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January Update: Give and Take

Published by • Jan 28th, 2015 • Category: GHC News, LeadMare Tales

Got Treats?

Dear Horse Girls,

Welcome to 2015! Hope your year is off to a great start.

I’m seeing random questions in the comments and getting requests for activities, new features, etc. Here’s an update to let you know what’s going on behind the scenes…

BARN RENOVATIONS. Did you know GHC has been around since 2001? That’s forever in Internet years. The site is older than some of you! We’ve gone through several updates since launching, and the time has come for another. Working with our barn mouse (the technology expert who helps little ‘ole me keep the site going) I’ve kicked off a renovation that’s underway behind the scenes. Please be patient as it will take time to complete, but once it’s done the site will have a fresh look and new features.

PUBLISHING FOR READERS. We continue to get a steady flow of submissions. Yee haw! Decisions about what gets published are made based on a number of factors, but the main ones are showcasing a high-quality, diverse selection of contributors and content. As a publisher, I’m always thinking about our community of readers and keeping them engaged. I know you’ll all agree that GHCers are awesome—so kind and supportive! As a writer, what can you offer the reader to spark her imagination or teach her something new?

Teamwork Makes Everything Easier

GROUP ACTIVITIES. Thanks for your emails and comments requesting contests and other activities.  I’ll give some thought to what we can do that’s manageable, considering that renovations are underway, keeping up with submissions is the first priority, and GHC is run by volunteers who contribute above and beyond the rest of life, work, etc. I also encourage you to think about submitting something new and interesting to the community. If you’re bored, chances are everyone else is too. What can you do to mix things up?

(Tip: Something that doesn’t require the GHC staff to do all the work to make it happen will increase your odds of getting interest. Keep it simple!)

PHOTOS. Some of you have asked about contributing photos or artwork to accompany something you’ve written or as a stand-alone submission. We’ve had a gallery in the past, and the problem became that we got too many submissions of images that were lifted off the web. Nope, not interested in that. Personally I LOVE art and photography, and definitely want to create a showcase for visual artists as part of the barn renovations. Meanwhile, I added a link to the existing image submission form on the sidebar (just below the story submission form) with info about how it should be used.

(Tip: If you have an image—a photo or piece of artwork—submit it in conjunction with a write-up about where it was taken or how it was created. It doesn’t have to be attached to a poem or fiction story. Be creative!)

and peace,

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  1. Thanks LeadMare for all the updates! I can’t wait to see the updates and get more stories published! Thanks for all your hard work!

  2. Can I submit non horse related stories and poems?

  3. Rey, you’re very welcome. Thanks for your contributions to the community!

    Abigale, we’re all about horses here but I’m sure if you do a search you’ll find plenty of websites that accept submissions from teens covering any topic. Good luck—you’re a talented writer!

  4. Do you have any suggestions about what we could do, LeadMare?? Tanks for the updates!! Especially the image submission form!

  5. Karli, I don’t have specific suggestions to offer, but liked your idea of looking at Pinterest for craft inspiration, then creating something and sharing what you did. Here are some examples of past how-to blogs:

    As long as you’re not copying someone else’s words and giving credit to your sources, there’s plenty of inspiration in our archives and across the web. Here’s a post that’s helpful if you’re unsure about the line between inspiration and plagiarism:

  6. Leadmare do you think you have any suggestions on other writing websites?

  7. Also Leadmare I sent in to poem a couple days ago How long will It take to get them published?

  8. i love this blog so much

  9. Winnie, a Google search should give you plenty of leads for other writing sites, and the submission guide covers what you need to know about our submission process.

  10. Thanks LeadMare, that was really helpfull!!

  11. LeadMare, what exactly should we search to get a good writing website like urs? I’ve searched a bunch, but I haven’t found anything very fun like this. I need one with contests and that’s fun

  12. Rey, I really don’t have advice to offer about other writing websites, but wish you the best finding what you’re looking for.

  13. Thank you

  14. Thank you soo much LeadMare for all the updates, i really love the pictures:)

  15. thanks so much leadmare i love the pictures

  16. how do i know if my poem and picture have been been posted

  17. LeadMare, Is there a way I could remove my stories and poems from this site? My parents have decided it would be best if I took a break from posting.
    Many Thanks

  18. Abigale, sure we can do that at your request. We’ll miss you, but wish you the best.

  19. Thanks LeadMare.