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Published by • Oct 4th, 2009 • Category: by Madelaina, Poetry

by Madelaina, age 14

It evens you in the saddle,
making two into one,
beckoning unison into each stride.

It’s the gap between strength
and gentleness of heart,
keeping aids a heard suggestion, rather than an order.

It helps you achieve flexion
as you sail around that ring
without cutting any corners or falling in.

It asks the horse to collect his trot
with its even tension in reins and leg
Coaxing him to listen and not change his pace.

It is what creates harmony,
essential to any team.
Can you guess what “it” is?

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  1. No idea!lol But that is an awesome poem! :-)

  2. Champion little ditty. mmm lets see is it compassion?

  3. i think itsgreat. I wish I could wrie like tha!!!!!

  4. Friendship? Teamwork? I have no idea! Great poem, though! Love it! Just submitted the first chapter of my story!!! Hope it gets published!! I hope ya’ll like it if it gets published!


  5. Dressage<3 at least to me. I submitted a poem about dressage… =]

  6. Passion?

  7. um, understanding. to me that is what “it” is.

  8. I just submitted a blog about Draft Horse Breeds and Clydesdales. Fingers crossed they get published! :-P

  9. Two hearts coming together-a girl and a horse? Probably friendship, perhaps dreams? Is the “It” more than one thing, and can it be whatever the reader perceives it as? Great poem!

  10. i think “it” is the love we share with our horses thats unexplainable. somthing to grand for words. somthing that can unite us all as one.

  11. wow! fantastic!

  12. I’ve already submitted 2 stories and a poem on the first day. Nothing more yet. I’m hoping my stuff will be published.

  13. What is it Madelaina? Tell us? :-) lol.

  14. wholly cow I keep looking on the calender and things keep coming up! we are going to have a lot of reading to do :-) Not that thats a bad thing! ;-)

  15. Is it…let’s see…harmony between horse and rider??

  16. awseom! congrats!

  17. Connection? Thats all I can think of.

  18. I know! I googled what ‘it’ could be. i don’t think anything was right. *giggles* well, i guess we’ll just wait for Made to tell us! :-P

  19. I hope my story about a mustang foal gets published, soo many people are entering their stories!!! I can’t wait to read them all!!

  20. Alright, I’ll shed some light onto this poem :)

    I was actually thinking about “balance” when I wrote this. Balance keeps you glued in the saddle so that you don’t look like a sack of potatoes. There’s a balance between too much force and too little, the in between point is what keeps everything going smoothly. You have to balance your leadership as well, making what you do important but not completely bossy.

    But then again, when you think about it, there really is no real answer to what “it” is. But I’m leaning towards Rochlia said: “it” can be whatever the reader thinks it is, because each girl’s bond to horses are different. These bonds are represented by different feelings. After all, every answer fits the description of “it”.

    Thanks everyone for your comments, and good luck with your submissions1

  21. Great job!

  22. I was gonna say gravity! Hah ha! Close enough! lolz

  23. Great job! Love the poem! Everyone guessed pretty close to what ‘it’ could be! Great job on the poem, Madelaina. Hoping to see LOTS more in the future!