existed, I almost wasn’t surprised.

    Even though my fictional Phantom lives in my imagination, I love him! That’s why I’m letting readers miss him a little — not in a mean way, but because I do read online forums and chats sometimes, and I’ve noticed that when a series goes on too long, readers get bored with the characters. While I hope that would never happen to my Phantom, if it did, it would break my heart.

    There may be some special editions set on River Bend Ranch in my future, and I would love that.
    My readers are very dear to me and I hate disappointing them, but if I didn’t truly believe they’ll have fun exploring wild Hawaii! with Darby and the Phantom’s little sister, I wouldn’t have “gone” there.

    Hope you understand & hugs to you for caring,


  38. HI Shelley — Great to hear from you. GirlsHorseClub is as habit-forming as chocolate, so I know I’ll drop in to say HELLO.

    I’ll also be looking for your books. I just learned that you start “Abby Malone”‘s chapters with quotations from Shakespeare & I can hardly wait!

    Best to you,


  39. Are you by an chance related to Walter Farley?? By the way, your books are great!!!!! :D

  40. HI —
    Brynna’s name is pronounced like GRIN – uh.
    She had a different name (can’t even remember it now!) when I began the series, but I got so much help from Bryan, a BLM wild horse wrangler, I named her after him!

  41. I got back from grocery shopping with my mom at about 3:00 today, and, I was lucky enough to find the first book of WHI! I’m already on Chapter 10, but I did have about 4 hours off from reading to play for a while. I’m a great and fast reader, just not as good as Darby :)
    The book is awesome so far! How long did it take you to write it? I’ll be on the lookout for #2 when it comes out, and I’ll save up my money for the rest of the PS series. I’ve only got 1 and 2, so I’ll need about $110. Gotta go! The book is calling for me!

  42. Hey Terri,
    First I wanted to say, I love your books, every single one of them including the new series. Anyway, onto the questions:
    What advice can you give to young writers that need a little push while writing their books if they get stuck?
    What made you decide to make Darby younger than Sam and is she based off of a person in real life?
    Thank you!

  43. Where did the inspiration for the Phantom Stallio books come from?One more question,does he appear in your latest books?I hope so,because I love reading about him even when he’s not with Sam!
    ;;) :D

  44. Happy Thursday,

    Some of you have asked for my opinion of fansites. I’m flattered by the content and amazed by the skills on most of them. And, though I certainly don’t control any sites but my own two ( and, I enjoy answering questions, “appearing” for chats, giving out the occasional “scoop” and supplying honest information.

    I’m sure you’ve learned that there’s lots of good communication, but also a pinch of nastiness out on the Internet. I do my part to encourage one and combat the other.

    Know what I love? Many writers (me, included) have had online campaigns mounted against them, but they backfire! Why? Because the villains assume kids are gullible and not-too-bright, when nothing could be further from the truth.

    Every writer I know who’s discovered someone trashing her/him, has learned the bad guy’s name THROUGH THE EFFORTS OF READERS! Kids are brilliant and my oh my does word spread about the “others.” :)

    > My best advice to surviving your girlhood?

    THINK WITH BOTH YOUR HEAD AND YOUR HEART and STAND UP TO YOUR FRIENDS AS WELL AS YOUR ENEMIES (it’s a lot harder, but you’ll earn their respect as well as their affection)

    happy trails,


  45. Brilliant Terri.I’ve not read any of your books (yet) but i’m very sure your a good writer! :D

  46. Hey Terri–

    Is there any horse or person in your book that you like more than the others? If so, why do you like them more?

    Thanks! :)

  47. Hey Terri! Love your books still have like 4 books left to read in PS then its on to WHI! Anyways for questions: Are there any plans to make a movie out of any of your books? Also what about Phantom Stallion and Wild Horse Island merchandies? Also when you are done with WHI do you plan to write another series?



    Tomorrow is our last day together on GIRLS HORSE CLUB, so you’ll see a flurry of posts from me in the next 24 hours!

    If you have any questions you’ve been meaning to ask, jump right on in.

    Happy trails,


  49. Hi Madelaina,

    You asked if there’s meaning hidden in my books and I love that question. As an English major & teacher, I’ve been dragged through classes in which teachers made symbolism a chore. There’s no reason it should be troublesome; humans see it naturally. If we see an old dog sleeping on his master’s grave, we see loyalty. If you’re given a flower, you see affection. So, if I write stories in which horses and humans have problems that are solved in similar ways, is that symbolism? You decide.

    Can I share one of the most incredible “symbolism” experiences I’ve ever had? It’s grown even larger in my mind since I realized it was the day I saw the real Phantom…so maybe this is a good place to answer Cassie’s question about where I got the idea for the Phantom Stallion series, too…

    I was gathering research for a magazine article on “the last great cattle drive.” It began at Soldier Meadows, Nevada and went to Ravendale, California. We were on horses, moving cattle for ten days. I was interviewing cowboys and was late when they assigned horses and I ended up with a fourteen hand bay mustang named Ace. He was a tricky little guy from the beginning and most of the things the fictional Ace pulls on Sam, the real Ace pulled on me.

    One night, we had a driving rainstorm (yes, I was on nighthawk duty, of course). The storm was so serious, we had to trench around our tents…like making a moat, so that we weren’t washed out of our sleeping bags. I remember a cowboy showing up with a shovel and asking, “You call 911, ma’am?”

    The next morning dawned with a combination of sun, mist and steam rising off rocks. I rode drag, behind the herd, so that if Ace performed his daily rodeo (he continued to pretend to be TERRIFIED of the wind-ruffled pages of my notebook…and once he even tried to roll with me), I wouldn’t have much of an audience.

    As we were riding, I looked up a little slot canyon and saw a white horse. I did a double take, trying to figure out if it was mist or mustang and that was when a cow broke from the herd and Ace — a better cowpony that I am a cowgirl — zinged after her. By the time we’d brought the cow back to the herd, we were far past the little canyon…and when we rode back, after all the commotion, of course there was nothing there!

    That’s where my idea came from and here’s the symbolism part..

    An hour or so later, a rainbow appeared. Next, virga (rain which doesn’t reach the ground) appeared in a curtain beneath the rainbow’s arch. And then two whirwinds appeared way, way out on the range ahead of the herd…and arranged themselves one on each end of the rainbow. Know what the cow boss said to me?

    “Now tell me that don’t mean nothin’…”

    But none of us knew what it did mean. Then.

    Later guys,


  50. HI HorseGirl,

    I have to tell you that Pani is taking his own sweet time about coming home to Wild Horse Island. He hasn’t even called yet! Spring and Summer are busy times when you’re rodeoin’, but still.

    You will find out all about Megan’s father, Ben Kato in RAIN FOREST ROSE and a mystery surrounding his death will be solved, too.


    About the villain…Darby just let me know that she had WAY too much to deal with already for me to throw another, bigger challenge at her in the first book.

    She will meet a BAD guy in THE SHINING STALLION. And he doesn’t live far away at all. Not far enough, anyway.



  51. Hi GallopGirl,

    About my pets — I’m sad to say that I lost two of my big dogs recently, and I’m still sad about them, but I do have Zito, a nutso Brittany Spaniel/Golden Retriever mix and she keeps me plenty busy. And Sherlock, my beautiful gray tabby keeps her in line. In addition to those two, I have a tank of tropical fish, the three horses in the pastures next door (Shamrock, Whiskey & Darlin’) and a plethora of wild life — quail, deer, and the occasional cougar.


    I’m not related to Walter Farley, but I’m sure when he was alive he loved horses, too. As you’ve probably noticed, my stories take place far from the world of Thoroughbred racing and one of the reasons Samantha is my heroine is that most adventurous horse stories I read while growing up had boys as the main characters and that was something I wanted to fix!

    Thanks so much for being on the lookout for WHI #2 THE SHINING STALLION. I talked with my editor this week and she’s seen the first copies off the press! She says it should be in stores just before August 21, its onsale date!

    Best to you all,

  52. Hi!I was just wondering, when are you going to put up an excerpt for Run Away Home on your PS website.

  53. Did you ever think about turning your books into movies :-?

  54. In WHI will there be a lot of guest characters show up like there was in the PS? Say for example the HARP girls, Inez Garcia, and Nicholas the Gypsy. :-/ Thanks.

  55. What do you mean by: never share it with someone with ZERO credentials to give you feedback?

    And, why do you say not to share your ideas for writing until you’ve written it?

  56. Dear Terri,
    Your books inspired me to start writing but I could not think of an idea until one night when I had a dream of a white stallion named
    Wind Dancer now I have half a book written.
    and I was wondering have you ever had an idea for a character or horse from a dream?

    Your Fan,
    Lucy ;;)

  57. Ooh interesting…thanks for your answer Terri!

  58. HI!

    Several of you have asked about PHANTOM STALLION movies, TV and merchandise. Here’s what I can tell you —
    I’d love to have a PHANTOM STALLION movie or TV series available for my readers. Making movies is a skill far different from writing books, so this isn’t a challenge I’d attempt on my own. I need an expert, and so far the perfect director hasn’t approached me — though I have had quite a few offers and I’m looking at one now.

    Here’s the thing…I’d want the movie or TV series to be a delight, not a disappointment to my readers, so I’m being pretty picky!

    About auditioning…It’s my understanding that the casting director selects the actors and actresses for the movie and for TV series, though of course it would be incredibly exciting if those chosen were PHANTOM readers! In fact, I’d LOOOOOOOVE that!!!!

    As soon as a great director contacts me and we make a deal, I can promise you I’ll post the news on my website — or you might just hear my shouts of joy from where you are!

    Merchandise is on its way! The Phantom Phanclub is still getting its website together, but you might keep your eye on and RESCUE (all profits go to help nonprofit horse rescues) is putting together a Phantom basket which will have an original Phantom plush horse, an original song on cd about the Phantom, by Lacy J. Dalton and other goodies.

    If you’d like to keep track of any of this stuff, please watch my blog on or my MySpace or Facebook accounts or, of course, which will be getting an extreme makeover very soon.

    Hugs to you all!