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It Will All Work Out

Published by • Mar 24th, 2009 • Category: Junior Blogger Archives, Lend a Hand

Lend a Hand
by Rachel Danielle, age 14

The economy here in the states is bad. We lost our house. We were homeless and living with family for about a year. But it’s not the lack of money that hurts me. It’s that I can’t be anywhere near horses. I’m a horse girl. I’m a country girl. And now I’m stuck in a city.

I feel like a bird in a cage, and I feel lost.

But I know that horses will always be in my future.

I know that some others in our Girls Horse Club herd aren’t able to be near horses either. You’re not alone. I know how it feels. When something is such a big part of you it seems impossible to live without it. I know that it hurts.

But I also know that it will all work out.

I don’t know about you, but I am sick of how our entire world revolves around money. I am sick of the way our whole world revolves around a cotton blend with numbers on it. And when we don’t have these stupid little pieces of paper, our whole world gets taken away. Our horses get taken away.

Horses don’t worry about money, and they live their lives so peacefully and happily.

Don’t let money rule your world.

Most people say that horse riding is a rich people sport. I’ve been looked down upon because I couldn’t afford to pursue show jumping. Please, forget that! If we’re willing to work for it, we’ll get there, trust me!

Look up local stables in the phone book and over the Internet. Find out if a rescue center or therapeutic riding center needs your help.

You don’t need to work for money- work for horses!

Work at a barn in exchange for riding lessons. Help out at a rescue center and exercise the horses for them, or groom them, or feed them, and just love them.

After all of this time, moaning because I didn’t have money and couldn’t pursue horses, I realized that there was an answer. And it was right in front of my face!

There was a therapeutic riding center nearby that needs help, and so I’m going to give it. I don’t get money, but I don’t care. I get to help people, and I get to be around horses.

Keep working. Keep searching. Keep praying. Keep hoping. Keep dreaming.

I promise you, it will all work out.

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  1. Champion job Rach! I know how you feel. Being seperated from horses is like oxygen being seperated from fire… fire can not live without the substance that keeps it going. It is a blessing to work with horses any way… even when you have to muck out. =0)

  2. Amen Rachel. That was great. Sorry things have been so hard for you but I’m sure everything will work out. I’m glad you’ve discovered that there’s more to horses than money. I hope every horseloving girl gets to read your blog. I too am like a bird in a cage. It seems like my family and I will never be able to find a house we can afford in the country. Keep writing.

  3. I’m so sorry you lost your house. Our economy is really bad, too, but I’ve been lucky enough to carry on riding. Great blog =] x

  4. I am sorry for the losses you have to deal with and I completely agree about how everything has to have money to be in compition with the modern world. I think that a lot of us can relate to your blog in some way.
    I’m glad that you look past the troubles of today and turn the tables on fate by using it to your advantage, your a brave girl!
    Keep your faith even if you may feel forgotten or uncared for, because no matter what may happen the He will come through for you.
    I’ll pray for you!

  5. If this blog was a speech, this comment would be a standing ovation.

  6. It really does work out in the end, but the process is long and difficult. I’ll be here cheering you on. Best of luck with everything, including the book you’re trying to get published. Your beautiful writing has no end.

  7. Oh, Rachel. I’m so sorry that you lost your house. Things WILL get better. I’ve been though something similar and just take comfort in your friends and family. Stay strong, girl!

  8. It will work out, but it might take a while. I know how it feels being separated from horses. :( Julia, I totally agree. Rachel, you’re in my prayers. God is in control.

  9. Rachel Danielle,
    You are such a great writer. I am sorry of your losses. But you are like your light, shining through the darkness of a bad time, that’s what I think of you as. A BIG BRIGHT LIGHT shining and sparkling. You’re in my prayers, and I hope you will enjoy working with horses.

    I haven’t been around horses for awhile. In fact, it’s been a month or so. I don’t take lessons anymore, (I am hoping to be able to get some soon), because I have so many other activities, and my mum and dad are trying their best to get ready for taxes in April.

    I think the economy is too bad. Can it be saved? I’m scared. I get scared alot in this economy. I do my best to be a kid, and not worry. It’s working, but I need something..

    You really have helped me!!!!

  10. Every night on the news, I see things about our country’s economy. And every night, I pray for the people who aren’t as lucky as I am in these tough times. I think it’s really something that you are going to be helping people even when times are tough for you. You are amazing.

  11. Dear Rachel Danielle,

    I know how you feel! I live in Canada and even though I am not in the US I know all about the bad economy! I hate money sometimes and I hate that I can’t take riding lessons or my dream own my own horse! I cry almost everyday because I want to just see a horse be with it stroke it ride it dream late into the night of all the things that I can do with it when the sun rises once again! I am really sorry about your situation and I now just how you feel! I will always keep praying, dreaming and hoping for my dream and I hope you will to. I hope that I can find a stable to volunteer at or maybe I can earn money by working there to own my own horse eventually?? I hope everybody’s dreams come true in this world including yours!

    Thanks for all the courage you gave me to keep hoping, dreaming and praying for my special equine friend!

  12. Good job! You hve SO much courage!

  13. My grandma says that she’ll pray for you and your family,also that you sound like a cool girl and she thinks your a great writter and she says”peace and love”.

  14. Thanks so much everybody! Sorry I haven’t been able to contribute so much lately. I got sick and I’ve been a bit tired ever since, but I plan to contribute much more to GHC soon!

  15. Rachel, you made me cry. Thank you so much for reminding me about horses. I miss them a lot; I’ve been away from the stables for a long time.