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My First Blog, My First Jump

Published by • Dec 27th, 2012 • Category: Showing & Sport

by molly_spike, age 15

Hello, my name is Molly. I am 15 years-old and this is my first blog. I have ridden for ten years and have thoroughly enjoyed it. My horse’s name is Spike and we have formed an amazing bond together. I have made great friends at the equestrian centre where I ride — Kelly, Kate, Leah, Rachel, Anna, Mary-Kate, my bestest friend ever Catriona, and loads more. At the stables I break in new horses and ponies, have lessons, muck out, teach lessons, lead and of course HAVE FUN!! I love it there and I am so excited for the pony camp that is coming up.

I remember my first jump. It was when I was about six or seven and I hadn’t gotten Spike yet. I was riding Zack, a 14hh dun pony. He was excellent and is still around. The jump was only a small and simple cross pole, but I have never forgotten it. I was so, so nervous, but got over it safely. I was probably the happiest little girl in the world that day.

I still jump now. I jump one metre fifty and love it. Spike (Rinne Marre, which is his show name) and I have done many shows, such as Tinahely in Ireland, The Horse of the Year, and loads more. We have not necessarily won or even placed in all of them, but in some of them we have come first and have been really proud at that.

I hope you enjoyed this blog.

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  1. I really liked that blog

  2. Hi Molly! Welcome to GHC! Those are awesome accomplishments- competeing at the Horse of the Year? Wow! I’d love to hear more about you and Spike :)

  3. thanks so much my next blog will be about spike u guys r so nice thanks alot

  4. I loved that blog my horses show names are wiskers and for goodnes sake.There real names are joe and fudge.

  5. aw those names are so cute cobsrock and your name is true cobs do rock !!

  6. i love the blog i was frightened on my first time jumping but i love jumping now and hope too do a lot more in the future

  7. ye! I adore jumping too! the key is to stay relaxed and confident! I cannot wait for the big competition which me and Spike and my new horse Gambit will be going to its in Ireland! YAY! Thanks soo much for all the support and comments you rock guys!;)

  8. wow I really liked that blog I was once jumping and the horse hadent jumped for a while so we were jumping over a log and she would just step over it,lol!!!!!!! it took a while but we got her to cooperate

  9. I really like your blog! It was very interesting to read. I cant wait to read your next one!

  10. I love your blog! It was very interesting!

  11. hi thanks Macy I have a few more blogs called My Pony, This One and Bareback Jumping but in my case falling off but since I dont write many blogs anymore but I upload loads of vids from the yard on YouTube I’m molly m and my vids are me and spike horse riding and then another vid Amigo at MPM hope you watch them comment and sub thanks bye:)

  12. hello how are you ? you web is very nice i love horse…
    im ali and im from bandar- anzali …
    tanx for nice pic and web

  13. hi My Youtube name is now Molly gaffney and i’m grand tnx Ali;)

  14. If anyone wants me to read their blog (if I havent commented I probz havent seen it cuz I comment on everything) just comment (I regularly check my comments) on any of my blogs :)