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July 4th

Published by • Jul 4th, 2009 • Category: GHC News

Celebrate Independence HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to all who are celebrating today. Even if this isn’t a national holiday in your country, I hope you find a moment to celebrate your personal independence, and all the qualities that make you an amazing individual.

Before I head out for celebration with loved ones, here’s an update on GHC happenings…

FICTION COMPETITION. Thank you to all the early birds who have entered already — it’s exciting to see so much interest in the competition! Donations are continuing to roll in (I’ll post updates to the prize round-up soon) and the judges have received info about how to access the entries for review.  So all is trotting along at a smooth pace! One thing to note: I’ve adjusted the age groups to be 12 and younger (preteen) and 13-17 (teen). This made more sense and many of you agreed it’s more balanced. Thanks for the feedback!

GENERAL SUBMISSIONS. Several of you have asked when guest author submissions will re-open. To clarify, general submissions will remain closed while the competition is underway, and if anything changes it will be announced here. Your interest is truly appreciated!

JUNIOR BLOGGERS. Most of the Junior Bloggers are busy working on their stories, but some girls are still finding time to contribute blogs, poetry, and fiction to keep us entertained, informed and inspired during the competition. Yee haw! You’ll notice the JB roster has gotten smaller as inactive authors have been ‘retired’. Their contributions will always be appreciated and available in the Junior Blogger Archives.

That’s all the news for now. Have a fun and safe holiday, and thanks for reading!


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  1. Happy 4th of July everyone! Thanks for the updates LeadMare. (:

  2. Hey y’all happy 4th of JUly!! happy independence day! Remember those people and horses who fought for our freedom here in the states. As well as many other countries and their freedom

  3. This all sounds great LeadMare. I appreciate all your hard work.

  4. In all the 4th of July how many people of the U.S. will remember the rider’s -for their freedom !-horse?Not many.I am SO-O-O excited to write my story!!!!!!! Keep up the great work!

  5. Happy 4th of July!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Happy 4th of July everybody! I really want to become a JB (hopefully I do). Thanks for everything Leadmare.

  7. Happy 4th of July to everyone!

    Enjoy the day! (and maybe some fireworks!)

  8. Happy fourth of july! :D My first show was today and I got first and second!

  9. Hey Leadmare! Hope you have a great 4th of July!

    As for my contribution, I am in the middle of writer’s block. I have ideas for blogs and such, but can’t seem to put them into words. Can I still remain on the roster?

  10. Stargazer, the JBs who were retired had not contributed to the blog and had not been ‘seen’ around the virtual barn for more than 3 months. You’re fine, so don’t worry. Hope your horsey muse visits soon!

  11. Happy Fourth of July everyone! Congrats Michelle!

  12. Happy Independence Day everyone! Even though it’s not a holiday here, I agree that it’s nice to celebrate our own individual independence, and I think our beloved equines’ too. I hope you guys had fun celebrating and best of luck to all entrants in the fiction competition :)

  13. Happy 4th of July for yesterday everyone! We don’t celebrate it but I hope you all had a good time. Well done Michelle, that’s great! I’ve been really busy with my story, I’m glad we have a long time to write it because it’s taking ages. I might do some blogs when I’m near the end. x

  14. We were driving home from visiting my brother, so we got to see fireworks all around us, it was amazing lol