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Interviewing Russ About Cow Horses

Published by • Aug 8th, 2010 • Category: Summer of Horse Dreams Roundup

by catscowgirl, age 15

Hello! We’re interviewing Russ. He was a saddle bronc rider who has worked in feedlots and cow calf operations, trained cow horses, and is now breeding top quality quarter horses.

1. How old were you when you started working with cow horses?

About eighteen. I rode horses before then, but not cow horses.

2. What are some of the things that cow horses have to do?

Roping, cutting, herding and knowledge about cows is important with cow horses.

3. How do you train a cow horse?

I think feedlot experience is essential.

4. What is one of the most interesting experiences with cow horses?

Trail drives because anything can happen.

5. What is an interesting story that you have about working with cow horses?

Well, I got a lot of them, but one time I was moving a bunch of steers, and when the steers went on into the lane between two fences me and another guy were needed, so we cut ahead of them and were waiting for when the steers got to the end of the lane so we could take charge. We were on a sand bank talking about nothing when the sand bank collapsed and we slid about 20 feet. I ended up on my horse’s neck and the other guy was on the side of his horse hanging on. The sand was up to the horses’ knees and they were looking around all bug-eyed, like we were. We were all fine, and other than that we got the steers to the pasture just fine.

Hope you all have enjoyed this interview with Russ – saddle bronc rider, horse trainer, horse breeder and all-around cowboy.

EDITOR’S NOTE: As part of our 2010 Summer of Horse Dreams, GHCers were presented with a series of challenges designed to expand their knowledge of the real horse world and take steps to realize their horse dreams. Challege Two: Be the Journalist, invited GHCers to interview someone with knowledge of the horse world while remaining objective, like a journalist, even if they didn’t agree with the opinions expressed by the interviewee. Congrats to all who stepped up to take on the challenge!

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  1. I like the story at the end. Good job!

  2. Good Job catscowgirl! I love trail drives, and I’d have to agree that a lot of things can happen! I got to go on 30 mile one this spring and it was a lot of fun!

  3. thanks huskyhorsegilr that was acheling the first time i herd that story and my dad has got a lot and there all funny.

    and ya martha lee halstead i know what you mean i have been on some trail drives and any thing can appen some times them cow can do somthing dumb and the horses mite aket up.
    i’m glad you guys liked it
    thanks catscowgirl

  4. Really enjoyed this one, mostly because I’m a western girl at heart. Great job catscowgirl!

  5. thanks zanzibar the great

  6. Lol I just found this sight and must say its quite an imoressive website for young girls who love horses but can’t have one:) I am 13 and I own 14 horses myself and have been riding before i could even walk :) I know this article has nothing to do with it haha but oh well I have a youtube account horsejumpergal23 check it out :)