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July 12th

Published by • Jul 12th, 2009 • Category: GHC News

JUDGING IS UNDERWAY! In a top secret location, competition entries are being organized into age groupings, pre-readers are checking each against eligibility requirements,  and our esteemed judges have started reading and evaluating each story. With so many awesome entries, they have a tough job ahead of them. We’re SO lucky to have these amazing ladies supporting the GHC 2009 Fiction Competition!

Meanwhile, in another not-so-secret location…

PRIZES ARE TAKING OVER. If I happen to go missing, tell the search parties to start looking under piles of goodies and boxes in the (real) office of our virtual barn. ;-) I’m waiting to hear from a couple of companies who expressed interest in supporting the competition, but am hopeful the prize pile will continue to mount.  I’ll update the round-up when additions are confirmed. In the meantime, check this out…

Competition Prizes

Again, a HUGE THANK YOU to the individuals and companies supporting the young horsey writers at Girls Horse Club: Terri Farley, Sharon Lerner, Jessica Burkhart, Templeton Thompson, Precious Moments, Sourcebooks, Simon & Schuster, Random House, and Deborah Blumenthal.


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  1. Awesome LeadMare! Your pretty funny!

  2. Champion! oooo a secret meeting of judges and readers assembled to read the GHC stores lol. Thank you to all who donated it is well apprecitated!! Thanks Leadmare for making this possible… oh have you ever had an art competition? Maybe we could have one this winter or something?


  3. Cool :) That’s a lot of stuff. And noooo! Don’t get lost leadmare! That would mean that no one would be running GHC!

  4. That is so cool! Thanks to the people who donated the awesome prizes! And thank you to the judges as well!

  5. I can’t wait I am so excited! I am like freaking out about this!

  6. visit me at ! It’s my new website! you can show off art, play games, and best of all SHARE STORIES! READ STORIES, AND BE YOURSELF! Please, visit!

  7. Three cheers for LeadMare and all of the supporters of the competition! Thank you so much for making my life a whole lot happier (and a lot more interesting too). It seems that everyone at GHC has the power of making me jump in my seat with excitement and inspiration. Once again, thanks LeadMare and all the donors/sponsors, the Fiction Competition wouldn’t even be possible without you :)

  8. YAYYY!!!!!!!!!!! LeadMare, you’re the best! I know tons of people who wouldn’t even think about doing HALF the things you’ve done. I am so glad YOU are our LeadMare!

  9. Oooh cool violet! I have a website too! It’s just about horses, but right now it’s under construction.

    Maybe our sites could partner up, Violet! I did that with a lot of my friends.

  10. LeadMare-is the judging in place right now? I was just wondering how they’re doing it cause all the entries havn’t come in yet.

  11. HorseFeathers, good question. The judges are starting to read entries as their time permits, but will not be judging until after competition entries close. Hope this helps clarify.

  12. I saw Terri FArley was judging it! I admire her so much!

  13. Leadmare,could I enter my prelude and my story at the same time,or would I be DQed?

  14. Hey Violet Inkpen!Your site is cool, but I couldn’t sign up!You are a great artist!

  15. Rochlia, one entry per person. If you meet that requirement (and the others) your story is eligible for judging.

  16. Do not get lost LeadMare!!!

  17. Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Michelle-
    Do you have to be a certain age to create an account on your website? Some websites are like that, just curious

    ~Nevada Sunshine :)